Sweet Cheeks #2


Sweet Cheeks #2


140 Mins.



DIRECTOR: Erik Everhard





STARS: Gauge, Jessica, Charlotte, Michaela, Silvia Lancome, Venus, Andreas Moranty, John Strong, Erik Everhard & Lexington Steele.


One of the things that fans love about Anabolic movies is that they have the best title integrity in the business. When the title says Sweet Cheeks, we know that we’re going to see a movie that spends a lot of time focusing on nicely shaped female backsides. We also know that the action is going to be very well shot and that the women will be pretty damn fine. Most of the girls in this cast are new to me and European to boot. The only one I know a lot about is Gauge and all we need to know about her is how damn hot she is. Her scenes are good enough to make a whole movie worth watching.

Venus is a blonde with a bubble but who starts out in the bathtub rubbing bubbles all over her backside. We get several minutes of hot butt footage with the bubbles and then without. While she was in the bathroom, Erik was just napping on the couch. In walks Venus and without a word she sits right down on his face. While he’s licking her pussy, Venus downs his dick like she can’t wait to feel it inside of her. The butt shots are really good when she is riding. He power fucks her and those cheeks just shake all over the place. With great energy, and a focus on the butt, Erik works her over for several minutes before he even tries to slide that dick into her ass. Once he starts banging her butt, Erik gives it all he’s got. They go back to the pussy for a while before he shoots right into her mouth. Venus really gives us a great scene and big-butt lovers are going to really dig the way this scene is shot.

Michaela gives us a lot of butt footage during her pre-scene romp. She frolics around in the grass and even has a little flower. Awww, how cute. It’s love Anabolic style. Flowers and kitty cats before the gaping and ass-to-mouth. Into the bedroom she goes where there is a nice hard cock waiting for her. There is also a mouth waiting to lick her ass. Everhard and his pal keep her busy. She’s a decent looking girl, but earns her money with a very energetic blowjob. While Michaela sucks, Erik pounds into her butt. That leaves her gaping a bit, but ready for some DP. I can’t say I’m crazy about this girl, but she has full cheeks and really take a hard DP. They stand her up and fuck her as hard as they just pummel this girl. After a hard workout, Michaela needs to have her thirst quenched. Thankfully the guys have three loads of cream to make her happy.

Charlotte is a brunette with a long nose and a pretty damn fine body. She rubs the first cock on her face while stroking the second. There is some good POV oral action as she shows off her skills. Keeping her mouth full, she bends over and takes it in the pussy at the same time. In cowgirl, we get some bun shots an this girl has some visible muscles flexing as she grinds down on that hard dick. Sticking into her tight rear takes a little bit of effort, but after a few strokes, she is taking it like a champ. After a good ass pounding, what is a girl to do but suck the penetrating member straight out of her bum? Apparently she likes the taste because she takes an internal popshot and then is finger fed the remains. A more traditional facial close things out.

Jessica is a chick I’ve never been that excited about, but her well shaped buns make for some great tease footage. She is also very eager to get at Lexington Steele’s long pole. You have to love a girl with a good attitude While she gets down and orally worships Lex, Erik sneaks up behind her to warm up the lower holes. Everyone is having a really good time as Erik pounds away, making her natural tits dance under her body as she keeps sucking. The guys switch places and Jessica never misses a beat. She is more than ready for what comes next and the DP footage is nearly as hard as in the earlier scene. Lex pulls out and shoots all over her face, leaving Erik to shoot his load right into her well stretched asshole.

Sylvia Lancome is a very pretty Euro-babe with dark hair and thick thighs. She teases for a while before getting her mouth around Erik’s rod. I really like the standing blowjob footage even though Sylvia can’t get more than the head of his cock into her mouth most of the time. She starts riding his lap and is very vocal. Since Erik is a high energy performer, it’s nice to see a woman who seems to be as into the action as he is. They power fuck for a while before he stands up and lets her own wait drive him deeper into her twat. After some strong doggy, they slow down a bit to get his dick into her well oiled asshole. Once she gets used to it, things go very smoothly with Erik stopping every once in a while to give her some A2M. On the final trip from the butt to the mouth, he leaves his deposit in her thankful mouth and lets Sylvia swallow every drop.

Last, but not least we get Gauge. She is a pint sized fuck machine who never turns in a bad scene. When the door opens, she has her butt facing the camera and is shaking it inside of her tight shorts. Erik and John Strong are waiting on the couch. Without a work, Gauge starts sucking cock and never lets up. As soon as her lips wrap around John’s dick, Erik moves in from behind to power fuck her little pussy. Both guys seem ready to fuck her silly, but when she just keeps pushing back for more, they try her ass. Taking full advantage of her spinner status, the guys stand up and bob her up and down between them. Not many girls in porn could take this kind of a DP and Gauge makes it look easy. In the more traditional DP position, she goes the usual A2M stuff and then takes two facials and an anal cream pie. I’m not sure how I feel about saving the best scene of the movie for last, but this one is super hot and well worth sticking around for.

In between the scenes, we get a lot of really nice butt shots. Each little segment focuses on different butt footage. If you happen to have a thing of butts dripping with cream or covered in oil, you’ll get a lot of these bridge segments. In terms of actual scenes, nothing comes close to the finishing three way where Gauge gets the living shit fucked out of her hot holes. The rest of the girls aren’t bad, but don’t quite measure up. Even the lesser girls in this movie have big, luscious asses that are well presented and thoroughly fucked before the scenes are over. This is a good movie for guys who really like asses and who like high energy sex scenes with plenty of A2M and swallowing thrown in for good measure.

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