Just Anal #12


Just Anal #12

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

230 Mins.

Visual Images

DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Anal Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Mickey Lynn, Jewel, Alex Dane, Alexandra Nice, Candi Conner, Liza Harper, Kyle Stone, Tony Eveready, Dick Nasty, Byron Long, Dave Hardman, Billy Glide, Rodney Moore, Peter North,


I’m not usually crazy about four hour compilation movies on video or DVD, but every once in a while I throw one in to take a look at older stuff. Just seeing Alex Dane in the cast list was enough of a reason for me to give this one a try. She is always worth a look. Alexandra Nice and Mickey Lynn are also in the movie and they generally do good anal scenes as well. What usually brings down the overall grade on these comps is that fact that a few of the scenes are usually throw aways used to pad the running time. That’s probably part of the reason I like them better on DVD. It’s just so much easier to hit a button and skip over these scenes. (Or to re-watch the really good ones.)

The first scene starts out with over a minute of just Kyle Stone’s face while he gets a blowjob. That’s not really the best way to kick things off. (Nothing against Kyle, but come on, we want to see women.) When we finally turn the camera around we see Mickey Lynn doing her best to keep Kyle happy with her hungry mouth. She’s a cute little slut with a sexy tongue and a dirty way about her that is just perfect for porn. Kyle moves her panties aside and makes a picnic lunch out of her little box. When she is wet enough, he puts inside of her pussy. Mickey is very loud and There is some good close up footage as he pounds her pussy from above and then from behind. In spoon they switch holes and Mickey shows just as much enthusiasm now that his dick is buried in her ass. I love the way she just keeps on talking dirty right up until the point when he shoots his load all over her face.

Alex Dane makes her appearance in a club with two guys ready to party. She gets down on her knees between them and starts sucking. After the short blowjob, she gets on her hands and knees and takes a cock straight into her ass. For some reason they go to vag after just a few strokes in the butt. The band is playing nearby and Alex just gets fucked raw. The first guy pulls out and shoots all over her belly leaving her pussy ready for Dick Nasty to do his best to finish her off. He bangs away and leaves a thick load right on her tummy. There isn’t much anal to this scene, but Alex looks like a perfectly wonderful little fuck toy.

Dave Hardman is showing a house to Alexandra Nice. She likes the home, but when she sees houseboy Billy Glide swimming naked, the deal is closed. They help her out of her coat and admire that fine body. While she sucks Dave’s dick to full size, Billy licks his new boss from behind. They take her standing up and we get some great looking footage as she fucks both guys by the pool. With her mouth full of dick, she manages to keep pushing back to take more cock into that tight little hole. Billy gives Alex a rest on the deck chair and pummels her pussy with every inch he’s got. Dave gets under Alex and anchors the DP from her ass, letting Billy keep stretching the twat. They give her two loads on the face to finish out a nicely hot, hot little three way.

Little Mickey is back, this time with pom poms and frilly socks. Tony Montana comes in wearing a cowboy hat and doing a really bad southern accent. She takes off her top and he gets the message. After sticking his tongue up her ass and fingers into her holes, Tony slips his cock into her hungry mouth. Mickey knows how to suck cock and had to be the hit of her trailer park growing up. (Hey, I don’t know where she grew up, but she has that trailer-girl look to her.) Her pussy is all warmed up and Tony takes full advantage. Her little spinner body looks good from just about every angle, but I love the way she looks on her back with those legs spread wide. Tony takes advantage of her ass with some deep strokes and leaves a load on her pretty face.

Heather Lee is a top heavy, exotic girl who is always up for anything. In this scene she just has to be up for some hard work as she has to make and keep Jonathan Morgan hard. He enjoys her big tits and Heather looks really good in just her tight denim shorts. She fishes his prick out of his pants and starts sucking. Her mouth makes him hard and ready for her. Heather slides onto his rod and drops to the base. He bends her over the counter for a rather unenthusiastic anal that ends when he unloads on her huge rack.

Many of the scenes in this comp are pure throw away, but if you just skip over them and watch the good ones, you might find something you like. Alex Dane does most of the highlight stuff here, with Mickey Lynn as a nice secondary slut. As much as I like the two of the, I can’t get too excited about this collection though. It’s good if you’re looking for a lot of footage for the buck I guess, but I need a little more quality before I’m going to recommend a comp disc.

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