Bad Wives 2



107 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas
THEMES: Prison Sex, Anal Sex, Cheating
STARS: Raylene, Randy Spears, April, Kylie Ireland, Ava Vincent, Alec Metro, Ryan Connor, John Decker, Meriesa, Shelbee Myne, Herschel Savage, Angel Desirees, Jolene, Jason McCain, Casey, Eric Price, Sirena Scott, Real Good, Erik Everhard, Bobby Vitale
A few years ago, when the Paul Thomas’ Bad Wives came out, I was more than a little bit surprised at just how much I liked the movie. It had a very interesting story, great non-sex performances by the leads and best of all, sex that was a few steps above the usual feature. According to the box, the original is “Adult’s most awarded film” and that’s going to be pretty tough to top. This one made it into my VCR as part of an attempt to catch up with the stuff AVN deemed worthy of nomination this year. More importantly, I wonder if Bad Wives 2 can impress me as much the original. Raylene and April have taken over the lead roles. If they can act and fuck as well as Dyanna Lauren and Melissa Hill did a few years ago, then we’ll be in for a fun two hours.
Raylene starts things off with a voice over telling us how she went from a world controlled by men to a world controlled by women. Not only is she no better off, but she offers us this pearl of wisdom, “women are bad.” Well duh, anyone who has ever been to a post Thanksgiving Day sale can tell you that. Apparently women are also quite fond of the taste of pussy. After a ten second lead in, the steamy locker room full of naked babes explodes into an all girl orgy. Women may be bad, but they look good, especially when they are shoving fake cocks into each other.
As it turns out, Raylene and her girlfriend April are in prison. (Which explains all the strap on dildos.) They are up before the parole board and Raylene is worried that April’s behavior is going to put their chances of freedom in jeopardy. They in for some sort of brutal crime against their husbands which naturally makes them heroes behind bars. Ryan Connor gets moved into their cell and an already tangled web gets even stickier. Ryan considers the two women heroes for what they did and adds to the tension between them. This leads to a little late night labe lapping between April and Ryan. (For those counting, we’re nearly 30 minutes into the movie and we’ve had only veggie and solo action so far.) When Raylene joins in, strange things start happening. Ryan turns into Randy Spears and starts pounding away on her pussy. After about two minutes, he shoots his load on her tits. Things are about to get interesting.
Ryan isn’t just your garden variety convict. She gets them out of prison and apparently erases their entire incarceration. (Trust me, it makes more sense when you watch it.) Things get more than a little surreal as Randy Spears leads the girls through some naughty sexual fantasies. Eric Price, Erik Everhard and Bobby Vitale surround Raylene and enjoy her hot little mouth in a blowjob circle. Eventually April gets down and joins in. Hey, this is some pretty hot stuff as the two pretty women get nice and dirty with their fantasy guys. April does a little one on one with Bobby while Raylene moans loudly around Everhard’s cock each time Price slams his hips against her ass. Spears gets into the mix so that both women now have two dicks to play with. There is some morphing that brings Ryan into the action as well. This may just be to give the guys a second ass to fuck in addition to Raylene’s. For the capper, all four guys jerk off onto Raylene’s tits.
Spears leads them back to the homes they left to show the girls that they have been replaced. April’s husband, Alec Metro, is getting chummy with his new plaything, Kylie Ireland. They aren’t allowed to fuck before the wedding, so everyone watches as they do a little mutual masturbation. This is a great tease scene with Kylie talking dirty and fucking both of her holes with a big toy. After she gets herself off. Kylie takes a big load in her mouth and on her tits. Nice little twist on the usual sex scene.
Raylene’s man, John Decker, is a little more public in his affections. He has sexy little Ava Vincent in a bowling alley, teasing in her shirt skirt. Since there is no one else in the place, John puts her on her knees for some fun. Our mystical trio arrive in time to see him laying the wood to the lovely blonde. Great standing doggy here as her pretty little titties hanging out and her perfect ass on display. He lays her out on the ball return, fucks her hard and shoots it all over her wide open mouth. Ava looks great in this scene and adds a lot of heat to the movie.
April is more than willing to go along with Spears’ plans for vengeance, but Raylene is a bit hesitant. (She can see that he’s, shall we say, less than divine.) Putting his plan into motion, April shows up to befriend Kylie, bringing with her all the knowledge she needs to tempt and destroy the bride to be. It’s not that tough. All it takes is a an ex-boyfriend (Wait, Herschel Savage went to college with Kylie? With her mom maybe.) and she’s melting. They have a special relationship and what Kylie wants is for Herschel to watch as she services his aide. (Jason McCain) In no time at all this cock teasing ex sorority princess is on her knees sucking off her old flame and his young friend. To make things really fun, April uses a cell phone to make sure Alec hears them going at it and even gives him the location. While he’s rushing over, Kylie is going crazy for both cocks, taking them in her shaved pussy and tight asshole. There is some great RCA before she takes two loads at once. I guess there won’t be a white wedding this time around.
Decker shows up at the same hotel room looking for Alec. Instead, Ryan Connor is there, ready to get naked and give him a great time. I guess we all know where this one is going. While we wait for Ava to show up, we get to watch Ryan do her best to swallow his cock. Quick on the trigger, Decker shoots all over her face just in time for Ava to show up.
The plot move on, with some twists that I won’t give away. The movie ends with a scene between Raylene and Randy. It’s a bit fast paced, but with great energy as she sucks to beat the devil. (Quite literally.) When given the chance, this woman fucks with a ton of enthusiasm and looks great. Thankfully, this is one of those scenes and they burn it up.
It takes a little while for this one to get going, but once it finds a stride, Bad Wives 2 is a pretty good feature. Raylene and Spears do a very good job with their dialog and it works more often than not. Sexually, it’s Kylie Ireland who really turns in the hot scenes. Her three way is one of the best scenes I’ve seen her do in a long time. Raylene also has a number of sexual highlights and proves that feature sex can be hot when it’s done right. I don’t always agree with AVN nominations, but this one deserves a shot as one of the best features of the year.

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