Dirty Trixxx #2


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Dirty Trixxx #2


MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

128 Mins.

Elegant Angel


THEMES: Rough Sex, Choking, Spitting, Slapping




STARS: Cassie, Julie Night, Alexandra Quinn, Ashley Moore, Bella Maria, Fiona Cheeks,


Every year or so someone does a story on female directors in porn. Oddly enough, they don’t usually talk about Mason. Granted, she hasn’t been around for that long, but her exclusion from the discussion is probably due to the fact that she doesn’t make chick-porn. There are no romance novel plots or fuzzy slow motion sex in her movies. There is nothing remotely politically correct about what she has her talent (both male and female) do in their scenes. Mason makes movies that are rough. As rough as they get in porn? No, but damn close. Certainly closer than any other woman making porn today. Consider her the Courtney Love in a sea full of Celine Dions and Shania Twains. The rough stuff doesn’t happen to be my personal cup of tea, but Mason goes beyond just having people beat on each other. She spends a lot of time coming up with set ups that are psychologically interesting and edgy. I don’t know if she watched the early Sodomania volumes, but her stuff reminds me a lot of the mind-fuck stuff that we saw in those. Best of all, she knows how to shoot sex scenes in a way that doesn’t bore us half to death. (Mason, if you would please teach this to your sisters behind the camera, we would all appreciate it.)

Mason is sitting in the car with Fiona Cheeks in the back. They pick up Cassie and give her a ride to the sorority house. Cassie is a bit stuck up, but that all changes when Fiona jumps up from the back seat and takes charge. She is scared and abused as they drive through the streets. If you like trash talking lesbian rape scenarios then this one is top notch. Fiona and Mason really do a number and Cassie seems pretty scared. They get her back home and abuse continues. A guy is brought in and Cassie is forced to her knees. Fiona keeps up the dirty talk and forces Cassie’s head down onto his dick. She holds the poor girl down while the guy slam fucks her young pussy. About two thirds of the way through the scene, Cassie starts getting into and fucking right along. She eventually turns the tables on Fiona for a while, but things go back to the original order when Fiona smears make up all over Cassie’s face right before her man cums all over it. They send daddy’s Princess home a mess.

Mason is out cruising again, this time with Jay Ashley. They find Ashley More hanging out in an alley. After some tough negotiations, they get her down to twenty bucks and the party begins. Jay smacks her tits and spits in her mouth. From the start, the sex is rough, but Ashley responds to every thrust and begging to be choke fucked. He actually uses the leg of a barstool to fuck her pussy. It comes in handy when he pins her head under it while he fucks her ass. The anal is high energy with Jay slamming into her from every angle as hard as he can. He tears off one of one of her stockings and puts it over her head, finally blasting the fishnet and her mouth with a load of creamy love.

Mason come in on a helicopter and asks the guys in the hanger if her package has arrived. Inside of the box is Julie Night. She looks a little like a drowned rat, but the guys have a good time fondling her exposed flesh. They spit on her face and slap the shit out of her. Using the handle of a screwdriver in her pussy and cocks in her mouth, the two hanger workers have her licking the plane and getting passed around. Once again the sex is hard and relentless. Julie was looking tired when the scene started, so by the time they are finished double fucking her holes, beating the crap out of her and spitting all over her face, she looks like death warmed over. This is one of the hardest scenes I’ve seen in a while. That doesn’t do it for me, but it’s impressive for what it is.

Mason and Mark Davis are driving down the road with a special treat in the back. Bella Maria has on a slutty outfit and a crown. She’s a cock princess who always gets what she wants. What she wants it to have him spit in her face apparently. When they get home, Mark makes her enter through the dog door. When she gets stuck, he makes her suck his dick to earn her ticket inside. Like a good pet, Bella comes inside and starts really sucking him off. She licks his ass as well before hanging her head over the edge of a table to let him fuck her throat. They hook up for a fast, hard fuck on the counter that includes some more spitting and some balls to the wall penetration. When the anal starts, everything is going along wonderfully until he shoves her head into a mop bucket. Even with some of the nutty side-show stuff, this is still a hot scene.

Our last victim is Alexandra Quinn. She is in for something very interesting. Using an interesting bondage device, she is choking herself while watching another scene she shot for Mason. They talk about how Alex loves to be used and degraded. Manuel comes in and turns things up a notch. He chokes her, spits on her and slaps her face, tongue and tits. I really like watching Alex fuck and sucks cock like few in the business can. The action is just a little too focused on the slapping and spitting for my taste. Without question she is one of the women in the business who can not only pull off a scene like this, but actually makes you believe that she is quite into this sort of play. She sucks and fucks with great energy. They even have her barking like a dog while he keeps right on abusing her. This scene is not for the faint of heart and it goes way beyond what I like, but I have a feeling that it’s going to hit home with the rough sex crowd.

There is nothing at all gentle about this movie. It is for people who like rough sex, verbal degradation, slapping, spitting, choking and the like. If you aren’t interested in this kind of action, then you shouldn’t even bother. If this sort of thing appeals to you, then you’re going to want to watch every scene. Each one has a lot of build up, a lot of psychological tension and hard action. Alexandra Quinn does probably the most extreme scene in this movie. I’m not the right audience for this kind of movie, but it was hard to take my eyes off the screen during the final scene. Fiona and Cassie also did a very interesting three way with a lot of verbal abuse. Not all of the girls turned me on and much of the abuse is lost on me. I still recognize it for what it is, a very impressive DVD with really rough sex.

The best part of the DVD bonus material is the audio commentary by Mason and the various stars. It’s worth listening to and adds a lot to the movie. We also get a bonus scene from Lady Fellatio 2, some bonus footage of Alex Quinn and Manuel having filthy sex in the backseat of a moving car and a long Making of reel.


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