Ass Collector, The

135 Mins

DIRECTOR: Rocco Siffredi

Evil Angel

THEMES: Story, Euro-babes, Big Tits

CONDOMS: None Noted

August 2002

STARS: Chris Knight, Rocco Siffredi, Melinda Casta, Manuel Ferrara, Andrew Fabris

For more than a decade, Rocco Siffredi has been the biggest male star in all of porn. His good looks, high energy fucks and legendary cock made him the most sought after performer throughout the 90’s. After working with John Stagliano in a number of his best movies, Rocco began directing for Stagliano’s Evil Angel. Most of Rocco’s movies have showcased his sexual prowess and featured the kind of balls to wall sex that has made him a favorite among the raincoat crowd. These all sex whir winds have been successful, but Rocco has thrown in some very ambitious features along the way. (Rocco Won’t Die was one.) With Ass Collector, he has outdone himself. This tense psychological thriller is tightly wound, very well acted and best of all, filled with all the hard-core sex that Rocco’s fans crave.

The movie opens with a commando style raid where Rocco and his forces are unsuccessful in bringing in the “Ass Collector.” Chris Knight plays the psychotic title role and is quite chilling in his opening scene. Retreating to his lair, Knight dons a wig and pantyhose (His portrayal of the killer is part Silence of the Lambs, part The Cell) where he plays with his collection. He’s about a half dozen women on tables as he wanders around, caressing them and taping the whole thing. Even though he is very creepy, the super fine looking babes he has lined up makes for some hot looking sex when he finally decides to fuck one of them. This opener is a short scene that ends with Knight shooting his load all over the brunette’s pussy and rubbing his cum on her face.

The failed raid has Rocco’s back against the wall. They call in a shrink, played by pretty blonde Melinda Casta. She tries to help him piece together the clues. The accents take a little while to get used to, but there is some very good dialog here. Elsewhere in the police station, a young officer is taking statements from some potential witnesses. All three of them are very good looking and he just can’t help himself. The lucky cop lines the women up along his desk and licks their asses. He’s got three great looking women to choose from so he can’t really go wrong. The sex is exactly what you would expect from a Rocco movie. The cop lets the girls suck his cock, fucks them in the pussy and then moves to anal. One of the blondes does a really nice RCA that pushes the guy over the edge. He jerks his load all over three beautiful faces.

Rocco is getting into the mind of the killer apparently (Not to give it away, but Rocco is dreaming the following.) because he next appears in a leather mask attacking a woman we saw in the opening shootout. He pushes her to the ground and fucks her face. This is another pretty girl who is helpless as Rocco spits into her open mouth, slaps her face with his cock and then impales her on his prick. Not wanting to mess around, he shoves it right up her ass and moves his hand from her pussy to her mouth. Rocco has a big load for this pretty little victim and he paints her face with it.

After watching Chris jerk himself off in a fit of total lunacy, we see how desperate Rocco and Melinda are to find the killer. They send her in looking for the killer and things get really interesting. As she walks through a huge orgy, just about every kind of sex you can imagine is going on. There are guys sucking off other guys, old women, fat chicks, you name it. At the back of the building, she finally finds the guy she’s looking for. Franco is a shady character to be sure and he provides the Collector with some of his playthings. Before she can turn around, Melinda is surrounded by studs and They bend her over and start stuffing her at both ends with cock. Melinda is a thin blonde with a really tight looking pussy. The guys do their best to stretch out her tight little holes. They even have her sucking on a ridiculously huge dildo for good measure. After the other men cum on her face, Franco finishes the deal.

Without giving too much of the plot away, Melinda falls into the hands of the Collector. Rocco chases after him and the car/motorcycle chase that is as close to a mainstream action sequence as you’re going to see in any porn movie this year. The cops end up catching him, but realize that all of the women are scheduled to die if they can’t find them soon. In order to unlock the secrets in this fruitcake’s mind, Rocco is hooked to a machine and suspended in the air. This allows him to get into the killer’s head. There is a drunken three on one scene that sets the disturbing tone of the remaining semi-dream sequence.

Things get a little hard to describe in writing as they flow from scene to scene. Rocco is dragged from a bathtub by two women and left on what looks like an altar. A very pretty blonde comes in and starts fucking him. There is a lot of foot play in this scene. After teasing him with an intense footjob, the girl vanishes. Two others take her place and put on a hot lesbian show right over his face. He has a blonde and a brunette teasing him now and just about the time you get into the action, they are replaced by two more. It becomes a reverse gang bang with Rocco in the middle of a bunch of girls trying to devour him. (This fits really well with the movie, but one has to wonder if a director might just write this in for the fun of it.) There is an amazing shot from high above with Rocco flat on his back and all of the girls rubbing him down. It’s like this constantly moving mass of flesh. The oil splashed orgy continues with Rocco fucking his way through a circle of hot girls. In addition to being an impressive looking scene, Rocco shows that he can still fuck like no one in the business.

Moving further along into the killer’s mind, Rocco is tied up and forced to watch Knight and his pal take out their evil intentions on a couple of really hot babes. Knight goes right after a huge titted blonde. This girl has some meat on her bones and a world class rack. His partner is busy with two other hot chicks, but it’s the busty babe who steals the show. This is one time when it doesn’t matter which girl you’re sticking it because they all have appealing features. The busty blonde turns in a really hot anal with Knight while the other blonde gets her ass drilled as well.

With Rocco now incapacitated, he has to watch as the Collector further violates Melinda. He makes her suck his cock for a few second and then mounts her. Turning the pretty blonde over he licks then fucks her tight asshole. All Rocco can do is watch as she gets small fucked in the butt and then takes a big load on her face. (Sort of, she has a chess piece in her mouth that catches the load.)

Without giving away too much of the plot, let me say that the helicopter shots are top notch. The final scene has Melinda putting on a very sexy show for a hooded Rocco with a pretty blonde and brunette. There are some B & D themes in the scene as Rocco takes full advantage of the beautiful little blonde. Both he and Melinda have taken on some of the sexual cravings of the Collector so the tight young babes are not safe. The little blonde eventually opens her tiny ass for some serious butt fucking. Like the other scenes in this movie, it’s brilliantly shot and very hot. This blonde may be the prettiest girl in the movie and Rocco gives her the full treatment.

I don’t know that I can possibly praise this movie enough. It’s unforgettable, groundbreaking and nothing short of amazing. Chris Knight gives one of the most chilling performances you will ever see in an adult feature. (Yes, this includes anything where Ron Jeremy or Ed Powers gets naked.) Rocco provides the real sexual heat, giving us scenes as hot as anything in his wall to wall movies. After years of bringing us all sex adventures, Rocco has really broken through with this feature. Ass Collector sets a new standard for adult features. It is unlike any adult film you will see this year. It has everything, a compelling story, amazing locations, fine acting, technical brilliance and sex that will blow you away. There is no question in my mind, Ass Collector is the best adult feature of 2002. In fact, it’s the best adult movie in years.

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