Chunky Cheerleaders #2



Chunky Cheerleaders #2


78 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Grip Johnson

THEMES: Chubby Chicks, Cheerleaders




STARS: Malorie Marx, Grace, Nika Channel, Roxy Blaze, Jeremy Steele, Mark Wood, Bowie Balboa.


How the hell did this happen? Chunky Cheerleaders 2? A cheerleader movie got past me? I must be slipping. All kidding aside, this isn’t the sort of movie I would normally review, but it just looked to fun to pass up. Besides, it sort of proves what I’ve always said about cheerleader uniforms. They are universally appealing and apparently even guys who like their women with an extra helping of pork chops on their thighs like the short skirts and tight tops. I don’t recognize the girls in the flick, so I suppose this will be a new adventure in more ways than one. I’m actually hoping that this might be a movie that treats the chubby part as just another sexual angle and not a freak show. (Yeah, I hear you all racing to type “Fat chance.” Ha, ha.)

Roxy Blaze and Grace show up to ask their friend to help train them for the state cheerleader championships. She refuses and we cut immediately to Malorie Marx who is practicing her routine. Mark Wood comes up behind her and starts playing with her big tits. Malorie is a girl I’ve seen in other movies, but I don’t remember her being this chunky. She’s not a fat girl at all and does have a pretty face. When she loses her top and starts sucking his cock, those big tits are on full display. This is a nicely shot blowjob with very good energy. The camera focuses on her face and tits which is a good thing. She gets rid of the skirt and mounts his cock, showing her bigger side, but still keeping the energy going. Her big ass is bouncing hard and Mark keeps pumping up into her as hard as he can manage. The reverse cowgirl has plenty of flapping flesh from her tits down to her thighs, but she’s fucking like she can’t get enough dick. They do standing doggy and spoon as well, with Malorie scoring high marks for her enthusiasm every step of the way. She will have to trim down if she wants to avoid being a chubby-vid girl, but by the time she takes a big load on her face, we can all see what a hot slut this chick really is.

The story is a lot thinner than any of the girls, so we move quickly to Grace being trained by some new guy. He doesn’t seem to like chunky girls at first, but gets a look at Grace’s huge ass and decides to give her a go. Grace is much bigger than Malorie so she is probably a girl that the core audience for this movie is going to like. Her face isn’t so hot either so I’m starting to find things to watch other than the action. I don’t think her partner is much more into things than I am because he seems bored and so does Grace. He fucks her mouth with his modest dick and she just sort of takes it. When he finally bends her over, those monster thighs take up the whole shot as he bangs away from behind. Reverse cowgirl is not a good looking position for this girl as her belly hangs over and she has a pretty freaky looking pussy. When they stay focused on her tits, we get the best shot because Grace really does have a pretty good set. Her energy picks up, but not enough to get me really interested as he fucks her in mish and drops a big load on her chin.

They finally convince their friend to train them in spite the horrible pyramid accident that happened last time. (That’s the whole script really, one silly fat joke.) Roxy and Grace go through some training that is truly frightening. (OK, if you’re into watching fat girls exercise topless and be humiliated, you might get off on it.) The trainer leaves these two to go visit Nika Channel, a thick in the middle sister who is really horrible when it comes to cheering. She does have some big tits that shake under her top and a big ass that hangs out under her skirt during the dreadful routines. Eventually he gives up trying to teach her and just whips out his cock. Nika drops right to her knees and puts her thick lips around it. She has nice eyes and a generally pretty face so this is a pretty good angel to watch her from. Her top comes off, revealing a decent set of boobs and a body that is mostly just thick around the middle. When he puts his head between her thighs, she nearly buries him, but her pussy just swallows up his finger like it’s starved for more. Nika is very vocal and shows pretty good energy as he pumps away on her plump pussy and squeezes her big, soft funbags. There is a long standing doggy that is good if you like long, thick legs and soft ass flesh. After a quick bout of mish, he explodes all over her face. This is a really good facial, especially if you like pretty black faces covered in cream.

That just leaves Roxy out of the sexual mix. Some guy walks up to her, rips the vanilla Zinger out of her hand and shoves his cock in her mouth. This girl is beyond chubby, she’s also old, ugly and stole her hair style from Chrissy Snow. Yikes, and we thought mullets were bad. I normally try and find something in a scene that someone will like, but there is nothing here at all. Roxy is unappealing, the guy she is will is hung like Ed Powers and needs a ticket on the V train if he’s doing to fuck on film. She sucks like crazy, but never does manage to make him really hard. He finds his way to her sweet spot and licks her for a while, keeping her belly out of his way as he does. They try several positions, but her girth just serves to make him look even smaller and he struggles to stay inside of her. At last he ends it by spraying a load across her tits. If you were waiting around for the finale, don’t bother because this is the worst scene of the movie, by a ton.

Now that I’ve seen a chubby cheerleader movie I don’t know that I will ever feel the need to watch another one. This may not be the worst movie I’ve seen, it’s probably not even in the bottom fifty, but I’ll be damned if there is much good to say about it. Malorie Marx isn’t a total pig so it’s good that she leads things off. Her scene is the best of a bad lot, but the energy is really good. OK, so I just found something nice to say about the movie. Nika is a heavy chick with nice tits and her scene is kind of worth watching. On the other hand you have to sit through the two woofers and watch them do their exercises. The story is just stupid and thin enough to be so annoying that you almost wish the next sex scene will come. Given the quality of the heard, that’s a pretty sad state of affairs.

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