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DJ Writes: Hey Rog:
Love your web site and I admire your dedication to it. Two questions for you:
1) With all the adult films you’ve seen over the years – if you had to pick 5 to take on a desert island with you, which 5 would you take, and why? Compilations are not eligible for this question.
2) Secondly, do you have any information about what the following stars are doing with themselves? I don’t know how “in the loop” you are regarding what people are doing once they leave the business, but here goes:
a) Terri Starr
b) Alyssa Allure
c) Kristi Myst
d) Alisha Klass (haven’t seen her in the news for awhile, so I assume she’s “retired”)
e) Paisley Hunter
Thanks Rog!

Rog Replies:

Thanks for the kind words. I’ll see if I can help at all.

My five “Must Have” movies….in no particular order.
1. John Leslie’s “The Chameleon: because Tori Welles never looked better and the sex is motivated.

2. John Stagliano’s Face Dance 1&2 (I’m cheating a bit.) The sex is amazing, there are lots of great girls and Rocco was never better.

3. Sodomania 6 because it has the best facial I’ve ever seen. (Kaitlyn Ashley’s)

4. Up Your Ass 18- Aurora Snow’s DP is one of the best ever

5. Anabolic’s Butt Banged Hitchiking Whores: Packed with some of the hottest anal ever.
Smuggler’s bonus….Just about anything by Jules Jordan and of course Mystic Pieces by Stagliano…Tori’s bang…and Brandy Alexandre in glasses!!!

As for the girls….

a) Terri Starr- No idea. Haven’t heard much about her since the rumors she banged her sister in Vegas.
b) Alyssa Allure- She seemed to vanish about the same time her pal Mila did.
c) Kristi Myst- I heard she had a boyfriend who wanted her out of porn. She may still be involved in wrestling on some level.
d) Alisha Klass (haven’t seen her in the news for awhile, so I assume she’s “retired”)- Who knows? She dogged me when she was in the biz so I never expected her to suddenly forgive me for whatever I did to piss her off now that she’s out of the biz. Last time I saw her she said that she “didn’t have time” for me.
e) Paisley Hunter- No idea on this one. Sorry.

Hope I was some help.

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