Sweatin’ It #2


Sweatin’ It #2


95 Mins.

Kick Ass Pictures


DIRECTOR: Andre Madness

THEMES: Exercise, Sweat

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Violet Blue, Loni, Claire, Lacey, Felix Vicious, Cheyne Collins, Lee Stone,


Kick Ass likes to pick a theme and stick with it for their lines. This one taps into the seldom seem ‘sweaty-chick- genre. Since I just got back from the gym where I spent more time checking out sweat covered chicks than I did pumping iron, I think this is a good time to pop this vid into the VCR. I also wanted to watch it because I just finished a Lacey movie earlier that really let me down. I wanted to see this hot girl go at it again. I’m also always anxious to watch Busty Loni and super Cute Violet Blue. Sweaty or not, these girls are delicious.

Loni is up first and we get to watch her on the Stairmaster in between questions. Cheyne Collins asks the questions and then gets to lick sweat from her body in between. When the game play is finished, Loni goes right for his cock, sucking it deep into her mouth. Loni is a very energetic performer so it’s no surprise to see her going crazy as he finger fucks that tight pussy. In reverse cowgirl, he pumps her hard enough to make her tits bounce invitingly. The high energy fucking continues when he goes into doggy and then missionary. Loni holds her mouth open for a pretty decent facial. I always love watching this girl fuck.

Lee Stone gets to play with Felix Vicious. She does the Q & A thing, works out and has sweat licked from her body. This is nice and her body gets all nice and shiny, but it’s the sex that really makes Felix sweat. Lee sucks her pretty little pussy until it’s wetter than any of her sweaty parts. His big cock is throbbing and ready when Felix gets her talented mouth around it. I love the look in her eye as she sucks. Even more blowjob footage would have been nice, but we can take what we get here. After a short cowgirl where we get a good look at her butt, Felix gets on her hands and knees for some very deep doggy. I really like the mish because she looks quite tasty with her legs pulled up for the overhead shot. Lee must like the view as well because he pulls out and drops a thick deposit in and around her mouth. Felix gives one of her best looking scenes here.

Pat Myne gets to perv it up with sexy little Violet Blue. Violet is looking great, in braids and a tiny little skirt. While he does his best to match his answers with her, she does some light weight work on the bench. Eventually he just starts licking her pussy and that’s when things get really interesting. Violet has a really cute little pussy that looks tight as heck. Her mouth isn’t bad either and watching her suck dick is always a treat. A longer blowjob would have been good, but it’s replaced by some short, quick strokes into her little muff. She looks good bent over as well, but the only one sweating in this scene is Pat. He’s got a good shine going as he struggles to keep his cool inside of this hot little babe. They do a little feet over the head action before he shoots a load onto her tits. The pop is pretty weak mostly because we lose Pat’s minuscule dribble on her pale skin. Even with the less than perfect finish, Violet makes this scene worth watching.

Claire is a tall, lean brunette with short hair and very pretty eyes. Kyle Stone gets to the ask the questions and we watch Claire to some stretches. It looks like someone put this girl through some serious stuff, because her legs are all bruised up. Kyle does some sweaty toe licking before he gets to the good stuff. Claire seems to like having her pussy licked and fingers while her nipples get sucked. That gets her wet enough for a quick ride on his dick before she even puts it into her mouth. Claire does a really nice job of licking his balls and gives us good eye contact while she delivers a very sexy blowjob. He turns her ass to face the camera and holds her cheeks open while spanking those pretty buns to a nice shade of pink. I love the big smile on her cute face as Kyle bands her from behind. When he shoots onto her face, she earns more points by actively sucking him dry and licking his head clean.

The lovely Lacey is our last girl and she’s one woman I would sweat for hours with just so I could lick her perfect parts. Pat Myne is back, making me wish they had given her someone more charismatic to work with. Still, I’ll watch Lacey on an exercise bike any time. I have my doubts about what’s actually running down her breasts. It’s probably not really sweat, but it looks pretty good anyway. It must taste OK because Pat goes right after her wet skin. Watching Lacey suck dick is always good and she does an especially nice job in this scene. They move into reverse cowgirl and she lifts her legs up high. This is fucking hot, but they cut away too fast. In fact, the fucking seems really short as Pat pulls out and decorates her pretty face with goo. Maybe he just couldn’t hold out inside this premier porn pussy.

The pre-scene action in this movie is pretty intricate. Each girl works out, sweats, answers questions and has various body parts licked. Once the sex starts, it well shot and each of the girls looks good. Loni kicks things into high gear with a very high energy fuck. I would work out with her any day. Felix Vicious proves that she can bang with the big boys when she takes on Lee Stone. Sadly, Violet Blue and Lacey end up working with Pat Myne, so their scenes aren’t as hot as they might be. The action is well shot with a nod towards the whole sweaty chick thing. It’s good, well shot smut with a whole lot of pretty girls on exercise equipment. If you’ve ever had to leave the gym because the girl on the bike next to you gave you wood, then you’ll want to check this out for a whole new way to sweat.

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