Immoral Sisters- Night Two (Anime)


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Immoral Sisters ” Night Two



Nu-Tech Digital


THEMES: Schoolgirls, Anime, Blackmail, Young Girls




STARS: Voices of Jenna Haze & Holly Hollywood


The adventure continues as Yukie, a poor housewife is sexually abused by Taketo, the rich son of a powerful man. When we last left the web of sexual intrigue, Yukie’s sexual enslavement had been exploited and her step-daughter, Rumi was forced to service Taketo’s father or face the same of the scandal. Taketo, his father and his former girlfriend Yumi still have one more target though, Rumi’s younger sister Tomoko. If you’re confused, then you might want to grab the first part of this movie or just sort of catch up during the first few minutes of this one. As I mentioned in the pervious review, this movie seems to have more hard core penetration and sex than some of the other anime DVDs I’ve reviewed. It also has a whole lot of young girl themes, to the point of being more than a little bit uncomfortable at times. In addition to the potential pedo angles, there is some force in the sex as well as a lot of blackmail. Humiliation also abounds as Yukie is forced to talk to her husband on the phone while being fucked, Rumi faces ridicule if the photos get out and poor Tomoko is bound to be drawn in as well.

Taketo shows up with some pictures to show Rumi. He gets nowhere with her, but turns his attention to Tomoko. When the little one runs away he goes straight for Yukie’s place. Since she is in no position to turn him down he goes right after her. As in the first part of the movie, she gets a call from her husband right in the middle of their tryst. Rumi comes home while mom is getting busy and decides to join in. Yukie cries for her daughter to stop, but it’s too late. He enjoys her tender young mouth and nearly untouched pussy. With the unblinking eye of a video camera watching, Taketo cums deep inside of her young hole. Upstairs Tomoko is being forced to watch the action on a monitor and Yumi and the old man play with her virgin hole.

Yukie is desperate and goes to the see old man for help. He’s not about to let any of the available pussy off the hook. We then flash back to much earlier in the day. After the young girls bailed on Takato, dad moved in and has Rumi alone in a back room. He fucks her with his cock and even uses her tennis racket in a very special way. Her mouth ends up as the perfect target for a big load.

Both girls have decided that they must sacrifice themselves to save the family. Tomoko is led into her room where she is forced to watch mom and big sister doing bad things. The old man bends her over and takes her cherry while she watches her big sister get abused.

The blackmail story keeps going in this second disc. They could probably keep right on going if they want. This may be the last volume, but there is clearly some more story to be had. Sexually this is pretty much a repeat of part one with young school girls getting violated by the old man. If seeing the little girl get it in the end is your idea of a perfect finish then this one ends the way you want it to. The pedo stuff is stronger in this disc so I liked part one better, but this is still pretty entertaining.

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