Amateur Angels #5


Amateur Angels #5


111 Mins.

Adam & Eve/Fallen Angel

DIRECTOR: Luc Wylder

THEMES: New Girls

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Aimee Tyler, Colt Steele, Natasha, Flick Shagwell, Sabrina Love-Cox, Buddy Cox, Jesse, Ian Daniels, Brittany Skye, Rick Masters, Envy Mi & John West,


I don’t know if anyone can really use the word amateur for the women in this cast. Granted, many of them are newish girls, but the whole concept of amateur porn seems to have been lost a long time ago. Besides, with Luc Wylder shooting, I don’t the action is going to look very amateurish and that’s a good thing. What is really good is the fact that we get the chance to see Jesse work in this movie. There are a few cuties in the cast, but blonde Jesse is the reason this video is in my VCR right now. As far as I’m concerned, any heat we get from the rest of the women is just icing on the cake.

After that opening praise of Jesse, I have to admit that Aimee Tyler is a total cutie who is always great to watch. She is very anxious to get at Colt Steele, but Luc slows her down so he can interview the beautiful brunette. Colt stands by patiently for several minutes until Luc turns his young starlet loose. She takes out his cock and puts it gently into her pretty mouth. Aimee gives pretty good head, though her energy really picks up when she’s being eaten. He gives her shaved box a short licking before sticking his rubber encased organ right up in there. She pulls her thighs right up to her chest and looks really good on her back. Colt flips her over and really pumps hard during the doggy. Aimee is vocal throughout and looks pretty from every angle. He pulls out just in time to shoot on her cheeks, but they have over-edited the pop, giving it too many layers and kind of ruining it.

Brittany Skye and Rick Masters aren’t close to amateurs, but who cares? Brittany is a busty California blonde who looks like a young Jenna Jameson. (At what point do we stop staying that?) During the interview, the camera peeks up her skirt to see that she has no panties covering her bald beaver. When Rick is allowed to move in, he sucks her tits for a few minutes and then buries his face between her thighs. He fingers her slit and makes her taste her own cum. Brittany is more than ready to suck his cock and licks up and down the shaft a couple of times before bobbing that pretty blonde hair on his knob. There is a bit too much sunlight coming in through the window, but this is still a very hot blowjob. He slips up and starts fucking her pussy. Brittany rubs her clit and has great energy with every stroke. By the time she gets on top, Brit is really ready to go and slams down on him. Rick flips her over to shoot his load on her belly, but this time we get a slo-motion pop shot. No, those are just no good.

Natasha hooks up with Flick Shagwell for a little poolside veggie action. Flick is a cute girl from England and Natasha is a new California blonde. She has braces, really nice tits and great skin. The girls exchange their wildest sex stories and then create a new chapter in their sexual histories. I really like Natasha’s body and there is some great footage of Flick fingering the blonde by reaching inside of her shorts. Flick licks her slowly and Natasha returns the favor. This is fairly low impact lesbian sex with some mild toy play. They share a two headed black dong for some great eye candy and the hottest moments of the scene.

Sabrina Love-Cox and Buddy Cox hook up. She is a leggy blonde who gets a real kick out of her name. He’s a big guy with a shaved head who is quite proud of his wife and wants to show her off. After interviewing the couple about her web site and her new video career, Luc turns them loose. After a short blowjob, Buddy starts fucking his wife. She is very eager to take him deep, but the action is shot from an awkward angle. The highlight of the fuck comes when she squirts all over the place. They move into a doggy for more enthusiastic action that ends with Buddy dumping his nut all over her back.

Envy Mi is a very pretty Asian girl with a great smile. John West sits next to her during the interview. Envy doesn’t seem overly thrilled about answering questions, but we get to stare into her eyes for several minutes. John starts out by peeling her out of her top and finding his way down to her pussy. She keeps her pussy going with her finger when he sticks his dick into her mouth. Envy keeps her clothes on as she starts riding his dick. They seem to be fucking in a tight spot that looks like a changing room at a department store. The cramped action is pretty annoying, but things pick up when he bends her over a sink and fucks her hard from behind. This leads to another shot on the butt, capping a scene that was a bit disappointing.

Finally we to see Jess, a pure California blonde who is cute as can be. There is some tease footage mixed in with her interview, but I just want to star at this babe. Ian Daniels waits patiently to get a shot at tasting her pretty little box. Things pick up quickly when her pretty face gets down and Jess starts sucking Ian’s cock. She looks like a sweet sorority girl working her hardest to impress her new man. Ian puts her on top and lets her work her hips to take every inch he’s got. The standing doggy looks really good, but the mish is plagued somewhat by strong shadows. The energy is great and Jess’s body looks good from every angle. Ian pulls out and shoots a thick load onto her chest. I would watch this girl do just about anything at all.

The cast for this movie is very appealing and much of the sex is nicely shot. There are some odd angles and the close ups didn’t seem to help the flow. I don’t know if that’s an editing problem of if Wylder was shooting more of a soft movie with tight shots inserted to give us a full XXX version. At any rate, they mess with the rhythm of the scene and suffer from some poor lighting. Even with this problem, the movie is worth a look. There are some cute girls here and some decent sex. Jesse looks really good and hopefully we will se a lot more of her. Brittany and Aimee add a lot of eye contact. Even though these girls aren’t amateurs in the old-school sense of the world, they are fresh and I really enjoyed the interview segments as well as most of the sex scenes.

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