Aurora Snow Is An Anal Delinquent


Who doesn’t love to watch naughty little girls getting their backdoor pried wide open by unsavory characters with unnaturally endowments? Not you that’s for sure! Who doesn’t love to watch the pint sized sex fiend Aurora Snow fuck? Not you again! So who wouldn’t love to watch Aurora and her slutty little friends having their every orifice stretched open, stuffed, and punished, then pumped full of hot semen by enormous, unrelenting, throbbing cocks?

Do you see where I am headed with this yet?

Introducing the newest Aurora Snow title from Mayhem, Anal Delinquents. Filled with five no holes barred scenes that are guaranteed to get your blood pumping harder and faster than Aurora and company sucking a hot load out of a slimy cock, this movie will leave your nuts feeling like they got caught in a wheat thresher.

” I was a bad girl,” says the unmitigated strumpet of herself and her role in the film she directed. ” I liked to tattle on people and I got us all punished real good.”

Given that she puts in not one, but two extraordinary scenes in the movie, as well as narrates the entire anal adventure for us, we’d say she was very naughty. We’d also say that is a very good thing.

In one particularly filthy scene, Aurora shows us all the precise definition of the GATOGM acronym.

” I was working with Tony T and Rio and he was taking turns fucking both of our asses while we made out,” Aurora recalls with alacrity. ” Tony kept taking his cock out of her ass and putting it in my mouth over and over. Hence the phrase Gaping Ass To Other Girl’s Mouth. It was fun.”

In addition Aurora also allowed Sasha to delve deep into her anal crevice.

” He was the neighbor I always wanted to fuck,” she confides.

Anal Delinquents also features the incomparable Hannah Harper, Lena Julliette, and an out of control double penetration scene with none other than mega slut Lauren Phoenix.

” Words can’t even begin to describe how wonderfully nasty she is,” spouts Aurora. ” She made the movie as far as I am concerned.”

The movie shipped last week so it should be in your local stores this week. Now would be a good time to go out and get it. That way when the weekend rolls around and you are drunk in the middle of the night and craving this delightfully decadent all anal masterpiece you won’t be left holding your dick in your hand

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