Nice Rack #9


Nice Rack #9


140 Mins


DIRECTOR: Mike John & Jon Dough

THEMES: Big Tits, Natural Tits,




STARS: Avy Scott, Brittany Star, Loni, Kiwi, Destiny Diamond, Danley,


This is going to end up being big tit week at the Casa de Pipe. I had this one all ready to go and now there is another big natural tit movie in my in box. The combination of Jon Dough and Mike John have lined up some really pretty women for this movie and they just happen to have great, natural racks. I really love this line, not so much because I am into big tits. Sure, I like big tits and I love seeing all natural lines, but the reason I like it is because it’s got the same quality that Anabolic brings to their other lines. Fans of big boobs finally get a chance to see their favorite orbs in a movie that features great sex, excellent editing and that usual Anabolic flair.

Avy is probably one of the top rookies for 2002 and her awesome rack is just one reason. Dough must be the director for this part because he makes sure the young blonde is sitting on his lap right away. He reaches around with one hand to finger her pussy while the other plays with her big tits. She gives a blowjob that is really too short considering how pretty she is, but then mounts Dough for some deep pussy strokes. This position gives us a grand view of her rack and the rest of the body is nothing to sneeze at either. Her move on top of Avy which blocks off much of our view but does allow the camera to move in really tight on the action. Doggy may be her second best position because it shows off her legs and her boobs. Jon lets her ride him for a while and then spays those big tits with cream. As the last few drops spurt out, she jams his cock back into her mouth and sucks him clean.

Destiny Diamond is a nice looking black girl with big, soft tits and huge nipples. She has a pretty nice face as well. Lexington Steele comes in and Destiny asks if they are big enough for him. Well girl, he should ask you the same thing when he takes out that monster cock. His rod and rack come together nicely for some awesome tit fucking. Taking his cock in both hands, Destiny starts sucking the head. There is some great POV stuff here and her pretty face looks mighty fine being penetrated. Destiny positions her pussy right over his big cock and drops down. This pretty new thing has quite the hot pussy and a body that looks great in this position. She leans forward so that her tits hang right into the camera for some awesome boobs shots. She also has very good energy, not just taking Lex, but fucking him back and giving us a great scene. They finish off with more tit fucking and a big load fired across her chest and face. Wow, this girl is hot.

Dalney isn’t as pretty as the first two girls, but she’s not bad either. She’s got a great set of natural tits with nipples that stand right up and bed to be sucked. There is a lot of pre-fuck tit play as she bounces them, rubs them and shows us all how she managed to get herself into a Nice Rack movie. Eventually Mike has her stop shaking and start sucking. The POV fucking gives us a good look at her big tits during missionary. He shoots this like one of his Perverted POV movies and that means every angle looks hot. The busty brunette keeps bouncing up and down on his cock and then sucking him clean before starting again. He straddles her chest for some more great oral and hot tit fucking. Mike pops in her mouth and Dalney swallows it all like a good slut.

Kiwi is another totally hot looking black chick. At nineteen she has a beautiful face, great tits and a wonderful attitude. The dynamic duo of Lex and Erik Everhard give the pretty girl a whole lot of cock to suck on. She responds nicely, looking into the camera as she loves them with her mouth. They stand her up so that Erik can fuck her from behind. Kiwi keeps her mouth full with Lex’s cock. This position works well because the camera is under her body, focusing on her tits or her pussy or her face. They get acrobatic with the beautiful girl, fucking her in mid air to really drive some dick deep into that slot. Lex fucks those beautiful tits some more before finally exploding into her mouth. Erik follows suit and Kiwi drinks it all down. Hell, this girl is so hot that they both manage second pops for her pretty mouth.

Loni is a big titted Asian babe who seems like she would be a lot of fun at a party and even more fun after hours. I like the way she shows off her big tits, but when you hear her talk dirty, you might be as ready to jump her as I am. With a pair of dicks to suck, Loni has her hands and her mouth full. She cups her big tits and lets the guys fuck her face for a while, but is at her best when she is doing the pumping. When she gets on top and starts riding we get probably the least flattering angle of this chick. She is soft in the middle, so this isn’t the best footage. Still, her energy is great and she bounces like crazy. She gets rolled over onto her side and has a cock shoved up her ass. This gives us some great shots of the action and keeps Loni very happy. They move into RCA for some anal and then some DP. Both guys fire right into Loni’s mouth and lets her swallow their seed.

Brittany Starr is a blonde with big, soft tits and a huge smile. She shakes her 34Ds while sitting on Erik Everhard’s lap. He goes for her ass first, playing with her big cheeks as if he just knows he’s going to bust them later. When he is done getting a very short blowjob, Erik is ready to start cramming the blonde full of cock. Brittany is quite a little screamer and goes off when she’s riding. Her body is very soft and her pussy is smooth and tight. With that hole well stuffed, the big blonde spreads her legs wide and lets him slide right into her tight ass. They take it slow at first, but once things get going, she is screaming and rubbing her clit like she’s trying to start a freaking fire. Erik has a big thick load for her face and he really cakes her mouth and nose with dick snot.

Like you would expect, this is a movie for guys who love real tits. The sex is really well shot as always and the collection of big boobed babes is top notch. Avy Scott is the best of the bunch, but that figures. She is right at the top of just about any collection of babes these days. Kiwi is a true superstar who gives one of her very best scenes in this movie. Brittany and Loni also shine. Some of the girls are a little thicker than your average porn slut, but if you want the tits, sometimes you get the rest of the body to go with them. (Which is just fine by me.) Great picture quality, hot chicks, well shot sex and a bunch of awesome racks make Nice Rack Nine of the best big boob vids of the year.

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