Bust A Nut


Bust A Nut



76 Mins.

Pure Filth/Legend

DIRECTOR: Rob Spallone

THEMES: Oral Sex, Interracial Sex




STARS: Michele Raven, Tess Newhart, Red Hot, Dalny Marga, Evny Mi, Stefany Mays, Catalina, Ashly More, L.T., Tony Eveready, Devon Cumnings, Sylvio Mata & Gemini.


Rob Spallone is shooting a bunch of low end interracial stuff these days. Some of them have been pretty dreadful, but at least this one has a cast that I recognize. There are some pretty good cock suckers in this movie and since it’s a BJ tape that should bode well for some strokeable action. If not, then we’ll have to figure out a way to get someone to hire a first class cast to shoot a movie like this. There seem to be some little set ups here, so it’s not just a blowjob-on-a-couch flick, but doesn’t necessarily mean it will be any better.

Catalina starts off in a little tank top and shorts. She’s smoking and touching her pussy, but what she really wants is some black dick. There is some guy there working on something for her, but she distracts him and then asks to see his cock. At first she doesn’t even stop smoking, blowing smoke out around his dick. The guy has some trouble with wood and Catalina seems uncharacteristically flat as she bobs her mouth on his rod. They do a really lame fake cumshot I her mouth that just makes the whole thing look like a waste of time.

Ashly More is a blonde who average looking on her best day. She has Tony Eveready biting down on her nipple while he gets her off with his fingers. In return, she gets down and starts sucking his dick. The tiny titted blonde gage on his unit and gives good hand action. There are some serious shadow issues in this scene, making it tough to watch. After fingering her ass for a while, he cums on her fact. The facial is better in this scene so at least it has that going for it.

Envy Mi looks pretty damn good as she rubs her pussy. She gets paired up with a guy who can keep wood. She slides her mouth around as much of his cock as she can. Envy does a nice job with just her mouth and gives good eye contact, but the seem just sort of lacks energy after the first few minutes. The guy even takes several minutes before finally cumming.

Stefany Mays is a fairly cute girl who exchanges words with a tall black man. The sound is so low on this video that I can’t hear it, but whatever he says to her works. She slips her mouth around his cock and starts sucking. Stef won’t win any awards for her blowjobs as she barely gets the head of his dick into her mouth. It isn’t bad looking and at least this one is well lit, but it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Dalny Marga is a beat up looking blonde who is crying. Along comes a black stud to make her feel better. It’s funny how a dick in the mouth can just make her troubles go away. Dalny looks pretty comfortable with a dick in her mouth, but I’m starting to wonder who made the casting decisions in this movie. Another sub-par blowjob ends with a shot in her mouth.

Tess is easier on the eyes and seems to do a pretty decent job of sucking cock. She swirls her pierced tongue over his head. It’s also nice to be able to actually hear the action going for a change. If you’re watching this for fun and were tempted to bail after the last few scenes, then you may want to stick around for this one because it’s good right up until the end. (What’s up with guys who can’t cum and need pina colada mix?)

Michele Raven has never been my favorite girl, but in this cast, she’s a beauty. Besides, we always know that she will turn in a great performance with Tony Eveready. She goes right after his cock, shoving it to the back of her throat and choking for our viewing pleasure. He smacks her in the face with his cock and then dunks her head in the water at the end of her scene.

Red Hot is a pretty average girl, but not bad in this cast. She has a spiky hairdo and perky tits. Her oral skills are pretty good and the scene is well lit. That is good enough to make this one of the better blowjobs in this rather lackluster collection. When eh finally sucks a load of out his dick, I have to breath a sigh of release. “It’s about time” is all I can think as “The fucking end” flashes across the screen.

Blowjob movies are somewhat limited by nature, but this one is just boring. Even the usually reliable Catalina can’t seem to get out of first gear. Some of the scenes have lighting issues while others just suffer from unappealing chicks. Michele Raven gives a pretty hot blowjob and she actually manages to make her partner cum for real. Faked pops in blowjobs are pretty weak and just one of many reasons to totally ignore this one.


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