Teens Goin’ Wild #4


Teens Goin’ Wild #4


114 Mins

Visual Images/Mark Wood Productions



THEMES: New Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Saphire Rae, Cassie Young, Dreamy Nights, Veronica Lace, Kacey, Mark Wood, Claudio and Darren James.


Now that his partner Brandon Iron has gone off on his own, Mark Wood is in control of the teen series. (They used to call it Try A Teen, now it’s Teens Goin’ Wild.) He gets to pick and choose which of the young babes he wants to bone and gives the rest to other guys. It’s still a very simple format with Wood interviewing the girls and then dropping the hammer. There are a couple of girls who look pretty good in this movie, but one who we already know. Kacey is an impressive little teen who always turns in a hot scene.

First up is Saphire Rae, a thin girl with a gap in her front teeth and nice, wide eyes. Mark checks out her tits for a few seconds before shoving his cock between her lips. When you can’t see the front teeth, Saphire actually looks quite pretty. (They aren’t that bad, but without that gap, she is prettier.) Saphire is a pretty good cock sucker, but stops fairly quickly. Mark has her ride his cock and spanks her cheeks red while she bounces. Her energy is a good, but he is a bit too loud as he shows his appreciation for her tight slit. They do some reverse cowgirl before he rolls her into piledriver to drill that snug shitter. Saphire shows a bit of discomfort, but eventually takes all of his dick in her ass until it gapes for the camera. After a pretty good ass fuck, she takes a big load on her mouth and blows bubbles with it.

Cassie Young is an eighteen year old blond with a huge toothy smile and long legs. Without much talk, she slips her mouth around a stiff prick and starts using her studded tongue to show her appreciation for the male member. All of a sudden a fairly cute girl has become more cute with a dick in her mouth. Cassie gets on top and seems to really like the feeling of a dick deep inside of her. Mark bends her over for some great looking standing doggy before painting her face with goo.

Dreamy Nights is a nineteen year old girl with a nice haircut a big smile and something that I really like. I can’t put my finger on it, but it goes beyond that first class set of real tits. Mark sits behind her and plays with them for a while, but wants her on her knees where she can really get her porn career started. Her oral skills aren’t bad, but she has a cute smile as she tries to take him into her mouth. That makes it so much better. He moves her onto the barstool so she can swing one leg high and let him sample that young twat. They get into some very spirited fucking on that barstool with her lovely slit getting rammed until it’s pink and dripping with juices. I like the energy and there is something I dig abut Dreamy. Mark misses the target with his first few streams of cum, but Dreamy catches the rest on her tightly closed lips and chin.

Veronica Lace is a very cute eighteen year old California girl with a nice face and firm little titties. Claudio comes in to make her look even younger next to his weathered face and body. He starts licking her feet, but moves easily to her pussy. Veronica responds nicely to a tongue on her clit. From there he moves on top and starts pumping her young slit. Veronica doesn’t seem to mind fucking older guys. In fact, she is quite fond of that stiff prick in her sticky slot. After a good hard fuck, they move into 69 and we get to watch the sexy young thing use her mouth. In cowgirl we get to see her ass which is rather round, but not bad looking at all. I like reverse cowgirl better because Veronica has some long legs and knows how to bounce. After a long spoon, she lovingly licks her own juices off his cock. Before he can shoot his load, Claudio needs to get to back on top to pump a wad onto her flat tummy.

Kacey has been around for while, but she still looks nice and fresh. Without much talk, Mark has her takes down her top and start sucking his dick. It looks like she as filled out in the ass area, but that only makes it look better when she starts riding his unit. Darren James comes in and Kacey puts her mouth right on his cock as she bounces. Daren wants a piece of that pussy so Kacey goes into doggy to take him all the way while she slurps on Wood’s woody. The guys switch places so that Mark can get his dick nice and wet for the anal entry. He gets a good stroke going, but the best anal comes when she faces the camera, mounts Darren’s dick. She gives a good performance, but saves the best for last when she lets them double up in her hot holes. When she faces the camera, her look sort of glosses over like she’s just waiting for them to finish. They do finish and make sure she wears a couple of hot loads of cum. Kacey is a bit soft here, and not totally into her scene, but she’s still very sexy.

This is a decent collection of teens. Kacey isn’t new to anyone, but she’s the best of the bunch. Even with some extra weight on her bones and an occasional blank stare, she is the star of this show. Veronica is good and Dreamy may be the best fuck of the new girls. A lot of the sarcastic post-scene bullshit is gone now and I think that works just fine. This is a pretty well put together little fuck flick with decent looking new comers who take on cocks of all ages. Mark Wood is getting pretty good and basic fuck and suck format.

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