Adventures Of Mammaryman And Jugg Woman




132 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Thomas Zupko

Extreme Associates

THEMES: Big Tits, Comic Book, Anal Sex




STARS: Brian Surewood, Veronica Caine, Kikki Encina, Hunter Scott, Corinna Curves, Shay Sights, Mr, Pete, Dick Nasty, Claudio, Angel.


Those of you who know who Thomas Zupko is may be a little confused if you see this box in the local smut shop. Is that Brian Surewood with huge rubber tits on the cover? Is this really a comic book style movie from a guy known for dark, twisted tales of lust and debauchery? The answer to all of these questions is yes. In a recent interview, Zupko talked a little bit about this change of pace. He said that he needed a change of pace after Shades of Hades and the idea of Surewood with huge tits was just too good to pass up. So, those of you expecting to nuns tied up and tortured or flags desecrated may want to put this one back. On the other hand, those of you who are looking for a comic book style porn about huge breasted women and evil henchmen who would deprive the citizenry of the world their daily calcium, enjoy the ride.

The basic story is that the forces of evil are attacking the milk supply in Breastopolis. The only people who can help are Mammaryman (Surewood in a suit that includes the aforementioned huge boobs) and Jugg Woman. (Veronica Caine, who has big tits of her own.) To show us what Mman can do, we see him take out a thug dressed as Santa on the street. (Complete with 60’s Batman-like “Pow” and “Bam” graphics.) The woman he saves, Hunter Skott, is very grateful and gives herself to him. You know, the last time I reviewed Hunter. I didn’t like her tattoos, but when the camera moves behind her, I discovered something. This woman who looks a lot like Bridgette Monroe, actually is. I always loved Bridgette and even with the overdone back ink, she looks hot sucking dick. She makes sure that Mman’s cock gets the full treatment. After a hot blowjob, he gets to fuck her big tits. Hunter’s pussy still looks great even if her tits do need a refill. After letting her ride for a while, Surewood flips her over and shoves his cock up her ass. She has learned to take it up the really well and let’s her long legs buck all over the place as her pooper gets packed. Great piledriver in this scene. Hunter gets back on her knees and sucks him until he explodes all over her face. She takes the facial and rubs it into her smiling mug. .

The plans of the very evil Kiki Encina and Claudio (In true comic book villain identities) are to rid the world of milky goodness. Just talking about their plans makes them hot and the masked Kiki goes down on the cheese headed Claudio. She’s also sporting quite a rack, so he gives her a little cleavage fuck as well. It’s nice to see that even evil wenches know how to shave their slits so we get a great view as Claudio sticks his cheesy dick into her milk fed bod. You would think that with hot chicks to fuck, Mr. Cheese would be more than happy to bone all day instead of taking down society. Oh well, different people have different priorities. Kikki has nice legs and really uses them when she’s squat fucking him. From her side, she is able to open her ass for some deep anal. They may want to keep the milk from the people, but Kiki certainly loves to take cream on her face.

Veronica Caine takes notes from the police Commissioner as he spells out the plans in great detail. Commissioner Bore-dom, played by Extreme web master, Wander Wang, knows a lot about the plans, but we need to hear all this in order to get the incredible depth of the plot. Caine also plays Jugg Woman, Mman’s sidekick. She has a thing for her boss, but he needs bigger jugs to make him happy.

Part of the plan to deprive the city of breast milk involves Dick Nasty seducing the milk maidens and draining them. (A plan the depends on Dick’s seduction skills? Who thought of that, the guy who green lighted “Emeril”?) He does manage to bag Corina Curves and her massive jugs. I guess working all day as a human dairy cow leaves a girl lonely and she really just wants to find someone she can connect with. That, or some guy who will her suck his cock. Corina isn’t all the pretty, but I guess fans of huge tits are looking below her shoulders to get their kicks. After a very long tit fuck, he bends her over, fucks her pussy and her ass. I know this is a big tit movie, but unlike some of the other women, this chick has no appeal beyond her oversized fake jugs. After getting creamed, she gets drained of her milk.

Mammary Man and Jugg Woman are on the case, but first, Mman has to refuel and he finds plenty of inspiration between the inflated boobs of Shay Sights. Shay gets down and shows her appreciation by taking Brian’s cock to the root over and over again. When she mounts his cock and bounces, we get to see her jugs jiggling even if our hero only sees her back. When Shay is fucking like this, she looks a little like Jasmine St. Claire and she even takes it in the butt like her. After the RCA, she spins around but the best anal footage comes when Shay takes it from behind, rubbing her clit while Brian bangs it home. After servicing him with her ass, Shay strokes a big load onto her face, getting a milk treatment of her own.

Jugg Woman has to try and turn one of the bad guys, Chris Cancer, (Played by Mr. Pete) to switch sides. He isn’t hard to turn, but she has to get down and use her super powers to suck him over to their side. Veronica is more than happy to show him all she’s got. Those of you who really like the comic book angle will love her costume and the way this scene is shot. She keeps on her booths as she get fucked. Jwoman may not have the big boobs that the milk maids do, but she has a super tight ass and uses it to please him. Great RCA action here as she bounces up and down his cock. With an ass this ready and willing who needs big tits? By the time he shoots all over her face, I’d say that the good guys have found a new way to get the information they need.

The movie ends with a comic book style brawl and a cliff hanger of an ending, hinting that we may be seeing more of Surewood and Caine in these costumes. Without question, this is a change of pace for Zupko and Extreme. The idea of a comic book porn series is probably long overdue and this one is a pretty good way to start. Surewood is creepy, but he’s always creepy and he is really funny in the title roll. Veronica Caine turns in a good performance as well and will play the side kick perfectly. Some of the other girls aren’t exactly top notch, but are chosen for their huge racks. Shay isn’t bad in this movie and Hunter Skott is actually really hot. (Beyond her boobs which aren’t looking so great.) There is a lot of potential here and more than a few laughs to go along with good sex. A better cast is about all this needs to be a really great movie for comic book and costume lovers everywhere.

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