On The Set Of Barely Eighteen Volume Eleven For Sin City

On The Set of Barely Eighteen Volume Eleven For Sin City-

High atop the hills of Topanga, nestled into the sprawling hills, inside a quiet, little Baroque themed mansion, the sound of a gorgeous siren cumming her brains out can be heard echoing through the hallways. Welcome to Christian Knights first movie back in years.

I wade through the bevy of beauties lounging around the kitchen and going through make up and closer to the sound of the moaning strumpet. When I find the source of the erotic emanations I am shocked but pleased to find out that I have just stumbled into the first boy girl scene of former Andrew Blake girl Nikki Lauren. Nikki is a sultry slut whose natural beauty only seems to be intensified by the sight of her gobbling up cock. She slurps violently on Sasha’s swollen member while he makes the face of utter ecstasy. Soon he has her bent back over the bathtub and is driving his pork sword hard and fast into her pink gash while she whines and pouts and plays to the camera. Sasha wrestles Nikki to the floor without taking his cock out and continues to administer a noteworthy pounding while Nikki begs him to give it to her even harder still. In all honesty I had a little trouble believing that this was Nikki’s first boy girl scene. I ever there was a girl in need of a serious fucking it was this unruly slut, who couldn’t seem to be satisfied even as she came again and again on his throbbing shaft until her nectar spilled down her leg. When it came time to suck the cum out, Nikki proved just as eager still. Sasha arose and Nikki kneeled before him like a high priestess in the temple of cock and lapped up his salty load like a hungry harlot.

Christian thanked both the performers, greeted me with civility, and excused himself. I followed him downstairs while Sasha and Nikki climbed into the shower together and began to make out. I found the laconic director outside preparing Lee Stone and Lisa Marie for their scene. Within mere minutes they were performing the dialogue introduction to their scene with Christian stopping them occasionally to make sure they got the lines correct.

” Wow,” exclaimed a cock starved Lisa. ” I’m so ready to fuck. All this talking is making my cunt wet.”

It wasn’t long after that she found herself happily humming on Stone’s massive tool while thick cords of drool spilled out the corners of her stretched mouth. Lee, always the gentlemen, returned the favor for a while, lapping at her hot box and lubricating her tight, young crevices for his mighty meat pole.

” I want a nice slow insertion shot,” Christian called out from behind the monitor. Lee literally picked up Lisa Marie and set her in position over the patio furniture. Then he slowly eases his angry member into her tiny hole and Lisa closes her eyes and grips the edge of the chair. She looks like she might not be able to handle all twelve inches of it for a minute, but once it is all the way in, her extended gasp rolls into a subtle purr and the beginnings of a smile creep into the corner of her prepubescent looking face. Lee begins to slowly pry her pink flower open and soon she is howling and fucking back with vigor and zest. She rides him until she has a screaming orgasm, impaled is it were on his tremendous cock. Once the body shivers subside, Lisa begins to demand that Lee give her his seed. Christian agrees and Lee unleashes a torrent of milky cream into her open and waiting mouth while she laughs and licks it up.

” He tastes good,” she exclaims, seeming almost surprised. We will take your word for it Lisa.

I expected by this point that we would be down for a while, but it turns out that Christian has had the lighting crew reset the equipment to shoot the Gardner and Topless Sunbather scene with TJ Cox and Canadian newbie Christee Lee, whose scenes are so off the hook that I have yet to forget one. This scene was no exception. Immediately Christee is on her knees deep throating TJ to the point where she is gagging herself with his cock and then laughing and doing it again. She is so wild that Christian Knight doesn’t even try to stop her.

” This is exactly the kind of energy I expected to see from her,” he chirps, sitting back in his chair and allowing the scene to unfold. ” This is the reason I hired her.”

