Amish Daughters



Amish Daughters


72 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Jerome Tanner

THEMES: Amish Girls, Sex Toys

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Melissa West, Adriana Sage, Jewel De’Nyle, Nina Ferrari, Gwen Summers, Dillon Day, Dale DeBone, Joel Lawrence, Pat Myne and Tony Tedeschi.


Leave it to Jerome Tanner to find a way to work the Amish lifestyle into a porn flick. I’m sure we are all expecting a light porn romp with plenty of costumes, one liners and healthy does of reality stretching fantasy play. I don’t want to say that one may have limited appeal, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of Amish Girl web sites popping up on the net. On the other hand, won’t be fun to see how many implants, tattoos and body piercing jokes I can make while watching the “Amish” chicks do things that might make you ready to give up running water, electricity and processed sugars.

While sweeping outside, Gwen Summers finds a video camera. She runs in to show it to Joel Lawrence and Melissa West. They are clueless, but Gwen runs it over to Dale DeBone who is sort of the black sheep of the flock. Dale knows what to do with the camera and shows Gwen and Adriana Sage what’s on the tape inside. They see Tony Tedeschi spanking Melissa West. The busy blonde responds very nicely to the backside attention and is quite happy to use her mouth on his prick. Melissa is a damn fine cocksucker who takes it deep and gets it nice and wet so she can slide down onto his condom covered cock. She shows off her tits while she rides, but then rolls to her side to let Tony stuff her ass. The lube really drops from her well used asshole as he pulls out and shoots onto her face.

Dale gets the bright idea to make Amish porn and two of the flock, Gwen and Adriana Sage are along for the ride. Adriana dons a pair of tight shorts and bikes her way into the local sex shop to pick up some supplies. Pat Myne plays the clerk in the store and he’s oozing creepy from every pore. To help her decide what toy to buy, Pat puts her in a swing and starts demonstrating. A big thick dildo gets her warmed up, but his mouth really gets her going. Adriana gets out of the swing to give him head. I love the big tat n her ass. Lots of Amish girls know exactly how to give head and have body ink. That aside, she gives a great looking blowjob before Pat starts fucking her. The sexual highlights include some standing doggy with his cock right up her ass. They use the swing quite nicely and Adriana shows great energy. Pat saves a nice big load for her open mouth, giving us a very strokeable scene.

Joel Lawrence catches Gwen practicing her lines and isn’t down with the whole porn idea. He is willing to take her to town for some clothes though. After watching her try on some lingerie, Joel’s attitude changes and he is only too happy to have her sucking on his cock. Gwen plays with that big rod and looks quite good with a big dick in her hands and mouth. With his dick hard and wet, Joel slides into her well trimmed slit and bring high pitched squeaks of joy from his little playmate. For such a petite girl, Gwen sure likes big cocks. Joel slams the hell out of her pussy from behind. He pulls out and shoots all over her little ass. Yeah, she is going to be just fine as a porn star.

Dale is out for a ride with beautiful Nina Ferrari. The horses get overheated and he uses the chance to put some moves on the pretty blonde. It takes her a while to get out of all those clothes, but he is patient and enjoys unwrapping her tender (and inked) young flesh. They use the buggy and Nina demonstrates what she knows about modern sexuality, bobbing her mouth up and down on his dick until it throbs for her. (More Amish stuff, I doubt many of them wear earrings, let along have tongue studs or clit piercings.) Dale rolls her over and shoves her legs back for some deep strokes. The facial is pretty decent and Nina is nice to look at so this scene is pretty hot.

We need a lesbian scene, so Gwen and Adriana are set to make some girl on girl porn. Gwen’s dad, Dillon Day, catches them and takes the camera away. His wife, Jewel De’Nyle joins him and they get very marital on each other. Under her dress, Jewel has some sexy black, semi-fetish gear on but we don’t have time to look at that because she is far to busy sucking his cock. When she mounts him, we get to see just how far Jewel’s ass has come in the last year or so. It’s still got some jiggle, but it’s nowhere near the monster that we’ve seen recently. She has great energy while he fucks her pussy and doesn’t slow down at all when he pops her ass. (Is it me or are her tits bigger now too?) When he pulls out, Dale leaves a trail of jizz right up her stomach to her chin.

This is one of those little features that make you laugh even when it’s not trying to be funny. The whole idea of Amish porn is worth a chuckle. When we over look the obviously problems in logic, there are some hot performances from these old world babes. Gwen Summers and Adriana Sage both turn in great scenes. Jewel and Nina aren’t bad either. Obviously you get to laugh at this one, but there are enough decent scenes to make it worth a look, especially if you’re really into the whole Amish dress thing.

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