280 Mins

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: John Stagliano

THEMES: Fetish clothes, spanking, whipping, choking, anal sex, toe sucking.




STARS: Taylor St. Clair, Belladonna, Rocco Siffredi, Chelsea Blue, Caroline Pierce, Kate Frost, Friday, Sharon Wild, Monique, Gia, Manuel Ferrara,


With all of the recent talk on line about John Stagliano’s place on the list of all-time best porn directors, this is the perfect time to take a look at his latest effort. Fashionistas is a feature film, that’s right, film, not video. That alone makes it interesting. I’m sure that the guys at some of the big feature companies are sweating the idea that Stagliano has thrown his hat into the film ring. If he can bring the same elements to Fashionistas that he is known for, then certainly this will be one of the best films of the year. Few directors in the history of porn have been able to capture sex in such a visually appealing manner without losing the core heat that should drive any stroke flick. That said this one is nearly five hours long. Any porn feature this long is going to have to maintain a level of eroticism not usually seen from the feature-mills as they grind out their usual drivel and occasional “epic.” So, with high expectations, we begin the adventure that is Fashionistas.

We open at a high end fashion show as the models strut around, showing of the latest designs. Things take a wild turn when Taylor St. Clair and company crash the party, tear the clothes to shreds and send the models running. The whole ting is a DVD sent by Taylor to fashion designer Antonia (Rocco Siffredi) to get his attention. They are just one of many fetish companies that would like to work with the world famous designer. The early plot and technical qualities are as close to mainstream Hollywood as anything I’ve seen. Taylor kicks things off sexually when she abuses her girl-toy. They are staying next to Rocco and he witnesses some cruelty in the hallway. That makes him peek in from the balcony as Taylor takes full advantage of little Kate Frost. She spanks her, leaves her with her ass exposed. Unable to resist, Rocco comes in when Taylor leaves and starts spanking that big ass. He is so turned on that he can hardly wait to get his cock out of his pants and into her pussy. While he pounds away, she sucks his toe. Once the fucking starts, it’s pure Stagliano, beautifully shot sex with Rocco taking the lead and going to town on the curvy blonde. He ends up choke fucking her, but even that can’t slow her down. He uses a vibrator to warm her ass up, but isn’t about to let her get away with real dick in there. This is a first class fuck scene that has everything including a big load shot across her mouth. (Which is covered by her fetish clothing.)

The whole thing is a set up of course and Antonio doesn’t mind at all. It looks like they will be working together. First he has a meeting with his American contact, a bitchy corporate time played by Caroline Pierce. The dialog during this stretch of the film is quite crisp. Pierce does a really wonderful job. Antonio has his meeting with Taylor and we get our first look at Belladonna. She plays Jesse, a somewhat standoffish girl who is behind the ideas that have hooked Antonio. Taylor is happy to take credit, but we know she has more going on than she is revealing. Proving this point, she goes home and enjoys some private time. Bella turns on her TV and watches some interesting ass play/spanking on her screen while she dances in her bra and G-string. Watching herself get abused makes her hot, but I’m more attracted to the very sexy dance number. This isn’t a traditional sex scene, but it’s amazing tease. In fact, if this doesn’t win best tease performance for 2002, I will be shocked. Taylor shows up and starts dominating Bella. Even this scene is not your ordinary veggie tryst. Taylor sits on Bella’s face and won’t let her up for air. She makes Bella lick her asshole and smothers her with those big asscheeks. In return, Taylor shoves four gloved fingers inside of Bella’s upturned pussy and uses some interesting toys on her willing ass. The big finish is a huge clear dildo shoved deep into her butt, cementing Bella as one of the most extreme porn sluts working today.

At this rate if I cover every scene and plot twist, this will be a nine page review. Once you’ve got the feel of Fashionistas, we can sort of move forward. Rocco finishes out tape one with a very fetish oriented three way with two Sharon Wild and Friday. Everyone is in fetish clothes and there is a lot of toe sucking in between the good old fashioned sucking, fucking and hard-core anal action. Friday has on a mask and an outfit that leaves her big tits hanging out. She takes the hardest fucking here and stands out once again as a super hot fuck slut. Taylor comes in as things progress and smacks Rocco around a little bit. There is a lot face sitting for a while as the girls smother him in ass. Eventually Taylor sends the other two girls away and takes over. She gives a super hot blowjob and then gets power fucked. There is a lot of slapping and spitting in this scene, but what stands out is the way he just devastates her ass. Taylor has done some extreme scenes, but she has never been fucked like this and by the time she finishes sucking his load down, I’m ready to call this one of the best feature sex scenes of the year.

