Reader Email: “Mike Paul is an Asshole.”


It didn’t take long for email box to fill up with thoughts on the postings from around the boards.

Leo Writes:

Hey Rog. I read your daily news every day at work and you really have to let this Mike Paul stuff go brother. You can quote me on this, Mike Paul is an ASSHOLE! Those of us who have been with you from start know that this guy is a lying piece of shit. Why do you give him the time of day? No one takes him seriously and no one wants to see you waste time talking about him. Please, if you care about us, stop talking about irrelevant fat fucks named Mike. (Paul or Moore.)

Rog Replies: Thanks Leo. I really try. I’ve been letting so much of this old bull-shit roll off my back, but I don’t like having someone I have helped turn around and question my motives. I also admit that I have a bit of a hard time holding back when someone goes out of his way to get my personal information. Luckily a good friend stopped him from getting it or who knows what could have happened. He has never explained why he wanted it. I’m sure it was just to send my family a Christmas card right?

Kristen Writes:

Hey Roger. I wanted to say thank you for the article on the rape trial. I thought it was very fair and pointed out some scary things about Sharon Mitchell’s testimony. I only wish you hadn’t described that Passed Out movie. I think I may have nightmares for a month. Keep up the good work.

Rog Replies: Thanks a lot. That article was…well it wasn’t fun to write, but I enjoyed it. Sorry about the description. I tried to hold back. Trust me…if you had seen the thing, you would have nightmares for six months. Norman is a great guy and I consider him a friend, but that was one foul flick.

Thanks everyone. If anyone else has a comment or question, drop me a line at

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