Asian Street Hookers 6


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97 Mins
Devil’s Films
THEMES: Asian Women, Hookers
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Tera Patrick, Charmaine, Joy, Milena,

Long before all of the big companies in porn lined up to offer Tera Patrick a huge contract, TT Boy was smart enough to nab her for this little line. I believe he actually shot her twice and gave her the full slam-fuck that he’s known for. I’m not a huge fan of his stuff, but once in a while he pulls it off. Certainly, as a fan of Asian chicks, I do like this series. (Though Devil’s Films is one of the companies who won’t send screeners so I don’t get all of them.) It has starred some of my favorite porn babes and this one ended up in my shopping cart because I was looking for a hot, well fucked Tera.
We don’t wait long for Tera since she leads things off. In the water, dressed only in her panties, the gorgeous girl gets interviewed by TT. His interview style could use some work, but it has to be hard to watch her play with her tits, hold the camera and still come up with good questions. Finally giving up, he sits on the edge of the pool and whips out his cock. Tera happily wraps her big, perfect tits around his cock and plants a kiss on his lips. (How romantic.) With the camera in tight to really capture the action, Tera starts working on his cock. Thankfully, her eyes lock on the lens for much of the blowjob, really bringing the head up quickly. With a little bit of tit fucking mixed in with the head, this is really a great poolside blowjob. Not bothering with any pussy licking (Hey, it’s a street hooker series) TT Bends her over and takes the cover model from behind. With the camera staying mostly on her face and tits for the first few minutes, it’s nice to see it eventually move around to her ass. The hardcore footage gets much better when she flips over. Now the camera can move in tight on her pussy as he drills her deep. The harder he pumps, the louder she gets. Even before she was a mega-star, Tera had the skills and watching her pretty face get plastered with cum is a ball busting experience to say the least. Not stopping at one pop, TT lifts her into his lap and keeps nailing that perfect pussy. After some very well shot fucking, he shoots another load on that beautiful face. This may be the only decent scene in the movie, but it’s a scorcher.
Milena is a twenty three year old from Hawaii who has a tough act to follow. She is a full blooded Japanese girl with a nice little body and a lovely lone mane of black hair. Nacho gets between her long thighs and fingers that shaved, tight slit. The thin girl doesn’t seem at all intimidated by his thick cock and does her best to shove it all into her mouth. Milena looks like a cross between Alex Dane, Kianna Bradley and Mia Smiles which is a pretty good thing in my book. She sucks hard, making her cheeks bow in as her mouth fills. Great oral here, especially if you like watching girls try to take big dicks. Speaking of taking big dicks, he stretches her quite wide when he begins fucking her from behind. Milena doesn’t show any ill effects from the super sized fucking, in fact, when she gets on top the tiny tart slams her hips all the way down to get every inch. After abusing her exposed pussy, Nacho leaves a big load on her open mouth. Hmmm, smells like pork, but tastes like sushi.
Joy is a punky looking chick with a stud through her lip and a short haircut. She must be at the low end of the talent totem pole because she has to work with Don Fernando. Shy to the point of appearing bored, Joy opens up a little when his hand drifts down below her skirt. He’s mumbling something creepy to her, but it’s hard to understand and I’m not sure I would want to anyway. Instead, I would rather watch her suck cock. That’s something she does pretty well, giving good eyesight as she moans around his hard rod. When she is done sucking him off, Joy swings a leg over his lap, exposing a pretty ample ass for a girl her size, and unenthusiastically starts to fuck Don. To be honest, this is a very low energy fuck scene. If you happen to like average looking Asian girls, then you might enjoy this. Or if you like girls who fuck like bored, passive sacks of flesh, whack away. The look on her face when he shoots his load is probably really familiar to old fucks who bang young girls. It’s a combination of distain and total disrespect. This scene is as exciting as watching an ant trail.
TT is out cruising the streets when he finds Charmaine. Apparently they have a history because she seems to know him. They agree on a price, head back to his place and the fun begins. After a very long kiss, she gets down and starts sucking his cock. Unlike the last scene, Charmaine knows exactly what she’s doing and actually seems to like the guy she’s fucking. He lifts her skirt and spreads her across his body, opening Charmaine up for the camera as he pumps up into her slit. I really like her body, especially the small, real tits with those pert nipples. Her pussy isn’t half bad either and TT certainly gets his money’s worth banging the hell out of that juicy little morsel. He works up his speed until he’s ramming her from behind and full force. When he’s had his fill, TT moves around to the front, makes her taste her own juices and then moves back around to nail her pretty backside. Charmaine takes his full length into her ass, really working for that fifty bucks she’s going to make. After wearing big load on her face, she licks the last few drops as they come out of his cock.
Obviously the one reason to watch this movie is to see Tera get fucked hard by TT Boy. Her scene doesn’t disappoint and since it’s at the start of the movie, you can always watch it, then skip the rest of the movie. The other scenes aren’t bad, especially the last one with Charmaine. Fans of Asian women and of this series will enjoy the four women, but it’s Tera’s star power and the chance to see her just get slam fucked that really pushes this one.

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