Good Girl, Bad Girl



128 Mins

DIRECTOR: James Avalon

Cal Vista/Metro

THEMES: Porn Stars, Sluts

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Kitty Marie, Evan Stone, Joel Lawrence, Aria, Ashley Long, Paris, Becca Bratt, Ian Daniels, Mickey G, Tyce Bune


I must be crazy this week. Not only am I reviewing a second feature, but it’s a James Avalon picture. Not director in the biz exemplifies how out of step I am with print reviews quite as perfectly as Avalon. His movies are regularly drooled over by AVN and he is a fixture on their Awards list. To date, I haven’t figure out the obsession with his stuff. Yes, he turns in high quality music video porn, but is that really worth all the hype? Too often, this sort of movie forgets that most of the audience is looking to get off, not be thrilled by fog machines or attempted dialog. I know that I don’t speak for everyone and that a lot of you are looking for this sort of movie. At the very least I can marvel at the technical quality and enjoy the things that a big budget and good equipment can bring. (Besides, I rather like Kitty Marie and it might be fun to see her in a movie like this.)

As the credits roll, Kitty is waiting at the dinner table. Joel Lawrence appears to be driving home after a rather hardcore encounter with Aria. We know it’s hardcore because of the guitar riffs and cuts that are so fast only a flea on crystal could possibly jerk off to the scene. In just a pair of high heeled boots, the rather hard looking brunette sucks his dick, shoves his face between her thighs and lets him fuck her. While Kitty is waiting, Joel is banging his side piece into a frenzy. The cuts slow down as the scene progresses and Aria looks best while riding dick. (She has a pretty nice ass.) He fucks that shapely behind, but the quick cuts to the non-sexual action really kill the heat. Give Aria credit for a nice facial though.

When he gets home, Joel and Kitty have a major fight. She wants to celebrate, but he is upset by their lack of a sex life. The dialog is pretty good here, but if we’re supposed to feel like Joel is justified in walking out, then it misses the mark. A despondent Kitty sits in front of her video camera sobbing about what a pervert Joel is. Again, the dialog is good and Kitty really handles it well. The problem is that we’re looking at two really long dialog scenes in a row followed by Kitty’s suicide. (Bloodless, but still.)

Perhaps she really dies, perhaps she doesn’t. Kitty comes up out of the water talking about how she no longer exists so she can do anything she wants. She decides to make a video sex diary to show how nasty she can be. For her first entry, she decides she needs to learn how a slut acts and picks up a porno to help her learn. (Good choice, Team Sprit, great script on that one.) The porn gives us the standard lonely housewife/plumber scene between Katie Morgan and Mickey G. She looks as hot as can be, pawing Mickey through his jeans before taking out his cock and popping it into her mouth. While she is bobbing her pretty blonde head, Catalina watches, masturbates and eventually joins Katie for a two mouth blowjob. I’d like to watch Katie by herself, but I guess if she has to share at least Catalina is another cute little cocksucker to enjoy. He puts Katie on the counter for some mish, but that leaves Catalina out. They pull up a chair so Katie can take it from behind while burying her face between the parted thighs of her screaming partner. Catalina gets hers in the butt, bending over and getting a mouth full of tit while Mickey rams her tight buns. They share a big load of cum on their faces. (Hey look at this, nothing bad I can say about an Avalon sex scene.)

Things get a little kooky when Evan shows up. Looking like a reject from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and calling himself the Slutmiester, he promises to help transform her into a proper slut. To prove his worth, the has a couple of hot sluts, Paris and Becca, show just how well he can train a girl. I really like Paris and she is the prefect sample slut. There is something very fuckable about this dirty blonde, especially when she is all tramped up like this. They have some funny dialog about sluts and condoms and then have safe but slutty sex. Paris steals the show when she gets pounded from behind in her fishnets. She shared the dick, but captures the heat. After Even shoots on their faces, he even tastes a bit of his own spunk.

When Ian Daniels comes to the door to sell her a vacuum, Kitty gets to try out her new slutty side. She does a great job with the tease dialog and then turns up the heat on his hose. After handling all of her dialog quite well, Kitty handles dick even better. The music is hard, but the sex suffers a bit from some quick cuts. When the camera stays put, there is a lot to like here. Fewer shots of Evan during the fucking would be nice, but for the most part this is a hot scene. When she rides cock, Kitty’s rather big ass bounces like crazy and she gets down just like a good slut. When she turns around, he shoots his cum right into her mouth for Kitty to eat right up.

To continue her training, Kitty goes to visit a porn star. What better place to perfect your skills than in the sleazy heart of porn valley. Tyce Bune plays a goofy agent who is willing to work with Kitty only if she really loves to fuck and suck. He interviews her, and eventually asks for a sample of her oral favors. Since Kitty wants to be a slut, she has no other choice but to do it and love it. When Kitty gets off to a slow start, Ashley Long is right there to help out. The rapid fire cuts look quite slick but really get in the way of the action. There is a nice two girl blowjob going on here, the hand held stuff doesn’t add anything. Tyce puts Ashley down on the couch and fucks her first, letting Kitty taste pussy juice on his rod. She has quite a taste for it and Ashley looks great with her long legs spread wide. Kitty hauls that ass up into his lap and bounces like her life depends on it. Ashley mounts him next, facing the camera and really goes nuts. Tyce slams her from behind just long enough to drop a load onto Ashley’s ass so we can watch Kitty lick it up.

After waking up from a dream (Or is it a dream) Kitty and Joel hook up for a final fuck. The dialog leading into this one is pretty funny and adds a layer to the story. Yes, I am rather impressed by the script for this movie. Kitty shows him the great things she has learned to do with her mouth and hands. They move into a power fuck position and go for it. Joel has been hoping to get this kind of action from his girl for a year and he finally has her bent over the chair and taking cock, but he doesn’t even try for her ass. I guess he is just happy to fuck her and then dump a load right in her mouth.

I really like this movie, certainly more than any other James Avalon project I’ve ever seen. Kitty Marie gets a chance to shine as the sexual lead as well as show off her acting abilities. After a cumbersome set up, the sex really takes off. Kitty does some great tease and then follows it up with some hot scenes. She is helped out along the way by a great three way. Catalina and Katie Morgan really shine in their scene. As the star, Kitty manages to really shine in her sex scenes and with the dialog. This is one of the best features of 2002 and Kitty Marie should be a pre-nom as best lead actress. If Avalon can just shoot movies like this and leave some of the film school stuff out of the smut.

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