Knee Pad Nymphos 5


Knee Pad Nymphos #5


90 Mins.

Dave Cummings Productions

DIRECTOR: Dave Cummings

THEMES: Older men with younger women, Oral Sex, Creampies

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Shannon Getsit, Jewels Jade, Shanna McCullough, Tara Wild, Honey Bunny, Honey, Monica, Victoria, Sunny Daze, Lena Ramon & Dave Cummings


I’ve always liked Dave Cummings movies because they are simple, fun and the girls always seem to have a good time. He also used to work with some real unheralded gems. Lately, the quality of the women have been going down. Dave still shoots good stuff and this line is always pretty original. I like the way he shoots some outdoor stuff and uses the mirrors to get angles other than just the strict POV, but it’s harder for me to get excited about watching chicks like Jewels Jade or Victoria. I also wonder just how many scenes Dave shot with Shanna McCullough and Sunny Daze because they keep popping up in all of his flicks.

Shannon is up first and this twenty four year old brunette is a fresh faced girl who is eager to kneel. She gives nice eye contact as she teases his head with her tongue. The blowjob is nice, but I like Shannon with her ass high in the air as Dave comes in from behind. She is pretty vocal as Dave pounds away. When he rolls over, Shannon spreads her legs wide to let him pump her asshole. Dave shoots his load into her ass and we watch it dribble out. This girl shows some good potential.

Jewels Jade is the next girl and even though she has worked quite a bit, I just don’t really see the appeal. Her face is average and her tits look really hard. I’ve seen her show decent energy in the past, but not so much in this one. Dave actually talks to her about the awards they have been nominated for. Sadly this conversation is as arousing as her blowjob. Eventually Dave shoots into her hand and onto her tits.

Shanna McCullough has worked with Dave quite often. They hook up one more time in Dave’s bathroom. She gets down and starts slowly licking his dick. There are some close ups on her face as she shows her well honed skills. There has always been something classy about Shanna. Even as she is sucking a load out of a spurting cock, she manages to do it with style.

Tara Wild is all dressed up in a nurse’s uniform. She has a nice smile, but isn’t quite as attractive when we get a look at the boob job. Tara gives a pretty low energy blowjob before mounting Dave for a ride. They hurry through a few positions, including a pretty decent looking doggy. Taking her position as head nurse seriously, Tera milks a load onto her pretty face and licks it up.

Honey is a pretty cute girl dressed in a medical uniform as well. She looks like a nice college girl who might see hanging around a local mall. Dave holds the camera high over his head which makes the eye contact seem a bit strained, but she is nice to look at. Honey is also a determined little cock sucker who really knows how to use her hands. Dave gives her a good shot in her mouth, but the camera cuts too quickly away from the action.

Honney Bunny also shows up in a nurse’s uniform. She’s a pretty cute little Asian girl with great eyes. Dave has her get down and give him head while he holds the camera perfectly still. This girl gives a pretty good blowjob and has the best face so far. Honney had her roommate with her and eventually takes his cock out to suck it as well. They hook up for a quick fuck that ends with a big load fired across her tits. She isn’t done yet and starts riding Dave’s dick as well. He cums inside her slit.

Monica stops by looking to do a blowjob with Dave. She is a super skinny woman with a nice face and sort of a soccer mom look to her. Dave stays hard as she licks up and down the sides of his shaft. In a matter of moments, she strokes a load out of his dick and licks the tip.

Victoria is a rather heavy rookie who is about to do her first scene. Her face looks a lot better in the movie than it does on the box. Dave shoots her in the bathroom as she gets read and then brings her out to the bedroom for the scene. She gets right down and shows some pretty skills as she sucks his cock. The box shot really doesn’t do her justice from the neck up. When she isn’t sucking, she is using those huge tits around his rod. Dave fucks her quickly and shoots inside of her. Victoria holds her pussy open to show us the cream pie.

Sunny Daze is dangerously young looking as she tries out to be Dave’s head nurse. Her pretty face reminds me of Haven and she sucks with the same long, slow strokes that the JKP girl used back in her early days. Sunny hasn’t been around much lately so I wonder if Dave keeps her locked up somewhere or if this scene was shot a while ago.

There is a final scene with Lena Ramone that is a full fuck. The angles are choppy and the scene doesn’t really hit its stride until she settles down for a blowjob and milks the cream from his cock.

Many of the scenes in this movie are oral only and Dave seems to have developed a bit of a nurse fetish. Some of the girl show great promise. Shannon is pretty damn sexy and of course Sunny Daze is always fun to watch. The creampie stuff is lost on me, but I know that a lot of people are looking for such scenes. There are plenty of them here.

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