Francesca Le’s Butt Quest


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Francesca Le’s Butt Quest


113 Mins.

Le Wood Productions

DIRECTOR: Francesca Le

THEMES: Anal Sex, Outdoor Sex, Toys, Interracial Sex.




STARS: Francesca Le, Jewel Marceau, Julie Night, Melanie Jagger, Rosanna De La Vega, Mark Wood, Mr. Pete, Darren James and Brian Surewood.


The sub-title to this movie says that this is to be “the search for the perfect hole.” That invites the question, what makes a great butt? Is it the sort of perfectly shaped cheeks that we see on display on the cover? (Francesca still has one of the most perfectly shaped backsides in all of porn.) Is it a nice tight hole? Is it a combination of aesthetics and functionality? How much does snugness factor in? What about cleanliness? Is this the sort of question I should be asking right after lunch? Whatever it is that makes a perfect a butt, Francesca is on a hunt for it and she’s going to put her own into mix to see if the new girls can measure up to her own posterior perfection. The only other girl in the cast that I am really familiar with is Melanie Jagger and I don’t know if she has a perfect ass or not. All I know is that she’s so fucking hot that you would probably need asbestos gloves to work with her. The rest of the cast is going to have to impress us with their performances because they are not as cute as Francesca or Melanie.

Francesca opens things up herself, posing outside in a bikini. She bends over, pulls her bottoms aside and uses a small purple dildo on her butt. (I am not sure, but I think this is an LVNI small dong.) Mark Wood finds her this way, pulls the toy out and has her taste it while he slaps her cheeks. Rather than just sticking his dick into her ass, Mark decides to be romantic and let her kiss it for a while. OK, maybe it’s not everyone’s idea of romance to shove your dick into your woman’s mouth, tug on her hair and try and make her gag on your meat, but this is porn so it will have to suffice. It works though and she is more than ready to throw her legs high in the air to let him slide into her juicy slit. Francesca has kept herself in really good shape and looks especially good on her side with her legs held together and her pussy tight around Mark’s thrusting rod. She takes a very long ride, showing off her ass for several minutes before readjusting herself and letting that dick slip right between her cheeks. He bends her over and takes her from behind. The shadows hurt the tight shots a bit, but that action is still hot. Piledriver clears up the lighting issues and gives some deep, hard pounding anal action. (It also leaves her ass nearly gaping. Francesca goes for the A2M sucking and then holds her mouth wide open for a big shot on the face. The other girls are going to have to work very hard to keep up with this opening scene.

Julie Knight is a not-overly-pretty blonde with perky boobs and a nice ass. She has too much ink on her back, but gets right to the heart of the matter when she shoves a big purple dildo up her butt. The decent solo action ends when Mr. Pete provides Julie with some meat to suck on. He smacks her in the face a bit and spits in her mouth, but otherwise this is pretty average oral stuff, nothing special here. Without much eye candy and with Pete slapping and spitting I’m ready to go find something else to do for the next few minutes until this scene ends. Julie’s ass is pink by the time she starts riding and has quite a lot of jiggle to it. Her energy picks up a bit, but watching Julie get power fucked and become more disheveled as she goes just isn’t a lot of fun. If you like hair pulling, then you may like watching him grab her blonde mane and pull back while he bangs her ass from behind. During the RCA, she uses the toy again to give herself a DP. After several A2M shots, he finally pops in her mouth. There are some decent moments here, but this is pretty much a throw away scene.

Rosanna De La Vega is a tall brunette with thick legs and big ole butt. Brian Surewood comes in to join her gets aggressive at the start. She responds well to his spanking and to his tongue in her butthole. The oral sex is a bit rough again, but she seems to be able to handle his big cock down her throat pretty well. He keeps her bent over and moves from her mouth to her pussy while pulling back on her hair. When she gets on top we get shots of her big ass as it jiggles with every stroke. After that great opening scene, the action has slowed down to a point where I’m looking for something else to watch already. (This is the beauty of DVD, viewers can skip forgettable scenes with the click of a button.) At some point, Rosanna slides his dick up her ass and keeps riding. Brian returns the favor and spanks her a bit. He makes her taste herself and gets some squeals from the bottom heavy chick. Brian saves us a big facial and the camera lingers on her messy mug for a while, but this girl does nothing for me.

Francesca comes back to help things out, mixing it up with Jewel Marceau. They are both in bikinis and start out with a long kiss and then move on to bigger and better things. Francesca makes a meal out of Jewel’s big tits and doesn’t stop until her tongue is shoved firmly up her new friend’s asshole. Jewel returns the favor, using fingers and a fat fake cock to please Francesca’s needy hole. The girls work each other over, giving us some high energy veggie action. Francesca puts Jewel face down and starts pumping her ass with a big toy. The best action comes when Jewel works a buttplug and then a bigger toy into Francesca’s tight ass. After some forgettable scenes, this one perks things up a bit.

Saving the best for last, we get Melanie Jagger. I’ve seen her in a whole bunch of movies lately and she never disappoints. She is in a hot little bra and panty number that Darren James helps her out of. They slip a toy into her to keep her filled while she sucks his cock. Mel bobs her pretty head up and down on that long black dick. By the time she is finished sucking him to full size, Mel looks more than ready to open her legs and him have anything he wants. Brian slides every single inch into her shaved slit and pounds away. Mel has those perfect tits that shake all over the place as she takes it as deep as possible. Riding in reverse cowgirl, she looks great and can’t wait to get back on that dick whenever it pops out. Her energy stays his when he slips it into her ass. Melanie turns to face him and works that big ass as hard as she can. In between strokes, she sucks him clean and then shoves the head back into her asshole. In terms of both looks and energy, Melanie really gives us the best scene of the movie and I’m saying this even before the big facial finish. She takes a wad of liquid love and smiles as she licks him clean.

If it’s hot sex and good looking girls that turn you on, then watch the first scene and skip to the last. Francesca and Melanie Jagger are the real highlights of this movie. The time away from porn has not hurt Francesca’s energy in any way. If anything she is hotter than ever and certainly ready for anything. Mel’s scene with Darren James is yet another in her growing collection of ball draining anal scenes. In between these two really good scenes are three that may work for some of you. I kind of liked the Jewel/Francesca veggie scene because of hot toy play. Julie Knight and Rosanna aren’t terrible, but there scenes are mostly forgettable and bring down the overall score for this movie quite a bit. It’s nice to see Francesca Le back doing great scenes, but it is also nice to see her shooting good hard-core sex for her stuff as well. More women like Melanie and Francesca and this would have been a scorcher.

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