Teen Sensations


Teen Sensations


MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall

113 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Constance Le

THEMES: Young Women,

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Aurora Snow, Suzie, Phoenix Ray, Maria, Sandy, Julia Crow, Charlotte, Joel Lawrence, Pat Myne, Johnny Slovak, Denis, Marti, K.K. and Vito.


It’s always interesting to watch the first release from a new company and a new director. Teen Sensations is the initial release from DVSX and it’s also the debut effort from Constance Le. I don’t think we have too much to worry about though. The quality on the DVD looks goods DVSX seems to have the quality thing down. As for Ms. Lee’s rookie status, I wouldn’t worry too much about that. She’s been working side by side with Alex Ladd for years and has certainly learned a thing or two along the way. Oh, and don’t worry too much about that whole female director thing. Constance likes hot teen babes as much as any raincoater and certainly did a nice job of picking her first cast. Aurora Snow and Phoenix Ray are joined by a host of hot European babes all dying to be the next teen sensation.

Aurora Snow is hanging out at the beach, waiting for someone to show up. She looks really good in her cut off jean shorts and sexy little top. We get some nice tease footage while she waits. Back at home, Aurora waits out by the pool naked until her man (Pat Myne) shows up. Wonderful girlfriend that she is, Aurora isn’t at all mad and happily grants him access to her fun zones. Tasting the pretty little slit has Pat’s cock throbbing. (OK, it would have most of our cocks throbbing, but we wouldn’t need any V to make it happen.) Aurora goes right after his cock, sucking it like it’s the greatest thing she’s ever seen. The blowjob could be longer, but Pat really wants to slip his cock deep into her tight little body. There is great energy as he really works on her pussy. Aurora loves it fast and the doggy is especially hot looking. For a better view of her pussy, they move into reverse cowgirl and she rides like a champ. Finishing off the scene perfectly, Aurora holds her mouth wide open and then licks up every last drop of cum. This great looking scene is a very hot opener.

Suzie is a very cute little Euro-babe who knows just how to cool down after a hard work out. She strips down and takes a quick shower using the handheld showerhead in interesting ways. I love shower scenes, especially with such a hot little body on display. As soon as she gets out, Suzie finds the nearest cock she can her pretty little hands on and goes for it. Her pretty mouth opens wide to take his cock. Suzie needs to keep those eyes open a bit more, but she is still excellent eye candy. If she is a little low key while sucking, his tongue on her pussy sure brings Suzie around. She’s on her back on the weight bench, so he easily moves between her thighs and starts pumping that tight hole. When they roll her onto her side, we get the best looking angle and by now she’s really getting vocal. They get a bit athletic with some standing doggy and finish with a big wad on her gorgeous face.

Phoenix Ray is on her way to the mall to shop for her big date. We get to watch her try on some sexy outfits and show off the body that is going to make this guy very happy. I guess the outfit works, because this blind date takes off quickly. He rushes to get his hands on her big, natural tits. Once the rack is out for all to see, she drops down and tastes his cock. Again the blowjob is cut a little short, but it’s time to see her whole body naked. Phoenix is looking really good as she mounts his condom clad cock. He bends her over and starts slamming into that pussy, making her tits dance and bringing loud cries of joy from his blind date. Before she lets him go for the night, the lucky dude shoots a load all over her mouth.

If the first three girls in this movie weren’t enough, then maybe three at a time will work better. Julia, Sandy and Maria come strolling up the street looking like a Euro version of the Dixie Chicks. They are out sightseeing and snapping pictures when they meet up with a couple of guys. They all start taking pictures and the clothes to come right off. One of the girls is still fully dressed as she starts sucking KK’s (Karl Kincaid last time I checked) black cock. The guys make their way around, fucking each girl and even doubling up from time to time. I don’t know what these ladies had in mind when they started out, but they end up with a full fledged cock picnic. After fucking the trio of young trim, the guys let them share two healthy loads.

That brings us to Marie, a cute little brunette who comes home from school and gets all dressed up for her very first rave. Joel Lawrence is her boyfriend and he’s not at all thrilled about letting her go. This babe looks great in her super tight top and plaid skirt. In fact, she really had me turned on until the top comes off and that severe body ink comes into full view. At least she gives him some really good looking head before letting Joel bang that shaved slot. He gives her what she was probably going to the rave to find without the bad music, good drugs and strobe lights. Joel has her strip down to just her stockings and then slam fucks her from behind. Making sure to get what he wants, Joel takes charge and shoots his cum all over her waiting face.

Finally, Charlotte and Julia take a walk down at the marina. They get invited for a ride on a boat and are instantly turned on. The dude watches as they change into bikinis and catch some rays. Eventually he abandons the controls and just slips his cock right between their waiting faces. After another blowjob that is just too short, he starts pounding away from beneath that tiny brunettes. I guess having a boat really pays off because he gets to bang the really cute one in the ass before blowing his nut all over their faces.

There is a lot to like about this movie. The cast is very cute and all handle their scenes well. Aurora Snow and Phoenix Ray are perfect for this movie and the turn in highlight reel material. The Euro-babes are also very good looking and perform as only the imports can. Marie’s scene is really hot. She has a little too much body art for me, but the scene is really hot. I like the variety of the action how well it’s shot. From a DVD standpoint, this movie has good picture quality and a really fine collection of extras making it a winner from top to bottom. As a debut effort, this is quite promising and we can expect a lot of really good stuff from DVSX and Constance Le.


Solo Scenes- There are short solo scenes with each girl from the movie. Aurora and Phoenix do the hottest, but there is a lot of eye candy here as well.

Photo Gallery- Great looking collection of still shots from the movie. Excellent quality and a nice variety here.

Behind the Scenes- The lighter side of the production with some funny moments.

Trailers- Other DVSX titles.


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