Tera`s Cherry Scented Succulent Mouth


Name: Tera`s Cherry Scented Succulent Mouth

Reviewer: Panchu

Type of Toy: Female Simulator

Manufacturer: California Exotics

Price: $24.95

Size: One Size Fits All

Material: Soft Red Jelly

Best For: Tight Fitting, Vibrating Penile Stimulation


It’s a really good thing this toy comes with some lube because it’s a very tight fit. I don’t know if Tera’s actual mouth is this tiny, but I could barely fit my dick into the lips. They are very tight but made of a comfortable material. The cherry scent is a bit strong at first, but I imagine that will go away. Beyond the lips is a studded sleeve made of very thin rubber. These studs feel pretty damn good when you just leave them along, but later when I started to stroke I found them to be slightly irritating. There is a vibrator located in what would be her upper lip. Thanks to the multi speed remote control, it was easy to change the vibration. I actually found this to be most stimulating when I turned the toy upside down so it stimulated by testicles.

Since this is my first experience with such a toy I don’t have anything to compare it to. I would have liked a smoother sleeve, but the vibrating lips felt very good. Just be careful because the sleeve can be ripped if you get too enthusiastic in your stroking.

Batteries Needed: Requires two AA batteries

Clean Up: Easy, soap and water

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