Big Omar’s Sex Toy Party


Big Omar’s Sex Toy Party


107 Mins.



THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Chubby Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Omar, Simone, Becky, Chantelle, Suzie


Big Omar’s movies are always pretty funny to watch. He picks up girls and fucks them. It’s pretty simple, but there always seems to be some reason why he has to go running out the back door when he’s done. Many of them also have quite a first reaction to his big, black cock. Since he shoots in the UK, most of his girls are new, at least to US audiences. The loose premise that holds this volume together is that Omar has a new job as sales rep for a toy company. Yeah, that should do it.

He shows up for the job interview and meets Simone. She is a thin brunette with a sharp nose and a pair of black knee high boots. During the interview Simone explains that some of their customers might make advances on him. Omar is up for that and does a sample sales call with his new boss. She takes out her tits and he sucks them for a big. Simone helps him out of his pants and goes right after his cock. The blowjob is shot from an odd angle and the lighting is not the best most of the time. When this doesn’t hamper the action, we get to see her give a serviceable blowjob. Omar bends her over and fucks Simone from behind. She takes him quite well, though the lighting is still an issue for much of the scene. When she turns to face the camera we to watch the petite babe bounce up and down on his pole. Simone even gives Omar’s camera guy a try, sucking his dick while she rubs her slit. It doesn’t take long for this guy to blow his load all over her face. With that spunk still dripping, Simone jerks Omar off as well, leaving her well covered and still sucking until she has worked out every drop.

At his first stop, Omar meets Becky, a blonde plumper who doesn’t look much like a porn star. He tries to show her the product line, but she just wants his dick. Taking it right out, she slips it into her mouth like it’s a chocolate bar. It’s hard to get excited about a girl who just isn’t all that appeal above or below the neck. Her blowjob is average as well, and the more clothes Becky loses the worse she looks. Her ass is covered in pimples and the rest of skin isn’t so good either. Omar pushes her legs back and fills this chunky chick’s twat with his dick. Her hole is nice and tight, but there really isn’t anything very appealing about Becky. Omar bends her over and holds that huge ass in both hands as he fucks her hard. Watching her ride his dick is indescribably disturbing. I may never each cottage cheese again. The camera guy steps up again and has his dick in Becky’s mouth while she keeps fucking Omar. They both shoot cream all over her face just in time to scramble out the back door.

The next house isn’t much more promising. Chantelle is another super sized blonde with big tits and a bit of a rough looking face. Omar barely gets to show her his stuff before she starts clawing at his pants. Chantelle gets down on her knees and starts sucking his long dong. (Is it just me or do those pigtails make her look like a frumpy chick trying to play out her man’s Baby Spice fantasies?) Omar puts her up on a table and starts pumping into her pussy. She seems to enjoy being bent over and even gives her boyfriend some head when he walks in on the action. This dude doesn’t exactly help things much as she tries to get his little nub hard in his girl’s mouth. Chantelle ends up taking a whole lot of cum on her face, but she is just another unimpressive chick in this flick.

The final stop on Omar’s toy selling odyssey brings him face to face with Suzie. She is a young looking blonde who is a step up from the last two girls. The eighteen year old is a bit thick, but has a cute grin and like the others, wants the real thing more than toys. After looking at the toys, she gets a good look at Omar’s cock. Suzie is the first girl who makes a big deal about his size and she also flashes some nice eye contact while giving him head. Fitting that huge thing into her pussy takes a while, but eventually she does manage to take most of it. I wouldn’t normally be all that impressed with this girl, but she is the best of a bad lot. She keep her little pink socks on as he bends her over the edge of the couch and really bangs her soft body hard. Suzie does the camera guy as well. He shoots his load, Omar add his spunk and then the girl’s dad knocks on the door so they have to bail out.

I usually like the Omar movies, but he must have drained the UK talent pool dry before casting this one. None of these girls are stunning and only two of them are even worth looking at. Suzie wouldn’t normally catch my attention, but after the two super chubs, her youthful look and decent energy is a huge step in the right direction. Simone isn’t bad, but the scene is really poorly lit so we lose a lot of what might be there. The two scenes in the middle are only of interest if you like chunky chicks getting drilled by a big black dick. I like the facials a lot, but the women just aren’t that inspiring. Omar can do better and in the future, he definitely should if we are to be expected to keep watching.

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