Late Night Surfing

I was up late tonight and just sort of checking out some of the forums that I read now that RAME has become over-run with a whole lot of crazy crap.

I saw on the Mr. Marcus board that Mike Paul is still out there talking shit about me. Hey Mike, if you want to speculate about why I ask certain questions in interviews, why don’t you be a fucking man and be honest? You want to imply that I ask them as material to debate with you? Get over yourself. I ask questions for the people who actually read this site and aren’t on some freaky fucking campaign to shit in my general direction. I guess you forgot to mention that I even asked questions that you requested I ask.

There was another thread that was mad at my Michael Moore stance. Dude, why post about it there? Send me an email and we can talk about it here. (And to the guy who said I don’t post there, I have posted there on and off for years.)

I wish I had time to post in more forums, but I have a lot going on so I mostly read them and contribute when I can help out. In the meantime perhaps I should do my own message board I just wonder if it will end up being more trouble that it’s worth to moderate.

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