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Hello to all of you. For those of you tuning in looking for a reaction to the President’s speech or Michael Moore’s win at Cannes, I am sorry to disappoint. Fear not though, you can turn to other sites for lemming links for predictable reactions. I was a little busy with Mrs. Rog in Anaheim at the Prince concert, so you will have to make due with some actual porn news and a recap of the show. In addition to a little concert review, there are some porn stories I want to cover. You can read the details in the press releases, but just in case you want to read something written by me I’ll summarize a few stories. Fear not, you can always get your left-wing whack-o marching orders from another site.

Guy Capo has signed with a new company. Any guesses? No fair if you already read the press release, and if you haven’t then I’ll bet you didn’t guess he would end up at DVSX. He joins a collection of great directors, but also finds himself shooting for a company that isn’t known for the kind of experimental stuff that Capo shoots. It should be a very interesting combination, and we’ll see how DVSX uses Capo’s talents.

After a quarter-century of music, Prince is still able to keep an audience on their feet with new material. He opened the show (45 minutes late) with the first track from his latest CD “Musicology,” and had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the first note. Making a medley of some of his bigger hits from back in the day, Prince was able to cram a whole lot of music into a short amount of time.

While Michael Moore was collecting his award in Cannes, the real highlight was Digital Playground’s Jesse Jane. She wowed the photographers while promoting her web site, DP’s movies and their new line of toys. Hey, I was supposed to get to do a side by side with the Jesse Jane fake pussy and the real thing.

In addition to the great show on stage, we were treated to a whole lot of fun thanks to the four women in front of us. All of them were thirty-somethings and married we think. They clearly don’t get out much and couldn’t seem to hold their alcohol very well. All quite drunk, the women danced with each other, fell over several times and spent a good portion of the show grinding on or making out with each other. That part was fine of course. There is nothing quite as fun as watching women doing things they will deny or regret at work the next day. The only problem came when one of the women finally fell over one too many times and sent her dinner as well as several cocktails back up her throat and all over the floor in front of me. Not only did the lesbian kissing stop when the woman was removed, but she left many of us with a lasting smell to remind us of her. Thanks lady. Too bad I didn’t have a video camera to capture your girl-on-girl make out session and post it on the site for all to see.

Shane’s World has a new release that is perfect for this time of year. Surfer Girls is a typical SW adventure with four girls taking a trip to Hawaii where they pick up guys and jerk/suck them off. Brittney Skye, Katie Gold, Nadia and Teagan are the girls, and trust me when I tell you that the action is fucking hot. Look for a review later today or in the morning, but if you are on your way to the video store, pick it up if you like bikini chicks or just want to see the awesome Teagan in action.

After an acoustic set by himself, Prince welcomed the band back for a final forty-five minutes and brought the house down with some great tunes. Few performers can mix their own hits with covers of Led Zep’s “Whole Lotta Love” and “Soul Man” without it sounding weird. Prince did so masterfully. His band is tight, his stage presence impeccable and his voice is holding up nicely. Wrapping up with a ten-minute encore version of “Purple Rain,” Prince left the stage with to a thunderous standing ovation. He proved that great performers can be great musicians and that unlike some icons…ahem, Madonna, cough, true artists can stay cool, sexy and relevant for a very long time.

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