Someone’s Daughter


Someone’s Daughter


140 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: David Luger





STARS: Hunter Young, Sapphire Rae, Leyla Lei, Cameron, Honey, Misty Haze, Avy Scott, Mr. Pete, Mr. Marcus, Tony Tedeschi, Brett Rockman, Randy Spears, Pat Myne, TT Boy & Darren James.


David Luger is not new to the young/new girl genre. He did some very good stuff for Elegant Angel as “Cookieman” and now brings us this new line from Red Light District. It’s a catchy title, especially for the raincoat audience who can’t get enough of the new flesh. I’m sure there are some people out there who even like the idea that some of the new porn babes really are someone’s daughter. She could be anyone’s daughter right? The overbearing boss, that asshole down the street or even that bitch who took your parking space at the mall. Yeah, I’ll bet they’ve all got daughters and would they be so proud to see them getting slam fucked by Mr. Pete or Darren James? Wait a minute, did I just say that out loud? Sorry, back to the point. By now we all know the RLD format so we shouldn’t expect anything but straight forward sex scenes, cute girls and hot sex. I think we’re in for a treat no so much because of cover girl Hunter Young (Though she’s pretty sexy) but because 2002’s two hottest rookies, Avy Scott and Cameron are along for the ride.

Hunter and Avy are friends so Luger has them in the first scene together. He interviews them separately and both girls come off well during the interview segment. Avy carries on a conversation that is interesting and doesn’t drag on too long. The girls kick the scene off with a little kissing and breast play before Mark Davis steps up to the plate to sample the two young lovelies. Both of them look great and ready to party. I prefer Avy, but no one is going to kick Hunter out of bed for eating crackers. The girls are already well acquainted, so Avy goes down on Hunter while she handles Mark’s cock with her young mouth. I like the two girl action, but we don’t see enough of Avy working with her mouth during the early footage. Hunter takes the first ride as well, slamming her petite body down on his cock. Avy gets banged in mish while Hunter rides her face. (So we do get to see those great boobs.) The best footage comes with Avy riding in reverse cowgirl right before he shoots into their mouths. The girls swap the load, smiling beautifully for the camera. Both of these women are totally hot and have big futures ahead of them.

Cameron is very, very cute with a hot body. Luger interviews her for several minutes and she has all the right answers to his questions and looks so good I can’t imagine why he didn’t just jump right on top of her. He does play around with her, but we have to applaud his self-control. We get a POV blowjob that looks great because Cameron is just so damn cute. Luger fucks her hard during the POV fuck scene and quickly shoots a load right into her mouth. Like a good girl, Cameron swallows it all and gets ready for her next challenge. They throw a towel over her head so she can’t see whose dick she is touching. Her eyes are even covered when she starts sucking the mystery dick. (It belongs to Randy Spears) At some point she gets a good look at who she’s fucking and doesn’t slow down a bit. Randy gives her a solid but short fuck and drops a load on her pretty face.

Misty Hayes is pretty black girl with a huge smile. Luger gives her the usual interview, asking about her parents and about how she feels about fucking for money. She answers his questions perfectly and is ready when Brett Rockman sneaks up behind her. Her lips slip easily over hit long cock and Misty sucks hard for a while. They make her crawl into another room where Tony Tedeschi is waiting. Misty bobs her head back and forth to keep both happy. Tony fucks her pussy first, starting in spoon and then moving her into a very eye pleasing piledriver. There are now three guys there taking turns on her pussy in this position. That makes it easy for all three of them to totally plaster her pretty face. Misty shows a lot of promise and I’ll be watching for her in other movies.

I’ve seen Sapphire Rae in other movies and I haven’t been overly impressed so far. She’s not bad looking and has a nice enough personality during the interview. At once point she actually says that her dad would be cool with her doing porn if he only knew how much money she makes. (And people wonder why our society has gone to Hell in a hand basket.) She gets down on her knees and closes her eyes while a couple of guys stick their cocks into her waiting mouth. Sapphire looks pretty good bouncing up and down on dick and she manages some really deep penetration in her ass. Her petite frame looks good in piledriver and she swallows two loads of cum. Sapphire isn’t bad, but I’m still not that impressed.

Honey is a pretty good looking nineteen year old who is making her very first porn movie. She says something about wanting to be dominated so naturally Luger turns TT Boy loose on her. He slowly undresses and kisses her which really gets him excited apparently because wow is his cock hard when she takes it out of his shorts. Honey is allowed to suck at will and gives pretty good eye contact. She has a good body with a whole lot of jewelry, but good skin. When she starts riding, I can’t tell if she is just too new to porn, bored or unimpressed with what’s going on. At any rate, this scene falls way short of the others. TT tires power fucking, but that only helps a little as we count the seconds until this one is mercifully over. He dumps a load in her mouth and then has her say how much he made her cum.

Leyla Lei is a cute mix off too many nationalities to list. She says that she told her parents she was doing porn and that they were fine with it. I like this petite girl and so does Luger so he has her get down on her knees for a POV blowjob. Leyla does a really nice job of bobbing her pretty head on his dick before mounting him and slowly sliding up and down his shaft. He has her take a load in her mouth and swallow before turning her over to Mr. Pete. They make her crawl after him which gives us a great shot her ass. When she finally catches up with Pete, this sexy little thing sucks it like she can’t get enough. In no time she is up in his lap and bouncing away like crazy. The scene seems rushed as Pete slides into her ass and pounds away. Leyla takes a big blast on the face, but isn’t finished just yet. She crawls into the next room where Darren James is waiting. She works his cock to full mast in no time and then faces the camera for some very hot looking RC. After Darren fucks her tight ass, he goes back to her pussy for a big cream pie. They feed her the load from his fingers to close out the movie.

The bonus material on this disc consists of RLD trailers, a photo gallery and two bonus POV scenes. Sapphire and Hunter do Luger and Hunter’s scene is really fucking hot. There are some very hot girls in this movie and they all get fucked as they always do in a Luger flick. I really like Leyla and of course Avy Scott is probably my favorite rookie of 2002 so those scenes were great. Cameron is her usual self, gorgeous and totally hot. Misty is another one to watch. Honey’s scene was the only one that really didn’t work in this otherwise very strokable movie.

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