Pussyman’s Teen Land #4


Pussyman’s Teenland- Erotic Journey 4


88 Mins


DIRECTOR: David Christopher


THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Blonde

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Hunter Young, Hannah Harper, Natasha, Katie Morgan, Avy Scott, Jessie V., Sapphire Rae, Billy Glide, Tony Tedeschi, Mark Ashley, Dillon Day and Pussyman.


With so many different lines, it’s hard to tell one Pussyman adventure from another these days. I still remember the very beginning when David Christopher’s quest for the best pussy led to a number of good semi-features. Since then he has taken on all sorts of different lines. I don’t remember if I’ve reviewed any of the Teenland movies, but there was no way this one was going to get past me. It has white hot newbie Avy Scott and that would be reason enough to check it out even if there weren’t a host of others. Also at the top of my must see list is Katie Morgan. She’s on hand along with Hannah Harper and some other sexy blondes. Damn, this is a good looking cast. Katie starts the movie by giving us a little taste of what we’ll see later. She does this little voice that reminds me of Jennifer Tilley. I actually don’t’ care what she sounds like because she looks so fucking hot. The other girls also do little previews which is really nice. (Note to Euro-directors, help us out this way and everything will be so much better.)

Katie and Pussyman are talking by the pool. She is smoking and doing the little voice as they talk about her successful Teenland movie. She squats over him and rubs her pussy all over his face. Some days it really is good to be the boss. Katie calls up Hannah Harper to help her find some new teens for the line. (I think this is the plot of every Pussyman movie for the past five years.) She plays with a toy until Dillon Day shows up. How can anyone resist this totally hot blonde? Dillon dives right in to get a taste of that lovely flesh. Katie really does have a great looking pussy, but her whole body is great and I love her attitude. She returns the favor quite nicely, wrapping her pretty lips around his cock and sucking for all she’s worth. What makes Katie so good is that she is great to look at and she knows how to suck cock on camera. That’s a nice combination and it gives us a lot to love as she gets his shaft hard and wet for her waiting slit. Facing the camera, she starts riding his rod and we get the close ups of her pussy mixed in with some great looking long shots. She takes a good ride, but the really fun shots come after they get into the water. Katie is bent over the side of the pool and fucked until he’s ready to explode on her pretty face. What a perfect way to kick off a movie.

Hannah gets right on the phone to start recruiting teens. Her first call is to Avy Scott and that’s bound to lead to some fun. Before we see Avy, Hannah hooks up with Tony Tedeschi and Billy Glide. Hannah strips for them and shows of her beautiful body. She gets down on her knees and starts sucking them both. There is a long shot of the back of her head that makes no fucking sense. If you aren’t going to show the action then at least include her ass in the shot. The actual sucking is pretty good as Hannah works both cocks to full mast. As she squats and spreads her legs we get a good look at her tight little taco. After the long oral segment, Tony goes straight into her ass. Hannah can take it and looks great with her legs spread and her mouth full. Getting a bit for himself, Billy bends her over Tony’s lap and pushes his big rod between her tight buns. The anal action ends when both loads land on her face and tits. I’ve seen Hannah hotter, but this is another solid scene.

Natasha and Jessie V (The cutie who used to be known as just Jesse) show up to audition for Pussyman. As happy as I am to see Jessie back, I’m very sad to see her wasted in a veggie scene. Natasha is great looking until her clothes come off. That’s when the ink takes over and it just ruins it for me. Random blots on her back just take away from a great body and pretty face. Jessie spends a lot of time licking and then spreads her own lips to have them licked. Some nice toy play finishes out the scene, but I want to see Jessie do more than just lick bush and play plastic push-in.

Avy Scott has to share her scene with Hunter Young. Hunter isn’t bad, but Avy is probably the hottest rookie of the year and splitting time just wastes some of her considerable talent. Mark Ashley comes in and starts passing out the dick. Avy looks great, but is sort of second fiddle for much of the action, sucking balls while Hunter sucks dick. She takes the lead again when she starts riding. It’s impossible to watch this girl ride dick and not notice those perfect tits. Mark bends Hunter over, but returns to Avy before too long. One thing that I don’t like about this scene is the fact that it seems to need just a bit more light more of the time. That isn’t a problem for the facial though as Mark jerks off onto both faces and watches as Avy licks Hunter’s face clean.

Brian Surewood shows up with Sapphire Rae in tow. She’s a pretty cute girl who gets right down to sucking dick for Pussyman to watch. Nice eye contact as she works Brian’s rod. I think this young looking girl is going to land quite a few roles in teen lines, especially if she keeps using her mouth this way. Brian sprays her face and Sapphire smiles for the camera with cream running down her chin. Yes, this girl has promise and gives us a nice little oral scene to close the movie.

This is a pretty movie, but it suffers from some inconsistencies. Most of the scenes are well lit, but the three way with Avy is too dark. Avy is also rather underused, sharing her scene when she should be the star of her own movie. Jessie is also wasted in a veggie scene when she should be showing off her skills with a guy or three. Katie and Hannah are well used though and give great scenes. Hannah taking on two guys is pretty damn hot. Katie is just hot period and her poolside romp is probably the best reason to watching the flick.

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