Gag Factor #7



Gag factor #7


120 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Gagging, Choking




STARS: Bisexual Britni, Ravika, Ryan Meadows, Barbie Blazer, Alexia Riley, Kaylynn, Kelly Warner, Randi Storm, Jen X, Tracy Mathis, Belle


Of all of the JM Productions lines, this is one that I generally enjoy less than almost all of the others. I love a good blowjob movie, but somehow seeing women with spit and that thick pre-puke gag juice running down their face has all of the sexual appeal of watching Robin Williams get his ass crack waxed. If the point is to make sex and the women involved as ugly as humanly possible, then I suppose this line has some appeal. If the need to feel big is so strong that you only get off when you think a girl can’t handle what you’ve got, then the gagging may play an important part of your fantasy sex life. The pseudo-violence and sissy tough domination play would make me laugh if all of the girls were ugly or gave lame on-screen head, but there are some chicks in this cast who are nice to look at (Alexia Riley) and who really give great blowjobs. (Kaylynn, Britni) I’m sure this movie will have plenty of appeal to a certain audience, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it is only going to make me want to go out and rent a really good blowjob movie.

Kelly Warner is leaning over backwards on a stepladder when a guy comes in and just puts his dick I her mouth. She looks half dead as he pumps away and her expression doesn’t change for a quite a while. (Maybe I’m crazy, but if the girl looks bored, chances are I’m bored as well.) About the only thing going on here is that you can hear the still guy snapping pictures in the background. If I want lifeless sex, I’ll watch a Jill Kelly movie. At least the girls will be good looking. Eventually the drool runs down and ruins Kelly’s make up, turning a decent looking face into a total mess. There is actually no gagging here as the guy just doesn’t have the meat to do the job. The sex is dull and she ends up with so much drool on her face that you can barely tell when he shoots a load. What is the fucking point?

Kaylynn comes into the office looking very tasty in her tight little shorts with a serious case of attitude. She is bitching about what they want her to do and saying that she is above that kind of thing. When the guy asks her to show him what they want, she slides into the gag-chair. (Step ladder) He takes full advantage. We’ve all seen Kaylynn do some great deep throat scenes, so we have to wonder how much of the gagging is real here, but real or fake, it ends up making me more interested in resetting all the clocks in the office so that they match than watching the rest of the scene. At least she turns over at some point so we don’t spend fifteen minutes staring at man ass and ball sack. I can’t remember a time when I watched Kaylynn suck cock and didn’t want to start spanking, so that gives you an idea of how boring and unappealing this is.

Bisexual Britni adds a little bit of bondage to the action. The guy with the camera finds her tied up and gagged with duct tape. He unties her and just as she says how relieved she is, he pops his dick into her mouth. Britni takes it hard and handles the action well, but in that upside down angle, with drool covering her face, it’s hard to find anything sexy about the action. If you’re looking for something to focus on while you’re jerking, you have a couple of choices. You can stare at the dude’s sack which is in center frame or you can watch the streams of drool flow towards her nose and mouth. Personally I just sat and wondered how long it would take her to wash all of that shit out of her hair. There are some good longer shots as Britni takes every inch down her throat, but too soon we go back to the dreary, messy shot to wait for the guy to pop.

Ryan Meadows comes in looking for a job and Powers is more than happy to give her a try. They take full advantage of her lack of experience. Jay Ashley comes in and when Ryan has her head hanging over the edge of a desk, he fills her mouth with meat. I’m not that fond of Ryan under normal circumstances, so watching pre-puke drip from her face during a fast and furious throat fuck has me wondering where I put those want ads.

Belle is a cute little nineteen year old from Georgia. She is a thin little thing with decent looking tits. I think she may be in over her head, but there she goes, hanging her head over so that Johnny Thrust can pump away. To her credit, she doesn’t even flinch as he bottoms out and makes the drool seep out around his dick. I would actually like to see what this girl could do in a normal scene, but there is nothing here that makes me feel any differently than I have about the other crap in this flick.

Alexia Riley is the prettiest girl in the movie and I am already dreading the thought of her pretty face obscured by drool. She is pretty even upside down, but doesn’t seem to be able to take it as deep as the other girls. Alexia does her best and eventually gets most of it down her throat. Though she stays good looking and works really hard, this is still not worth even a single stroke.

Jen X (A scary looking, tatted up, fake titted freak) and Tracy Mathis (A chunky chick with writing on both of her droopy boobs) teams up for a double face fuck, Randi Storm (Who has looked better but actually gives us the best facial of the bunch), Ravika (A decent enough Euro-babe) and Barbie Blazer (A hard looking blonde) finish the movie out. The action is the same throughout so there is no reason to keep describing each scene. If you like this sort of stuff then you will probably find some stuff to enjoy. If you don’t, then you won’t need to bother, it’s really just that simple.

The bonus material isn’t much on this disc. There is a photo gallery and a behind the scene reel. One nice thing about the disc though is the chapter breakdown. Each girl is well ID’d and you can click right to the cumshot if you want. OK, maybe I’m reaching for something good in this DVD, but I like that feature.

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