Shane’s World 28




99 Mins



THEMES: Outdoor Sex




STARS: Alana Evans, Violet, Luna, Brittany, Brie, Steve, Chris, Mario


I don’t want to get my hopes up, but Alana Evans seems to be popping up in a few of the Shane’s World adventures. She’s been one of my favorites for a long time and knows how to have a great time on a set. That makes her the perfect ringleader for this horny band of porn partiers. There are some cute looking new babes in the case, so maybe Alana can take them under her wing and teach them how to be as hot on camera as she is. This time, we start out with short interviews with some of the cast members. Not only does this help with the Ids, but it gives us a little insight into how they feel about each other. (It also sets up a little bit of ‘Real World interplay.)

After a day of fun at the beach, the first six cast members hit the hot tub and things progress rather quickly. Violet Blue, who is very cute, takes one of the guys into the house and slips into a 69 with the lucky guy. He’s got a pretty big cock, but she just grabs it in her fist and strokes it up into her pretty mouth. All that mutual oral sex has her pussy just dripping and ready to be taken from behind. I really like the way this cutie looks in doggie, but he needs a break so Violet gets on top and faces the camera while she grinds her pussy on his pole. Even though the positions in this scene are perfect for the camera, there is a natural feel to the action which is a nice change. He rolls her onto her back and explodes all over her flat belly.

Alana and Chris decide to show Luna the joys of outdoor sex. Finding a rock at the edge of the stream and get busy. After nearly skipping the double blowjob altogether, Chris sits on the rock and lets his new friend grind her pussy back against his hard cock. Thankfully, Alana is right there when Luna slips off to taste their juices. She stroks his cock right into her mouth, giving him a look that is bound to make any guy bust a big nut right between her waiting lips. It takes him a while, but that’s just what Chris does. He launches a big load of cum right in her mouth and then watches as they share his load with a hot swapping kiss.

Back at the house, Brittany and Brie double team Mario. Is it me, or is Brit about four months pregnant? I don’t remember that belly or her nipples being that dark before. Regardless, she takes the lead here, sucking Mario’s cock until it’s fully hard and ready to penetrate some willing pussy. After slipping into a 69, Brit steps aside to let Brie take it from behind. While he’s pumping, Brittany gives a helping hand, stroking Brie’s clit and grabbing Mario’s sack. This teamwork earns her a turn on her back. Mario pounds that big cock into her shaved slit hard enough to make her feel it in her teeth. When the girls swtich, Brie shows great energy, riding Mario like he’s her last fuck before a twenty year stretch in chick prison. Both girls use him as their personal fuck toy, grinding on his cock until it’s finally ready to explode. At last Mario shoots his load all over Brittany’s back.

Violet gets lonely, so she calls her boyfriend up to fill her emotional needs. Actually, I think it’s other things that really need to be filled. After a bath, they hit the bed where a quick 69 leads to a spirited round of missionary sex. More vocal this time around, Violet shows off her tight little body and even tighter pookie. He pounds away on her from behind before holding her ass open as she rides him to a sticky shot on her well shaped buns.

I guess he’s in for the long haul because the next day, after a volleyball game, Steve is back in bed, this time letting Brie suck on his cock. I would guess this girl had to hone her cock sucking skills to get dates and all that hard work has paid off. After working her lips, she is guided onto his dick for a decent looking ride, with her big round ass taking center stage. They roll over for a very long mish fuck that pretty much shows his ass for way too long. He finishes the scene by shooting a load on her boobs and face.

We’ve got time for one more scene and who better to fill that time than Alana? At poolside she gets her lips around Mario’s big cock for a great looking blowjob. She loses her shorts to give him access to her pussy. Leaving her shoes and little pink t-shirt on, Alana urges him to fuck her harder and faster with that long pole. I don’t know about any of you, but I get the feeling Alana could have taken on the whole house full of guys and still be ready to fuck all night. They engage in a very high energy spoon fuck where her pussy gets slammed and we get great shots of her legs. Alana rolls over, straddling a deck chair and sticking her ass high in the air. No anal here, just some very nice looking doggy. He pulls out and pops on her tight little ass.

Adding Alana to the mix was a very good idea. She fits in with the Shane’s World movies quite nicely as a ringleader who is fun, comfortable in front of the camera and always hot in her sex scenes. Add Violet and you have another girl who just love what she does for a living. Fans of outdoor sex, fun and couples friendly, non-sappy vids will once again be highly entertained and aroused by this latest SW movie.

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