Anal Assault



Anal Assault


135 Mins.

Mayhem/Sin City

DIRECTOR: Johnny Glock

THEMES: Anal Sex, Blondes




STARS: Jamie Woods, Angel Long, Ashley Long, Jasmine Lynn, Melanie Jagger, Steve Hatcher, Tyce Bune, Stephen St. Croix, Pat Myne, Dillon, Alex Sanders & Brett Rockman


Mayhem is the latest new company to pop up shooting all-sex vids. Skeeter Kerkove’s little outfit isn’t wasting any time trying to be subtle. From the title to the action, this movie makes itself very clear. It’s all about hot asses being filled with hard cocks. Given the list of chicks in the cast, it’s pretty safe to say that the action will be fast and furious as all of them are well schooled anal sluts. (Besides, most of the guys in the cast aren’t the sort who will do much in terms of tearing things up.) Each scene begins with minimal introduction and a brief tease segment. This gives us some good solo footage, but it’s edited together with black and white footage and sort of kills the heat. I suppose some people really like this style, but it always seems to me like a waste of hot action in favor of some slick looking editing tricks, but that’s just my opinion.

Melanie Jagger is up first. She tells us that she’s going to fuck two guys today and then puts a finger into her pussy. After a very short solo, Tyce Bune and Steve Hatcher come in to keep the sexy brunette busy. Hatcher finds a home between her legs while Tyce tries out her mouth. She does a really good job sucking him off, drops to her knees to blow them both and finally mounts Tyce to show that she has some skills below the neck as well. From the first stroke, Melanie bucks her hips hard enough to have her tits bouncing al over the place. The guys don’t give her much of a chance to catch her breath before filling her in both holes. Neither guy is packing super meat so Melanie takes every inch with no effort whatsoever. Some of the best footage comes in between DP positions as she takes a dick in her ass and leaves her pussy wide open for the camera. The anal action is very well shot and quite hot as Mel takes Tyce pulls out and shoots all over her face and Mel leaves it there while Hatcher fucks her pussy until he’s ready to add his wad to her sticky face. This is just another great scene from one of the hottest new girls in the biz.

Ashley Long is a tall blonde British babe who talks nasty and fucks like a totally whore. After rubbing her pussy and telling us that she is going to fuck two guys. Enter Alex Sanders and Brett Rockman to light up Ashley’s day. She goes right to work, easily downing all of Alex’s little dick and doing her best to handle Rockman’s rod. Having tasted them both, she chooses the bigger prick to slide into her slit while still sucking off Sanders. Keeping things simple, she mounts Alex with her ass and takes him to the root. All warmed up, Ashley is ready to let Brett slam fuck her tight ass. She responds well to his long strokes and sucks her ass off his dick when he pulls out. Ashley happily takes both loads on her face and swallows them.

Angel Long is another tall Brit with blonde hair, a thing body and a decent face. She has some really big tattoos on her ass and thigh, but really knows how to please. Pat Myne comes in and shoves his modest meat right into her mouth. There is some good eye contact as she sucks his cock and a lot of energy early in the scene. Pat has a good time with this eager blonde, making sure she bathes every inch of his dick with her mouth. She spreads her legs facing the camera and squats down on his dick. Her energy is great and Angel never slows down even as he slams away on her ass. They move into anal, including some very hot looking piledriver. Angel lets him just pound away on her ass with everything he’s got, stopping only to shove his dick into her mouth from time to time. In the end, Angel takes a big load in the mouth and even plays with it for a while.

Jasmine says that the reason guys like fucking her is that she likes taking it in the ass. Yeah, that is a pretty good start. Dillon comes in and finds his way between her thin thighs. Jasmine is a flat chested girl with big nipples and a shaved cookie. She returns the favor, sucking his cock and stroking it into her mouth. It’s too thick for her mouth, but it slips right into her pussy as soon as she rolls over. When she gets on top, we get a good look at the ass Dillon is about to fuck. After some cowgirl, they slide his dick right up her butt and she bucks even harder. Jasmine does good work on top, but when she gets on her back, she just lets him pound away on that butthole until he’s ready to jerk his cum into her mouth.

Jamie is a nineteen year old blonde from England who is really, really cute. She gets busy with Stephen St. Croix’s cock. He helps her out of her clothes and enjoys her soft, pale flesh. Hanging her head over the edge of the chair, Stephen fucks her mouth for a while before turning his attention to her tight pussy. In between positions, he shoves his dick all the way to the back of her throat. Jamie has great energy, bouncing on his cock like she can’t get enough. When she dismounts, Jamie strokes his cock and starts talking dirty. They move to the anal and Jamie takes it hard and fast. The young blonde looks really good taking it in reverse cowgirl. He finally pulls out and shoots all over her tits. Jamie licks jizz from her fingers as the camera fades to black.

This movie could easily be called “Butt Fucked Blonde Brits” based on the cast. That factor aside, the best reason to watch this movie is to see Melanie Jagger get her ass rammed. She leads the movie off with the best scene and deserves a lot of praise. Ashley Long follows that up with a very hot two on one of her own. Angel Long keeps up the energy and then Jamie adds a very cute lift at the end of the movie. The action is solid, mostly well lit and sexually hot. It’s a solid effort with the best two scenes right up front for those of you who like to pop and then get right to sleep.

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