Extreme Teen #23


Extreme Teen #23



136 Mins

Extreme Associates


DIRECTOR: Prince Myshkin

THEMES: Young Girls, Cheerleaders

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Mia Starr, Brittney Skye, Frankie Larue, Alexia Riley, Brandy,


I have lost track of all of the people who have been behind the camera on this series. It seems to change with every volume these days. Not that it matters much. These movies are basically all sex vids with some set ups. The sex pretty much always seems the same, so it’s the lead ins that we can watch for changes. Some of the volumes have been pure P4P and designed to shock. Others are more like straight up uniform fetish scenes. At this volume has some good looking girls and the opening scene has decent picture quality. Hell, that’s half the battle these days.

Poor Mia Starr is stuck in the rain. She runs down the street, trying every door to find a warm place to ride the storm out. The cute brunette is just wearing her cheerleader uniform and needs to get dry. Valentino is working in his office and sees the poor young thing. He invites her inside and quickly starts rubbing her to warm the cheerleader up. The top comes off easily, but when he starts rubbing her pussy through her skirt, the little cutie starts to giggle. Apparently Mia has never done this before and she covers her eyes when she sees his hard cock. It’s kind of funny and Mia eventually gets on her knees and rubs her pussy while she sucks his cock. Val helps her learn to have her mouth fucked gently and even gives her a first class lesson in ball sucking. She is now ready to be bend over and fucked. It’s nice to see that local cheer squads are encouraging their members to stay nice and shaved just in case they meet some lucky guy. Mia is a very thin little thing with tiny tits, but she is able to take a lot of dick when she’s riding hard. There is a lot of good close up footage as she slides up and down on his pole. Even her ass is not safe as Val takes full advantage or her tight little anus. The butt fucked young cheerleader takes a load of cum on her face and cleans up every drop. Rah-rah for bad little babes.

Brittney Skye is a pigtailed blonde who is just lying on her bed, reading when she gets a call from her creepy neighbor, Brian Surewood. When she comes over, he has his hands all bandaged and since his wife is out of town, he needs some help taking his cock out to piss. As she touches his dick, it grows stiff in her innocent little hand. (Brit looks like a young and more experiences Jenna Jameson.) They move in for a sponge bath that quickly turns to a blowjob. There is something very funny about a chick with a tongue stud acting like she doesn’t know what to do with a dick in her mouth. Brittney looks really good on her knees, but Brian wants to get a taste of her shaved little box. Once the pussy is good and wet he slips his cock right in. It fits perfectly and Brit responds nicely to a prick inside of her. When she rides, we can see a bit of cellulite on the cheeks of her ass. Thick in the middle, Brittney works really hard to cover her belly when she’s riding and makes up for the extra weight by opening up her pooper for some play. (Not sure how that makes sense logically, but this is porn.) He pumps that plump rump for a bit before exploding all over her chin and tits.

Brandy is another blonde with pigtails and a crush on older guys in her neighborhood. On the phone, Brandy is dared by her friend to kiss the guy next door. Asking Mark Davis to help her with her homework seems like a good way to get through the door. They do some second grade math and then she asks him to kiss her. (Wouldn’t you love to see the outtakes of the math portion?) Davis goes right for her lower lips, getting them wet with his mouth and stretching them a bit with his probing digits. Faced with his thick cock, the little cutie sucks the head for a few seconds and then shoves him all the way down her throat. It’s nice to see that young women are learning something of value in our totally useless public schools these days. After a skilled blowjob, she is ready to show that nice girls sometimes do more than just kiss. She gets into reverse cowgirl with her feet on his knees and works those skinny legs, pushing her body up and down in his lap. After the short vag fuck, Mark slides his dick right into her ass. Brandy hops off to give it a taste and then gets right back to her anal exercise. She spins around so we get a look at her butt while he continues to violate her young ass. Before he is finished, Davis has the thin blonde’s bung gaping and her eye plastered shut with his cum.

Rod Fontana is a school janitor who likes to tip the bottle a bit while he cleans the bathrooms. Alexia Riley shows up in a cheer skirt and is ready to play. Why she is in a bathroom with urinals, we’ll have to figure out. Oh I see. There is no toilet paper in the girls’ room. Rod takes her into a supply closet and the pretty brunette goes right to her knees. His fat cock stretches her lips to the max, but Alexia lets him pump her pretty face a bit. She does a good job with this kind of action and Rod is quite pleased with her hot little face and even more excited to see that tight body. She is bent over and has her tight little hole plugged from behind. The angle is better when she is on top, riding in reverse cowgirl. Alexia is a very pale girl with nice tits and great nipples. When he’s pumping away, Rod has to give her feet a taste, but mostly this is just good hard pumping of a cute young thing. When he moves from her pussy to her mouth, it’s time to feed Alexia her protein snack.

Frankie Larue is a light skinned girl who has run away from home. Three local guys, Brian Surewood, Valentino and Mr. Pete, see her on the street and invite her to say with them. In her schoolgirl uniform, glasses and sucking on a lollipop, Frankie looks sweet. Too bad the guys have really bad intentions for this girl. They take her back to their place and stuff her face with cock. Frankie’s face is pretty cute, but she has a huge gap between her front teeth. We don’t see the gap when she’s stuffing that mouth full of cock though. They eventually pull her panties aside to fuck her from behind. Frankie has some stretch marks across her soft ass and thighs and everything on her jiggles a lot as she fucks. The energy is good and she takes it up the ass like a vet, but the cute factor just isn’t here. They DP Frankie shoot on her face and then leave her to fend for herself.

There are some young girl set ups I this volume of Extreme Teen, but fans of the more rape or P4P elements of the line may be disappointed. I really liked the way Alexia Riley handled her scene. This girl is perfect for a janitor closet liaison. Mia and Brittney probably do the best scenes of the movie and are worth a look. The scenes are pretty well shot and there are enough cute girls to make it a pretty decent addition to the line.


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