Interracial Nation #2


Interracial Nation #2


107 Mins

Legend/Mark Wood Productions


THEMES: Interracial Sex




STARS: Jessica Darlin, Darren James, Cailey Taylor, Billy Banks, Cherry, Katrina & Olivia Saint.


Mark Wood has been shooting young black girls getting fucked by white guys for a while now. With this line he flips the script and lets the white chicks get some hard black dick. There are a whole lot of lines devoted to this kind of action, so it probably won’t stand out as much as Wood’s other stuff, but he does have Jessica Darlin in this movie and her presence will go a long way. Wood keeps things simple with this movie, letting the girls sit on a couch or a bed, say a few words and then get right down to business. Other than Jessica, the cast is pretty spotty, but they are all blondes, so if black on blonde is what you’re looking for, there might be something here for you.

Jessica kicks things off on a black couch. She is in bra, panties and heels during a very brief getting-to-know-you chat. After standing up to show us a little of her body, Jessica turns and finds Darren James there and ready. Dropping to her knees, the pretty blonde goes right to work, nearly choking on his thick meat. Jessica does a great job with her mouth, but the low angle shot isn’t the best we could have. Some POV would have been a good idea. Darren bends Jessica over and starts licking her pussy and ass. She seems to have added some curve in the butt, but it still looks quite inviting. After Darren warms her up, he rolls her over and sticks his cock right into her tight little hole. After some short strokes at first, he drops the hammer on her pretty hard in missionary. Jessica gets on top of his dick and starts screaming with every long stroke. She turns around to face the camera and lowers her ass down on his pole. There are not too many girls in the business who take anal like Jessica and she shines here. Her legs go straight into the air as Darren gets full access to her hole. When they go to spoon, the camera moves in close enough for us to see just how tight that little butthole is. After a very solid, great looking ass fuck, she gets down on her knees and takes a good popshot right on her pretty face. I hate to say it, but I have a feeling that we have already seen the best this movie has to offer. Jessica is great and I doubt if the other girls can come close to matching her heat.

Katrina is a fairly cute girl with natural boobs and a whole mess of bad body ink. She seems a little shy in front of the camera, but responds nicely to her partner, Billy Banks. Without much delay, she starts sucking his dick. Katrina gives decent head, but if her energy doesn’t pick up soon, she might lose any chance she had of getting noticed. She gets loud when Billy licks her pussy and stays that way while he fucks her, but there just isn’t much going on here. Katrina bounces on his cock for a while, but really doesn’t look that great in cowgirl. Her big ass is pretty soft and not all the sexy, but it’s the tats that keep distracting me. They don’t bother Billy though as he pumps away until it’s time to shoot on her face. I’ll give Kat credit for a nice facial, but the rest of the scene is utterly forgettable.

Olivia Saint is a girl who has given us some good performances, but for some reason just doesn’t turn me on most of the time. She strips down and then invites Darren to taste her nipples. Olivia drops to her knees and gives a very nice two-fisted blowjob with some good eye contact. The blowjob is actually very good in this scene as she treats his cock like she really loves it. Darren rolls her onto her side and sucks on her waiting pussy until it’s as wet and ready as his throbbing prick. Bent over now, Olivia takes long deep strokes and loves it. There are some nice close up shots for those of you who just love the sight of a big black cock splitting a little white twat in two. Olivia’s energy level is very high as she rides his dick, facing the camera and making every inch vanish. He doesn’t stop pounding when she rolls over and takes it in the ass. On energy alone, Olivia makes the scene work pretty well and she does have a pretty nice little body. She holds her cheeks open for the camera and rides his dick like she just can’t get enough. Darren rewards her with a big load right on the mouth and Olivia plays with his cum as she thanks him for a great fuck.

Cherry is a strawberry blonde girl with big eyes and pale skin. She says she likes big cocks, but doesn’t really show a lot of personality until she starts bouncing around on the bed. Billy is back to break in this new girl. When the clothes come off, Cherry shows off some perky boobs, a very soft middle and a some serious hips. Billy lies back and lets her put her mouth to good use. He comments right away that she must like sucking dick. I guess it feels better than it looks, because Cherry’s short strokes and machine like motions aren’t exactly great for the viewer. On the other hand, her face is kind of cute so there is that to enjoy. She gets off to a slow start fucking, but when Cherry gets on top she just sort of goes to town. It’s not traditional cowgirl, so she looks like she is just fucking him for the fun of it and really getting off. He bends her over pumps her really hard from behind. That big cock gives her a serious case of the pussy farts but he keeps working her anyway. Cherry turns around just in time to get a big load of cum shot right onto her face.

Cailey Taylor is a pretty beat up looking blonde with big fake tits and a fleshy backside. She gets right down and starts sucking on Darren’s big dick. This babe is pretty tall because even on her knees she has to bend down to bob her mouth on his knob. Cailey sheds her bikini bottoms, but keeps the top under her boobs, perhaps to hide the sad looking boobjob. She works well in his lap, facing the camera while she squats all the way down. Darren takes over and slam fucks her from behind and then in a spoon so the camera can get in close for a good angle of the action. After some warm up with a toy in her ass, Cailey lets him have his way with her backdoor. He manhandles her ass for a long time before finally shooting a load on her face.

With the exception of the final scene, this a pretty decent little all sex movie. Jessica Darlin is the big highlight so it’s good to have her in the opener. She is back in a big way, looking great and showing us why she has always been one of the hottest fucks in all of porn. None of the other girls measure up to her high standards, but they provide us with a few hot moments. Olivia provides a ton of energy for the second best scene. Only Cailey leaves me totally cold. Even though Jessica’s is the only super hot scene in the movie, the rest are good enough to give this one a pretty decent grade.

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