The sexy sprite wastes no time putting the confused male talent through the paces. Soon she is riding him on a towel in the middle of the lawn while the California sun coats them in golden light. TJ regains his composure, pulling out of his passive, and flips the greedy little sex freak onto her back. Holding one leg up he listens attentively to commands issued from Christian while plowing into the puffy pink folds of Christee’s tight young twat. No stranger to a hard fucking, Christee writhes with pleasure as he fills her needy cavity, and slurps his hot load straight from the tap like it was expensive champagne she feared she might spill

Christian gives everyone a quick break for lunch and then we move to the kitchen, where Talon plays a plumber and the luscious, mocha skinned Marie Luv plays the dirty whore that she is. She seduces Talon with her wares in a scorching solo scene, such a difficult task, and then devours his cock meat with expertise most retired hookers can’t profess to have mastered. The fiery Scorpio bends over the table and Talon administers the kind of fucking that naughty tramps like Marie deserve, pounding her with mesmerizing intensity and force until her hot juices flow down her long, dusky legs and form a glistening puddle on the tile. Talon gives her a facial for her efforts and she rubs it into her mouth without even thinking about it.

For the final scene we move upstairs to the on premises recording studio where Van Damage plays the mix master and young, blond cock star Heather Gables plays the eager intern who is willing to do anything to get promoted. She gets a raise sure enough, from within Van’s pants, which she promptly unzips and fondles with her tiny hands. Then she exhibits her sword swallowing skills to Van’s approval before getting turned around and pounded to the point where she nearly has to be carried out of the studio, which is just what she likes. Begging to be slapped and for Van to give it to her even harder, Heather Gable rides his pulsating prick until her body is covered in a thin sheen of sweet young girl sweat and her blond tresses matte up with perspiration. Van pins her down to the floor and drives into her doggy style until her smooth, creamy legs tremble and she nearly collapses from the intensity of her orgasm. Then he lifts her to her knees and she suckles his balls while he shoots his steaming wad out the pipe and onto her shocked face. His deep and satisfied guttural moan seems to linger around us like a warriors battle cry on the field of war when he has killed his grand nemesis.

At last the day has ended and we can all go home. Christian sits down with me to give a short interview and releases the rest of the crew who scramble to get home to watch sports shows and fuck their neglected girlfriends. All in all, we both agree, it has been a massively successful day.


How many movies have you made before this?

Just American Girls for Sin City, in the past, then I came back out to make Barely 18 Volume 8 and 9, and today, number 11.

So you’re back out of retirement then?

Absolutely. I am back and ready to make some hardcore porn.

Tell me about Barely 18 Volume 11.

I wanted the girls to be more of the aggressors in this volume, so I have them doing what they do best and taking advantage of the guys. They didn’t have any trouble with it all. I want to revamp the series a little to make the vignettes not just thematic, but also a little more interconnected.

Did that happen today?

Absolutely. We had the maid in the bathroom connecting to the pool man and the gardener. It’s coming together.

What was the funniest thing that happened today?

The dialogue is funny as hell. I mean when you have the girls throwing out the guys it’s bound to be some good stuff.

Did you write this movie?

Yes I did. I know it is not much, just some connecting dialogue, but I thought it was good and I think the viewer at home will appreciate it. I try to keep the dialogue tight so that it facilitates the fantasy and doesn’t distract from why they want to see this movie in the first place.

That is awfully kind of you.


What do you think was the best scene overall?

The scene with Sasha and Nikki Lauren. It was her first ever boy girl scene on film and she just did a fantastic job. It is hard to know how girls are going to react to doing it the first time on camera. Some freeze up. Not Nikki. With her it was like the camera wasn’t even there. She sucked and fucked with total abandon. I am glad we got to shoot her because she is a natural and I expect that she will do very well from this point out. Very well.

What is different about your style of directing? What sets you apart from the rest?

The sex, really. It’s somewhere between feature sex and hardcore gonzo sex. It’s not sex with your wife but it’s not sex with your girlfriend either. It’s like sex with a girl you just met at a club. You really want to impress her but you don’t want to scare her off. That is what I shoot for, club sex.

What is next?

Probably more of the 18 line for Sin City Teen. I like the girls, especially when they are new because there are no ego’s involved. They just are so open and honest and ready to fuck and cum and please you. It’s a great job.


Look for Christian Knight’s Barely 18 Volume 11 in stores soon!


Sin City can be accessed through a visit to the main website http://www.sincity.com where you can find news, press releases, photos, and video on demand.

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