Private- Gladiator 3


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Private- Gladiator 3


120 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Antonio Adamo

THEMES: Costumes, Plot, Euro-Babes, Anal




STARS: Tony Ribas, Rita Faltoyano, Barbarella, Brenda Logan, Claudia Jamsson, Barby, Frank Gun, Mandy Bright, Lynn Stone, Black Widow, Dora Venter, Orchidea, Tiffany, Candy, Angelina Joy, David Perry, Alberto Rey, Nick Lang, Leslie Taylor, Mike Foster, Steve Holmes, Odor Attila, Bob Terminator, Claudio Villa, James Brossman, Diether Von Stein,


We have reached the third and final chapter of the Gladiator trilogy from Private. When last we left our hero, he had returned to Rome as a gladiator who easily own the hearts of the people with his bravery. The wicked emperor can feel the walls closing in around on him as his people turn to another for leadership. There is treachery all around, yet everyone still finds time to take a break for some hot sex every few minutes. The emperor’s beautiful cousin (Rita Faltoyano) is at the center of the plot to kill him. He’s been tipped off by Marcus, but there are some things he doesn’t know. If the plot sounds a bit too complicated and you don’t want to watch the first two parts of this movie, here is all you need to know. A lot of really hot chicks are running around a Roman set in long robes that never seem to stay on for very long. Horny guys are ready to plug their every hole around every corner. That’s really it, all you need to know in one quick shot.

Marcus tells the Princess that he has told the emperor of the plot, but left her name out of the discussion because he wants her. She tells him that he must join the plot to kill the emperor so he can be elected by the Senate and then they may be wed. Sounds like a big load of crap to me, but he buys it and gets a taste of her sweep breast flesh. Rita is a gorgeous woman who really knows how to work a dick with her mouth. She treats Marcus to a wonderful blowjob and then bends over to invite him deep into her folds. I like the way she looks in doggy, but when Rita gets into spoon and can face the camera, things look even better. From there he slides right into her ass and she moans sexily. From RCA to doggy, her ass gets tested with deep strokes that keep her well filled. Marcus finally shoots his load all over her fine buns.

The gladiators all rally around Maximus and promise to help him assassinate the emperor. In the palace, the emperor confronts his cousin over her role in the plot, finally stabbing her to death. The senators are ready to carry out their plan and have some extra time to work over a few more cute young babes. The little orgy follows the style we’ve seen throughout this trilogy. The girls are good looking and spend a lot of time on the guys, but also take a muff break every now and then. I still like the action to be a little more one on one, but none of these babes are tough on the eyes. After some DP footage, the girls get sticky faces and we move on to the next scene. The eye candy factor in this one is good, but the energy is a little lacking.

To thwart the assassination plot, the emperor sends his guards to take in some of the senators. It doesn’t take that much effort though because they too have time to enjoy the women. The sex is pretty low energy at first, with the pretty girls licking their way through every inch of cock they can find. Things pick up a bit when they get bent over and fucked by the horny guards. I like the anal footage, but again the slow motion footage on the popshots kind of kills the hard core heat that these beautiful women might have otherwise generated.

Maximus’ blonde partner, Mandy Bright, is afraid of dying. She finds comfort in his arms and we get to see her naked for the first time since early in part two. Mandy does a really nice job with her mouth and has her fingers inside of her pussy keeping it warm for him. She spreads her legs and mounts his cock, grinding her hips to take in every inch. Mandy’s tight body looks good from every angle, but she seems to have most fun standing up and bending over. Maximus decides to help himself to her ass for a while before exploding all over her face and tits. The big load covers her and we watch as Mandy sucks out every last drop.

The gladiators are captured, but they send Maximus and Mandy away to avoid capture. The emperor tries to decide what to do with the slaves he has captured and someone comes up with a bright idea. They should use them sexually before feeding them to the lions. The male slaves are brought in to serves some of the beautiful rich Roman women. I guess if you have to be killed, this is a pretty good way to go out. This four way fuck looks like so many of the other scenes we’ve seen in this trilogy that it’s really not all that interesting any more. All of the action is well shot and the girls are pretty, but it really feels like we’ve been down this road too many times already. The Roman women love the big loads of cum their slaves shoot and wear them proudly.

Maximus is captured and forced to watch as the emperor prepares to violate his new love. They have drugged her so she is too horny to resist. Mandy gets worked over by the emperor and another very pretty girl. Pretty Mandy attacks his dick with her mouth and has him throbbing and wet in time to have her pussy pierced by his royal staff. The girls play with each other while he pokes her from behind and then they both ride him at each end. Her ass gets violated and Maximus has to watch as Mandy opens wide and invites a bit cum from the evil emperor.

All that remains is the final battle between Maximus and the emperor. We get another well shot battle scene inside of the Coliseum. Our story finally comes to a close Losing Rita early in the movie means that we lose the hottest girl from the trilogy, but it adds to the plot I suppose. Mandy takes over much of the action and she does a very good job. I’ve had the same praise and the same complaints about all three Gladiator movies, so nothing has really changed. There are too many group scenes for my taste, too much slow motion and the dubbing bugs me. Beyond these small problems, this is another superb disc and a fine way to round out the trilogy. Any of them would make a fine addition to a collection and the whole set is a must for any collector of high end porn. (Or for any fan of gladiator themed smut.)

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