The second tape opens with another of Bella’s DVD creations that features a small gang of women who rob men and smother them with there asses. There is some trouble brewing between Taylor and Bella, but the action is back at Rocco’s place. He has found Bella’s secret DVD Easter Eggs and is exploring the action. Wearing a mask so Rocco can’t tell who she is, Bella takes on two guys in a very fetish heavy scene. There is toe fucking, pussy clipping, nipple pinching and a huge butt plug that she cleans with her mouth. The guys overload her perfect breasts with mini blips and manhandle her boobs when they come off. They do the same to her lips, completing the clip play. When they finish the faith stuff, it’s time for a balls to the wall sex scene. Bella nearly chokes herself on their cocks, showing more energy than you are ever going to see from a Contract Girl and deep throating like a fucking champ. They shoot all over her mask finishing out a very interesting scene.

Rocco shows up at a fetish club to show off his new line and sends his assistant to pick up Caroline. They all sit and watch the show which is a nicely choreographed bit of entertainment that includes a dance number, an extreme ass whipping and the full fetish fashion show. It finishes with a masked Bella doing another bondage demonstration. Rocco joins his assistant and Caroline on a tour through the back room of the club. They see some spanking, whipping and watch as a bound Tricia Devereaux tries some shocking new toys. Monique is also on hand wearing pony girl headgear and sucking cock. Rocco helps Caroline join in and take it deep. The jumpy action finally settles in on Caroline as Rocco and the other guy abuse her and Monique who is getting the shit fucked out of her. This is a problem for me because I don’t find Caroline all that hot, but Monique is a wild woman. Both women turn in high energy performances that fit with the rest of the movie. If you like Caroline at all, you’re going to love the way she takes cock, gets her ass spanked pinked, licks ass and screams her way though the scene. Monique becomes almost a side note, taking a great facial before the action returns to Caroline for her big finish.

Taylor leads Rocco even deeper into the club and then gets some help from Chelsea Blue. They slip a dog collar around his neck and start to smother him with Taylor’s ass. Don’t feel too sorry for him though because Taylor is right back on that cock, doing her best to suck him all the way to the root. She gets him hard and then passes his cock to another girl while Taylor takes a seat on Rocco’s face. They leave him tied up and hard, but Bella sneaks in to give him what he’s been obsessing over. She shoves her ass in his face, bends over and manages to deep throat his cock. His blindfold comes off and Rocco finds out who he’s been after the whole time. Taylor comes back in and confronts them both. Rocco finds out the truth and dismisses Taylor. That allows him to finish what he started with Bella. She works his cock like it’s no big deal, taking it all and showing off all of her sexual skills. Putting her ass high in the air, she takes it all, giving us one of the most high energy anal scenes of the year. Like her or not, you can’t say that watching Bella ride Rocco in RCA is anything short of nut busting. He finishes out the movie with a huge load shot all over her face.

There is much to like about Fashionistas, so where to begin. Let’s start with the technical aspects. Stagliano is one of the best in the business and there is nothing in this movie to prove otherwise. Every scene is perfectly lit, exquisitely edited and well captured. The story is also impressive, well written and nicely acted. It goes a little deeper than the average porn plot and should certainly be considered for best screenplay. Casting on this one is excellent as well. Taylor St. Clair looks great and handles her role sexually and otherwise to perfection. Rocco provides plenty of sexual heat and seems to have met his match in Belladonna. The sex scenes are all hot, though they certainly run longer than normal and are very fetish heavy. That said this movie is not for everyone. The hardcore raincoat crowd may find the long scenes, fetish activity and long dialog portions of the movie a bit cumbersome. At nearly five hours long, Fashionistas is at least as long as two full features, so be ready for that. I think it’s a brave, visionary mix of fetish and hardcore that is well acted, sexually appealing and technically brilliant. It may not be for everyone, but for my money, Fashionistas is far and away the best film of 2002.

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