Five Guy Cream Pie


Five Guy Cream Pie



Kick Ass Pictures


THEMES: Creampies




STARS: Aurora Snow, Cameron, Sharon Wild
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Kick Ass Pictures has been branching out a lot of late. They are adding a number of different lines to their catalog. After covering the more popular lines, they moved into foot stuff, Latin smut, sweaty chicks and now internal pop shots. Not wanting to do the same old thing, KAP has taken the creampie thing to the next level. As the title would indicate, this movie has five guys fucking each chick and then planting their seeds inside of her. Single cream pie shots aren’t my thing so an internal gang bang would totally leave me cold if it weren’t for the fact that Cameron and Aurora Snow were on hand. I guess I’ll just check out the five on one action and then put up with the gooey waste of an ending.

With two great chicks in the cast, they lead off with the least attractive, Sharon Wild. Not that Sharon isn’t good looking mind you; she just isn’t Aurora or Cameron. We start with some interviews. The guys all talk about popping inside of Sharon; giving us some interesting comments on that and on other internal pop issues. After they draw numbers to decide who gets to pop in her first, the guys start fucking Sharon. She gets on top of Jay Ashley and then rides him until he shoots inside of her twat. They play with the load for a big and then Mr. Pete steps up to take his turn. He gives her a good fuck in spoon and blasts off deep inside her pussy. His cum is super thick and a bit fucking creepy as it seeps out of Sharon. The final three guys follow the same pattern until they have all left some baby batter inside Sharon’s oven.

Cameron is a really pretty girl who is going to be a huge star very soon. The guys have less to say this time around, but that really is OK. They all stand around jerking off while she gets naked and shows off her awesome little body. Pat Myne gets to go first and while he’s pounding away from behind, Cameron keeps the other boys happy with her mouth. When Pat drops his load, she stands up and lets it drip all over the bed. Mickey G goes next and gives us some reverse cowgirl footage to enjoy. Again she stands up and lets the load drop from her horny little hole. As the last three guys take their turns, we get plenty of eye contact. I still don’t dig the internal crap, but this chick looks good from every angle and was born to be enjoyed. Jay Ashley really turns up the heat, slamming her in mish for a long time before turning it over to the final guy.

That just leaves us with Aurora Snow who looks…yes, awesome as always. She comes off as charming as ever, but the most interesting part of the interviews is hearing Pat Myne say that Jay Ashley is creepy. Ummm, Mr. Pot, your table is ready. Aurora strips down and plays with her pussy for a while as the guys surround and grope her. This is the closest thing we’ve seen to gang bang action in the movie. Even so, it’s basically one on one with a little sucking. She rides Pat in reverse cowgirl which gives us a great view, especially when her feed come up off the bed into the air. When he shoots his wad, she finger feeds her self the stick goo. I love the doggy shots because she’s slamming back for more cock. Her sexual energy and great looks make this the best scene by far. Jay Ashley is in the mix again and he really pumps his pretty girlfriend hard for us.

Since I don’t enjoy the focus of this movie, much of the appeal is lost here. Cumming inside a woman in real life is wonderful, but watching them push it out, rub it into the sheets an drip it all over the place just doesn’t work for me. The final scene with Aurora was hot and well done aside from the gimmick of the multiple pies. Cameron looks good enough that her scene is also worth watching. Sharon basically lies there like a cum receptacle so unless you’re really into the whole five on one pie thing, scan past that one to the latter scenes. If internals are your thing, then you get fifteen of them in this movie and that has to please you more than it pleases me.

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