Lady Fellatio #2


Lady Fellatio #2



135 Mins

Elegant Angel


THEMES: Blowjobs, Slapping, Spitting, Choking, Sexual Violence




STARS: Savannah Storm, Lezley Zen, Olivia Saint, Michele Raven, Sabrina Johnson, Adajja, Alexis on Fire, Angelina Jolly, Jayla Bate, Mika Tan, Velvet Rose, Claire, Alexandra Quinn


Mason isn’t exactly your average smut director. First of all, she’s a woman, but then again, she’s not exactly your average chick behind the camera. Nope, this lady doesn’t mess around with warm and fuzzy couples flicks for guys to watch in hotel rooms on business trips to Des Moines. She deals with much darker sex and what I really like about her is that she isn’t afraid to explore some psychologically dark subjects. I don’t always like a lot of the scenes she brings us, but I always like to see someone put this kind of effort into a movie. Her second installment of Lady Fellatio is packed with willing young girls who are in for more than just a little sucking and swallowing.

First up is Olivia Saint who gets wheeled in ala Hannibal Lecter and ordered to service some cock. They take off the mask, cut her bonds and start shoving her head onto man meat. The guys are quite loud which is never a good sign and Olivia is drooling right from the start. It’s a rough blowjob so a lot of you are going to totally love it. They have her soaked in her own drool and fingering her pussy while both cocks stretch her mouth. For the cumshots, Olivia puts her face against Mason’s thigh high black boot so that any jizz that misses her face can be licked up. This is a rough scene with a bit of a fetish taste.

Claire is a cute little thing who plays up her youthful looks by blowing bubbles and arguing with her babysitter, Mason. Kyle Stone comes by with car trouble and hangs out with the girls. Claire plays up the little girl angle quit a bit, teasing him as she drips the bubbles onto her panties. Eventually she gets up in his lap and wants to suck his cock. Kyle resists a little, but lets be realistic, he’s not about to pass this up. Everyone plays up the P4P angle during the scene, Kyle, Claire and Mason all to the verbal mix. The blowjob is pretty good and she swallows the load like a big girl.

Kianna is a nice looking Asian babe who starts out with a very straight forward blowjob. With Mason’s help, she gives us some hot talk while she handles a nice big cock. You know, having Mason talk dirty from behind the camera is pretty fucking hot as well. Great eye contact from Kianna as she pumps that big prick with her mouth. This is a foul talking blowjob that is the best of the lot so far. His load goes right into her waiting mouth.

Sabrina Johnson welcomes us to watch her suck cock, but she is too busy to say much. As much as I love her accent, I’ll take watching her suck cock over listening to her converse any day. Like the last scene, this one is a straight forward suck off with a lot of very hot talk. I love the eye contact and she even goes upside-down to lick a little ass. As he gets closer to cumming, Sabrina talks more and eventually downs a big load of cock cream with a smile on her face.

Rather than cover all the rest of the qvzzqordinaryqvzzq blowjobs we are going to move forward to the final two and give them some attention. There is a warning on the box and at the start of the movie that the final two scenes are not for the faint of heart. Let’s just see what Mason has in store for us.

First is Alexandra Quinn giving an interview with Patrick Collins. She talks about wanting to be treated like a lady even though she also likes to be degraded sexually. To that end we watch her scene. Mason is riding in the car with Gino Greco and William Nutsack. They find Alex on the side of the road with a sign that says qvzzqWill Suck 4 Food.qvzzq Gino quickly starts shoving her head down on his cock. From the start, this scene is rough and Nutsack adds to the action when he stops the car and slaps Alex around a bit. They keep driving so there is some very hot, semi-public action going on. There is a lot of choking, ass licking and plenty of trash talking. Alex is so desperate that she begs to be fucked. The extreme nature continues as she screams like a stuck pig and takes any abuse they want to dish out. She ends up on the ground, rolling around in the asphalt as Gino pops on her face. Alex even spits it out and licks it off the ground. This is way too violent and extreme for my taste, but if anyone had any doubt who the queen of sleaze is, Alex puts those questions to rest.

Michelle Raven interviews with Mason about the scene she has just shot. She says all the right things about how she loves it, is in control and only does what she wants to do. When she shows up looking to score a line or two, Michelle is at Mason’s mercy. Tony Eveready is there to make the little junkie swallow cock. This is another rough scene as Tony chokes her with his cock, slaps her around and drags her around by the hair. If you like rough oral sex, then this is about as rough as it gets. Tony makes Michelle scream out the window that she’s a whore. The slapping and spitting leave me totally cold so you can imagine how I feel watching her snort his load from a fucking mirror.

Mika Tan, Alexis, Velvet, Lezley Zen, Angelina with Jayla, Adajja and Savanna Storm star in the remaining, non-extreme scenes. This movie certainly cements Mason as one of more interesting and controversial directors in all of porn. More than that, it proves that she can make very good, edgy porn. Lady Fellatio is a lot more than just a blowjob movie. It’s an exercise in sexual psychology that is often dark. The final two scenes really are about as extreme as anything you are going to see in mainstream porn these days. They are way beyond me, but I know that a lot of you are going to flip over these. I like the Sabrina and Kianna scenes better. They are still a bit more than your average blowjob without crossing over into the violent arena. I applaud the edginess of this movie and I love the thought that Mason puts into her scenes.

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