Seven the Hard Way


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7 The Hard Way


100 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: Brandon Iron

THEMES: Gang Bang, Double Anal, DP




STARS: Vanessa Virgin, Lucie, Ashley Blue


Now that Brandon Iron is making movies for Red Light District, we get to see how well he fits in with the rest of the gang. He takes the helm for this mini-bang movie where three girls take on seven guys at once. Knowing the kind of sex Brandon likes to shoot, I am sure that we are in for quite a bit of choking, slapping and other forms of rough sex. That style works for a lot of people, but I don’t need to see seven dudes slapping a chick to get off. (Oddly enough, just watching a bunch of guys bang a babe is sexy enough for me.) The cast for this mini-bang movie is made up of three cute brunettes, each from a different country. American porn cutie Ashley puts her ass on the line against Czech and Hungarian babes.

Lucie is a twenty-one year old girl who has to be coached through her interview. Brandon takes his time getting her undressed, letting us take a good look at her firm young body as she slowly disrobes. Lucie has great tits and a nice ass, but has some serious scarring on the butt, like someone took a bite out of her right cheek. In come the guys and Lucie happily starts sucking some dick. Everything looks good early as the guys stay out of the way for the most part, letting her ride one dick and suck two others. She is a pretty girl who shots good energy as the guys being to pump her a little harder. I like the footage of Lucie on her back with her legs slightly up. Two dicks continue to fill her face as the guys take turns on her pussy. When they position her on top, the guys take a moment to spread her pink hole for the camera, but their ultimate goal has to be to double stuff this young tart. They get dicks into both of her lower holes and Lucie never lets go with her mouth. There is some really good anal footage as she is on her hands and knees being fucked until she gapes. Eventually they go for some double anal footage, but it’s just not that interesting. The cumshots are well captured as the guys shoot load after load onto her face. Lucie handles the finish very well and closes out a very well shot bang.

Vanessa Virgin is even cuter than the first girl with a great natural body and a girl-next-door smile. She meets a line of guys who just take their cocks out of their pants and let the pretty brunette work her way down the row. She looks great with a dick in her mouth and even better on her knees with that pretty face working from rod to rod. In just her boots, Vanessa straddles one hard cock and pumps her pussy full of prick. They move inside to give her even more attention. Things get a little crowded, but Brandon does a good of keeping the guys from getting in the way of the shot too often. When Vanessa is busy riding we get a lot of shots of her ass, which has some serious zit issues but looks quite inviting anyway. She jams some lube up her ass and lets the guys take a crack at that hole as well. The reverse cowgirl gives us the best angle of the ass fucking and Vanessa is more than ready to take some DP. Just like the last scene we go from great DP, to lackluster double anal right into some very hot facials. Vanessa is very pretty so the loads on her face are highlight material. I’ll give her the nod over the first girl based on that pretty face.

Ashley Blue is the last girls in the movie and she’s another fresh faced teen who doesn’t look like she could handle this sort of action. After we get a good look at her body, Brandon has her put her clothes back on to go meet the guys. Half out of them again, she starts sucking her way around the circle of growing meat. This is the first time that things really get rough. They shove her head down around their cocks to make her choke. After two very good scenes, this one is already making me wish I’d stopped the movie before this one. To her credit, Ashley seems to have a good time with this sort of action, but it just bores the shit out of me. More circle sucking goes on inside as Ashley gasps for air and drools all over the fucking place. They start fucking her and the action stays high energy. I like looking at this girl and she’s quite a good sport, but this is the weakest scene by far. If you’re looking for rougher stuff, then you can just enjoy this scene. I’ll stick to the ones without the drool, choking and slapping. This one also has the most double anal, so the homo-erotic fact is highest here. (The two seem to fit very well together for those who hate chicks.) As before, the facials are the highlight of the movie with little Ashley getting drenched in sticky jizz.

Two of the three scenes are really good in this movie and the third isn’t bad either. If you’re looking for the rougher stuff that Brandon usually shoots, then stick around for third scene. Lucie is really energetic and Vanessa is just a really, really pretty girl. I like Ashley and she’s quite into the rougher stuff so she is the perfect fit for this type of action. The sex is very well shot and the guys don’t get in the way very often. All of the facials are top notch and there is some really good looking anal as well. “Hard Way” is a nicely put together stroke flick that is solid from start to finish. Fans of small gang bangs are going to want to take a look at this and mark down the release date for volume 2.

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