Extreme Teen 18



87 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Nic Cramer
THEMES: Fantasy
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Dru Berrymore, Julie Meadows, Dolly Golden, Miko, Gino Greco, Lee Stone, Rafe, John Strong
These days I’m not sure what kind of movie it’s going to be when I see Nic Cramer’s name on a vid. It used to be a sure bet that we were in for a big budget feature, but he has been shooting some very high quality MTV-style porn vignettes of late so it’s a toss up. Regardless of the style, we are sure to see some well shot action. Cramer puts a lot of time and effort into framing each shot and making sure that the production values are tight. Will there be enough hot sex to go with the high quality? That’s the question we’re going to try and answer, right about now.
We open on a stylishly lit set, complete with fake smoke and blonde Euro-slut Dru Berrymore being eaten by an eager partner. Nice lighting here if you’re speaking from a strictly artistic point of view. I prefer to actually see the girl sucking the dick a little more than we do here, but that’s just me. There is some good action here and Dru is always very energetic. There is a figure in the shadows watching as she bounces her hips up and down on this guy’s cock, finally taking a load on her face. Without the shadows, this would have been an awesome jerk-off scene. Instead, it’s a nicely lit piece with decent sexual heat.
The story kicks off with Gino Greco bringing home a TV. He is upset because his two brothers have been left a yacht and a Ferrari while he got stuck with a crappy television set. What he doesn?t know is that the set has special powers. It quite literally brings the action into his living room. You can imagine the kind of fun that opens up. I’m not sure if the next scene is supposed to be a Soprano’s type show, but it has Julie Meadows looking very professional as John Strong lies on a couch next to her. She gets a little overheated and spreads those long beautiful legs to let him know that it’s time to enjoy perfection. After Julie strips to her stockings, she undresses John and gets to work on his stiff prick. Toying with him at first, Julie teases the head, only going to the base every once in a while. Clearly she could swallow him whole, but she’s holding back, wanting that cock inside of her. She faces the camera and mounts him, bouncing up and down and showing off her lovely love slit. Julie spends most of the scene on her back, with her legs over his back and her sweet voice cooing with pleasure. John pulls out and leaves his load between her new boobs.
I guess Julie is a real shrink and makes a house call to see if she sees the same shit coming out of the TV as Gino. Of course it doesn’t work when anyone else is watching, but the doc does leave him with some good advice. She tells him to use the situation to his advantage and that’s just what Gino does. He gets all ready for a hot date then turns on the TV. Before you can say ‘spray per view’ Doll Golden comes out of the set and attacks him. The top heavy blonde fishes his prick from his pants and starts sucking for all she is worth. Since I’m not all that into Dolly, naturally things are lit normally, allowing for the sex to take center stage. (Sure, we couldn’t have seen this in the Dru scene.) She faces the camera and does a nice bit of grinding on his thick cock before bending over and letting him to the driving. She does a nice job of licking the cum from the tip of his cock after Gino blows his load all over her boobs.
Gino tells Julie about his ‘date’ the next time they have a session and she suggest he go rent some pornos to see if it works with them. Apparently he gets obsessed because while he is frantically circling things in the TV Guide, Julie can’t get in touch with him. She comes by the house, sees the set on and takes a trip through the tube herself. On the other side, she enters a smoke filled room where Lee Stone sits waiting. After she strips, he tosses her down and starts licking that pretty pussy. Julie really is great to look at from head to toe. She also knows how to work a dick for the camera. With great eye contact, good tease and by using her whole body as she sucks, Julie is the complete blowjob package. When she mounts him, we get a very nice shot of her ass, which of course is just about perfect. The best footage comes with Julie on her side, one leg high in the air for all of us to enjoy. She moves her face down to his big cock to take the full load on her closed lips.
Now that the doc is convinced, there is no reason for Gino to do anything but stay home and watch TV all day. He joins Miko Lee on a pool table and takes full advantage of her outstanding curves. Give her credit for taking his cock nearly to the root with her super skilled mouth. Great eye contact as she delivers a high energy blowjob. Gino puts her up on the table and takes advantage of her puffy, shaved box. As always, Miko puts on a great show, taking cock from every angle and taking a big load of cum on her pretty face.
As a fantasy piece, this one is pretty cool. I’m sure we would all love to a TV like this. Popping our favorite Baywatch bimbo into our lap or playing a few sets with Anna Kournikova before jumping into the fray with Britney or Mariah. Some of the scenes have lighting that is really well done, but not always best for the raincoat crowd. Personally I’m conflicted by this since I appreciate that skill it takes to light things that way, but I really want to see Julie and Dru with as much light as possible. Meadows and Miko Lee add just enough sexual heat to this nicely done movie for me to like it. It’s still couples stuff-light, but Julie is sexy eye candy enough for me.


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