Service Animals 4



140 Mins
DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera
Evil Angel
THEMES: New Girls, Wrestling
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Hannah Harper, Jenna Haze, Danni Slam, Marie Silva, Linzie, Kaylynn, Sophie Evans
Ever since I interviewed Jenna Haze and heard her talk about her first experience on a porn set, for Joey Silvera, I have wanted to check the movie out. Thanks to someone showing the interview to Joey, this is going to happen a lot sooner than I had thought. He read the interview and was kind enough to get me a copy and that tape found my VCR faster than porn mavens can swarm a hot young babe. Obviously, I’m watching this for Jenna first and foremost, but it also has Hannah Harper and some other cute babes on the cover. Besides, Joey is always good for a laugh along with the hot sex and that’s a good thing in my book.
Blonde British teenager Hannah Harper kicks things off with a short interview. Actually, sits in a chair, with her skirt hiked up and her blouse undone, reading aloud. She drifts off to sleep and Marc Davis wakes her up and needs to punish her. He moves slowly, kissing and spanking her before putting her on her knees. Hannah has her mouth open and takes cock as deeply as she can. She’s a fresh faced girl with medium sized (enhanced) boobs and fantastic skin. Davis has her do a little dirty talk that is a wonderful contrast to her innocent looks. When he’s ready to go, Marc leads her into the other room. I really like the way Joey shoots scenes that show the women from head to toe. In the other room, Hannah has to take care of another guy who was sitting there waiting. The plaid clad blonde kneels between the two guys and takes turns trying to swallow their swollen members. This would make an awesome popshot, but the guys want to get up inside that tight little body first. Marc bends her over and just abuses her snug little ass. To show what a perfect little service animal she is, Hannah deep throats him right out of her butt. After doing a little A2M merry-go-round, they let her lie flat on her back, legs pulled up for a great view and then take turns cramming her colon. After a fantastic anal scene, she gets to work jerking then off. Hannah wears two big loads on her pretty, smiling face and we’re off to a great start.
Jenna Haze is next and she poses in her bikini on the side of a busy street. You get a really good idea of her personality just watching her show off. She has a great personality and loves to flirt. That comes through in Joey’s backyard as well. Nice bikini shots, but inside, she’s all ready to go. The guy she’s with has her squirming and creaming as he fingers her twat and licks that perfect little butt. Jenna has this sweet little voice and a total cock tease way of talking to the camera. On her knees, she takes this big fat cock and starts working it over. Her hands alternate between his shaft, her tits, her pussy and behind her back like a submissive little teen tease. She looks perfect like that, natural, no tats, smiles and a very talented mouth. I could watch her suck all day, she has some fucking to do. Thankfully, she looks just as cute this way, grinding her hips and showing off those perfect little titties. When she starts riding his dick, we get a chance to see that her butt is every bit as breathtaking as the rest of her bod. Someone gets the bright idea to stick a toy in her ass while fingers penetrate her pussy. Anal may not be her strong suit at this point, but pretty Jenna manages to take this guy’s load on her face in spite his complete spas dance when he pops. This is the beginning of a very promising career.
Marie Silva and Danni Slam start out the next scene by rubbing oil all over each other. They end up in a little domestic squabble that you know is going to turn into some crotch scorching veggie sex. Their verbal fighting may not be that convincing, but the topless wrestling they do in front of TT Boy is bound to make you want to jump right in. The girls actually look quite a bit alike, so it’s almost like TT gets to step in and bang sisters. I like Danni a lot, but Marie isn’t bad looking and both women take all the pounding TT can dish out. Even in the fucking category, I give the slight edge to Danni. She has a huge smile on her face while TT tries to fuck her uterus up through her mouth. Both women take a short ass fucking before sharing a facial and greedily licking every drop from his shaft an off each other’s lips.
The very sexy Kaylynn stops by with her blonde pal Linzie. She is going to give porn a try and we are lucky enough to see if she can pass the test. Kaylynn undresses her and we get a full body exam. When looking isn’t good enough, she starts tasting her cute pal and then along comes Brandon Iron. His cock slips between her lips as Kaylynn is busy sucking on Linzie’s pert nipples. That’s an awfully big cock for a first time girl, but give Linzie big points for being a willing rookie. They get a little carried away with the drool as he repeatedly makes her gag until the pre-puke is puddleing on the floor. Not one to be left out, Kaylynn gets down and does some sucking as well. I like the new girl, but she just doesn’t have that totally fuckable quality like Kaylynn does. (Don’t get me wrong, Linzie is hot, but Kaylynn is special.) They finally get around to fucking and Linzie proves able to take big dick in her tight box. She has a little belly on her and natural, responsive tits that make her quite appealing. Joey steps in to test out the new girl and we get some close up shots of her big, round ass as she rides him. He pops her ass and then unloads on her smooth skin. Brandon shoots his on the same spot. No doubt Linzie is going to get plenty of more work.
Sophie Evans is already one of the hottest sluts in porn, but I’m always up for watching her do more. She gets tied up with phone cord and has to struggle across the floor to get her lips around a hard cock. (Hey, you have to love a girl with this kind of grit and determination.) She sucks cock with a sexy desperation and once again, the scene is shot so that her stunning body is nicely displayed. He sticks it into her pussy, but the best shots come when she rides his rod, shoving her ass out and letting the whole world see this perfect posterior. Eventually, he gets around to plugging that perfect ass and Sophie proves again that she’s more than just a piece of eye candy. He ties her back up and shoot all over her face.
As an added bonus we get a really short blowjob from Jenna. She blows Joey in the bathroom, proving once again that it’s damn good to be the director. The first two scenes in this movie are my favorites, but nothing after these two should be missed either. Hannah’s two on one was very hot and this girl is ready for more. Jenna comes across as a total nympho, a hot teasing teen babe who knows how to follow through. I would be very surprised if she didn’t rocket up the chart of a lot of porn fans’ charts. Kaylynn is always hot and brings a real cutie with her for added bonus points. I liked Danni an awful lot as well and have her named tacked up over the computer to look for in other movies. Hell, with all these hot babes, I didn’t even get to Sophie and she’s always worth a tumble. In short, Silvera shoots sex really well, has a great cast in with this volume of Service Animals delivers the goods for smut lovers everywhere.

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