Private Lust Treasures #7


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Private- Lust Treasures #7


148 Mins


DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Euro-babes, Anal Sex




STARS: Monique Covet, Angelica Bella, Roxanne Hall, Lisa Sommer, Bernadette, Erika Bella, Francoise, Krisztina, Valentina, Brigitta, Viviene, Claire, Wendy, Aniko, Diana, Irina, Gina


Compilation movies are often a good way for companies to repackage old scenes and make a lot of extra cash. When they are done well, they are also a way for porn fans to pick up a video or DVD that is packed full of the exact sort of action they are looking for. Really good companies like Private that have great libraries to pull from can often come up with compilation DVDs that are outstanding. This one doesn’t seem to be a specific comp with a certain girl or sex act as the theme, but is instead a collection of super fine looking babes getting laid in exotic locations around the globe.

When two naked Euro-dudes see something in the ocean (What they were doing naked on the beach together is a question for another time) they go investigate. They drag a woman to the shore. She is tangled up in a net and they revive her. The pretty brunette is so appreciative that she starts sucking them off. With all the sand sticking to their bodies it’s easy to see why sex on the beach is a much better fantasy than a reality. The guys double up on her and even with the sand, this is a great looking outdoor romp. They shoot all over her pretty face which is only fair since they saved her life.

Lisa Sommer is a very cute little thing and she gets herself into a scene directed by Max Hardcore. Thankfully, it’s not Max who walks through the snow with the luscious little babe. Lisa drops to her knees and sucks him off on the porch. What a great way to warm up in the snow. They go inside where she keeps up the great looking head. Wonderful eye contact and Lisa’s whole face lights up when she’s bobbing on his knob. She gets her petite little frame up on top of him and drops down and starts waxing his pole. He gives her a solid fuck in the ass and shoots all over her stretched rosebud.

Erika Bella is one of the hottest women Private ever brought to us and she also hooks up for an outdoor scene. She is out for a hike when she strolls by a patio where two guys are drinking beer. They invite her up and start feasting on her tempting tits. In no time at all they have her bent over and taking one cock in her pussy while the other stays in her mouth. After a short reverse cowgirl anal, they unload all over Erika’s smiling face.

Lisa Sommer comes back for a scene with a very lucky guy. He’s out in the warehouse when he hears a strange noise. Some quick investigating has him staring right at Lisa as she hides behind the boxes. He starts in on the pretty young thing, feeding her his cock and lifting her onto his work space. It has to be fun to have a real girl up there where all those hot box cover chicks have been. Lisa is naked except for her little white socks as he pounds away on her tight pussy.

Angelica Bella and Roxanne Hall run to get out of the rain and before they can even get a towel, the sparks are flying. The guy who lets them into the house takes their clothes off and starts groping at all that hot young flesh. Roxanne looks really good down on her knees sucking him off while Angelica licks his nipples. They use the stairs to provide some nice camera angles as Angelica does some hard riding with her tight ass. There is a nicely shared facial at the end of this one.

For those of you who like orgies, there is a full on group fuck near the end of this movie that stars a bunch of very hot chicks in some heavy duty outdoor action. The final scene is also pretty good with some nice in the pool action. There are plenty of great scenes in this compilation and at nearly two and a half hours everyone should find something they like. I love the outdoor scenes, but picking favorites here is impossible. This is a two and a half hour highlight reel from one of the best companies in all of porn. Of course it’s fucking hot.

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