77 Mins.
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DIRECTOR: Jim Enright
THEMES: Cops, Interracial Sex.
STARS: Dominique Simone, Tabitha, Kaitlyn Ashley, Yasmin Pendavis, Chelsea Blue, Tom Byron, Jonathan Morgan, TT Boy,

EXTRAS: Lots of photo galleries of the stars, some trailers and a talking bio section make for a decent collection of bonus material for an older title.
One of the things I love about reviewing these DVDs is that it gives me a chance to see some of my favorite chicks for years gone by. In this case, the prime attraction is none other than Kaitlyn Ashley. She is the all time number one girl in my book and watching her work on the improved DVD format is always a good thing. She is joined by some other lovely women and a collection of male talent that now reads like a list of top directors. The clover play on initials in the title is mostly that, just a play. Don?t expect to see a whole lot of DP action, or even a plot set in NYC. Yes, it?s about cops and that?s going to have to be enough.
Byron and TT are detectives working hard on a case. TT has to interview Kaitlyn and even though she?s a key to the investigation, they are all over each other as soon as they get into the interview room. They have something shady going on, but as hot as Kaitlyn looks, who really cares? She gets down and uses that long tongue on his shaft. Kaitlyn always did give amazing on screen head and this is a perfect example of those skills. All wet and ready to go, TT slips his cock into her tight pussy and starts slam fucking her on the table. When he bends her over the table, that prick slide right into Kaitlyn?s asshole. The shots are very tight as he pumps it for a while, finishing with a shot all over her pretty face.
Tom is interviewing Kaitlyn?s sister about the death of her brother in law. No sex in this scene, but he gets some good information that may lead to the killer. When the boss is away, detective Jonathan Morgan takes advantage of some private time with Yasmin Pendavis. They clear off the boss? desk and go for a little interracial love. Yasmin is a pretty light skinned black girl who does a pretty nice job sucking Morgan?s schlong. He bends her right over and fucks the tiny titted babe over the desk. Morgan?s partner, Tabitha catches a glimpse of the action and gets very comfortable watching them go at it. The action is very low key in scene, picking up a bit when he pounds away on her in mish, pushing her legs high over his head before blasting a big load onto her lips.
Byron and TT bring in bitchy attorney Dominique Simone and she?s sporting a major attitude. They send her down to holding with Tabitha. This gives us a little twist on jail cell police abuse. Both of these women do horrible jobs with the dialog, butchering what little there is. Thankfully most of us aren?t watching this for the witty dialog, but just to see these two exotic babes get it on. Tabitha has a great looking body and Dominique enjoys every inch of her smooth flesh. Dominique?s tits are way too big and look painful, but she has great skin and a pussy that looks like a hot fudge fun time. The girls enjoy a toy free veggie session in the cell that ends with smiles all around.
Witness number two, Chelsea Blue is back and making out with TT boy as soon as she gets into the interview room. Like her sister, Chelsea thinks that TT killed the old man, but before the whole story comes out, Byron enters the room. She quickly tells them that there is plenty to go around and the partners get to tag team the cute babe. Chelsea reminds me a little of Vanessa Chase. Tom licks her slit while TT fucks that pretty face. For all we know she could be a killer, but with a pussy this juicy, I?d be willing to take a chance and tap it once or twice. The partners take turns slamming her pussy and letting Chelsea work her mouth onto their cocks. Near the end of the scene, they get around to some DP that looks pretty hot as long as you don?t blink. Like the rest of the scenes in this movie, there are some super tight shots, but also some odd, soft-core long shots that make it feel unbalanced at times. Both guys pull out and shoot jizz all over her face.
Dominique is gests a visitor and is so horny she goes right after the guy who bailed her out. (No idea who this white dude is.) He throws her up onto one of the tables and eats her out. This time we get to see Dominique sucking dick and the color contrast as she bobs her head is hot. This lucky guy bends her over, puts his hands on her wide hips and starts slamming into her from behind. There are no medium or long shots here, just a bunch of super tight shots until the very end when he shoots onto her pussy.
There is a little story going on here, but it?s the sex that actually impresses the most. As I suspected, there aren?t a lot of DP scenes. Kaitlyn Ashley turns in her usual fantastic scene and the rest of the cast is pretty hot as well. Chelsea Blue gives us the only DP and it?s a short one at that, but highlights a hot scene. Dominique Simone shows up twice and gives us some star power. Not a bad feature, though the sex is shot like most features from the era and could be hotter.


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