Snoop Dogg’s Hustlaz- Diary of a Pimp


Snoop Dogg’s Hustlaz


102 Mins


DIRECTOR: Snoop Scorsese

THEMES: Bikini Girls, Interracial Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Snoop Dogg, Dee, Holly Hollywood, India, Taylor St Claire, Kiwi, Nyomi Arman, Mia Smiles, Brittany Skye


Anyone who doubts that porn is going mainstream needs look no further than this second Snoop Dogg effort from Hustler. Using original songs by the famous rapper, Hustlaz is said to be the diary of a pimp. Basically it is a series of random sex scenes with Snoop music in the background. That is a good thing if you happen to like rap, but if it makes you want to gouge your eyes out with a spoon, you might want to skip this or at least watch it with the sound down. That someone has high up in the music world would put his name on a porn line tells us just how far the crossover has come. After the success of Doggy Style, Hustler was only too happy to give Snoop a second shot.

Snoop is in full pimp uniform as the movie starts. He goes right into a music video. There are a lot of shaking asses and plenty of heavy beats but this just looks like a low budget MTV reject. Thankfully Snoop turns the fucking over to the pros and has Mr. Marcus surrounded by a trio of willing young sluts. He starts out by shoving his face into three very hot asses. He’s got black, white and Asian to choose form and gives them all a taste. Monique is in the mix here and she gives the best head, but Marcus is good about dolling out the dick to all three butts. This is a pretty good scene that gets better as it goes. He pulls out of Monique’s ass, shoots onto another face and then lets her suck him clean.

Chelsea Blue is interviewing Snoop in between scenes, talking about being a pimp, but these scenes don’t do much but fill space. India and two of her friends are outside during one of the interviews, washing a limo in their bikinis. This gives way to a quick thee-chick stuff fest. As tease this is fine, but its’ not much of a sex scene. Dee and Mia Smiles highlight another veg-fest, this time with four girls doing the finger and tongue thing. There is some decent strap on sex, especially when Mia is fucking Dee, but another long chick fuck is not what this movie needed.

A dude in a clown suit shows up and the three car washing chicks decide to give him a treat. India is the best reason to watch this scene, but she has to share the big black clown cock with two other chicks. When the girls aren’t playing with the real thing they use fake cocks on themselves an on each other. India eventually finds a big fat strap on and fucks even harder than the clown does. He pulls out and shoots all over the white girl’s mouth.

Snoop is still trying to explain pimping to Chelsea while three girls service Brian Pumper and his white pal. This scene progresses quickly, but is nicely shot and starts three pretty sexy girls getting it on with the two guys. Too bad this scene is so much shorter than some of the others because the action is good.

We’ve got another long music video followed by Chelsea storming out of the interview. Flick Shadwell comes in and does a little dance for the group of guys. They quickly put her on her knees, fuck her face and then turn the place into a gang bang. She handles the action really well and lets them take turns fucking her shaved pussy. The high energy fuck ends with a line of guys cumming all over the fresh English tart.

Chelsea is back for a final shot and this time sticks around to watch a big orgy by the pool. The action moves around so fast at this point that we really don’t get too enjoy any girl very much. This sucks because Taylor St. Clair is in the mix and she is looking great as she sucks cock. This is a night scene, but it is nicely lit so we don’t miss any of the action. It still feels more like a music video than a porn, but by the time this orgy finds its groove, there is some very hot stroke material to be found.

This is another video that appeals to people who like Snoop’s music. There are only a couple of music videos thrown in here, but if you don’t enjoy this part of the movie then you’re going to spend a lot of time with your finger on the fast forward button. Without question, the technical side of things is well handled. All of the scenes are well let, nicely edited and almost always well paced. The girls are pretty hot, but the sex scenes really aren’t the focus. There is too much group action for my taste so when we find one that is really hot, she is too often buried in the rest. As a mainstream crossover, Hustlaz will be a big hit, but it falls short of being a great porn flick

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