Sex Fun 7


90 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Dave Cummings
Dave Cumming Productions
THEMES: Older Guys, Older Women, Outdoor Sex
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Kellyfire, Justine Romee, Shanna McCullough, Sierra, Katya, Lauryl Canyon, Candy Apples, Kya
Dave Cummings has developed a very familiar pattern and style to his movies. Proving that an older guy, and more importantly a nice guy can make young porn chicks cream, he has made the fun he has into the title of a line of videos. Sex is fun and in Sex Fun, Dave usually shows us just how much fun a guy can have with a hot chick and a camera. Quickly going over this cast list, it looks like Dave has put together scenes with the best babes he’s shot. Candy Apples is here, Laurel Canyon is here, Justine Romee here, so is Sierra as well as new babe Kellyfire. You know, this could just be Dave showing off a bit.
Kellyfire is the opening babe in this movie. She and Dave are coming home from lunch and she’s just not satisfied. He finds a secluded parking lot, stops the car and the semi-public fun begins. They are in tight quarters, but thanks to some creative camera work, we get to see the action. The horny girl from the Great White North can’t get enough of that after dinner meat stick. They need to rush home for some privacy and that Gives Dave full access to her eager pussy. Nice use of the mirrors for some cool camera angles, but mostly this is just a straight forward fuck scene with Kelly getting louder with each stroke. Check out the big smile on her face as Dave slams his dick up into her. He gives her a bit in the ass before dripping a small load of cum right into her mouth. I guess it’s true the Canadian beavers the most eager.
Lauryl Canyon had spent the night with Dave after a fight with her boyfriend. She wants to make sure that she thanks him properly and does so with her wonderful mouth. This hall of fame worthy cock sucker knows how to talk dirty and give great looking on screen head. (I wonder how old this scene is because if she’s still in the biz, I want to talk to this wonderfully dirty blonde again.) Her body is in great shape and she slides into a perfect 69 on top of Dave’s chest. When she starts fucking him, Lauryl moves her hips like she’s jerking him off with her pussy. Dude, that is some serious skill. The doggy looks great, but Dave wants to be on top so he can spill a very tiny load on to her pussy. (She must have fucked him nearly dry the night before.)
Kya Is a very cute girl who needs to use the bathroom. Dave lets her use his and is naturally rewarded for his kindness. Sure this only happens in porn, but any time a cute young girl wants to get down and suck some dick, the least we can do is pretend that it might happen in real life. This is one Dave’s shorter scenes which is kind of a shame because this girl looks good on camera and seems to be a rather good fuck. I don’t really like the huge tat across her back, but watching her ride dick is a treat for the eyes. Dave drops a load on her face then rubs it off on a rival running club’s T-shirt.
When Ktya finds some sex toys at Dave’s she gives them a try. Just as naturally, Dave slips his cock into her mouth as soon as she sees the blonde getting herself off. They hook up for a fuck scene that is so quick you better not blink or you’ll miss it. In five minutes flat, she’s wearing his load.
Rick Shaw’s birthday isn’t going very well. He finds out from his wife, Shanna McCullough, that she has to go out of town. Then he gets home and finds a note telling him that the toilet is broken. Just when it looks like things can’t get any worse, he turns around to find Justine Romee naked in his bathroom. She has a big surprise for the birthday boy and I’ll bet you can guess where it starts. With Justine working his cock, Rick doesn’t notice his wife come out of the closet for a hot double blowjob. With two experienced mouths working on his unit, it’s a wonder this guy doesn’t blow right out of the starting gate. Shanna takes over the oral while Justine rides his face, pulling her nipples out in a very sexy manner as she bucks and grinds. Though his wife gets the first fuck, Rick isn’t going to let his present slip away with out also fucking Justine’s hot little hole. Both women show good energy, but Justine is in a lot better shape in this scene, outshining the redhead in this three way. After a fine three way fuck, the girls stroke his load out into their mouths, treating him right and making him glad he made it through another year.
After a hot photo shoot, Sierra and Dave decide to finally finish what they have started. The hugely breasted black babe squats and starts sucking his cock until it throbs and shines. He gives her a bit of a tit fuck that could have been longer, but is still hot. Her hot and horny pussy awaits and Dave is up to the task, filling it with hard cock. When she starts riding, there is a whole lot of jiggle happening, especially with those monster mams. Dave even throws in a little slow motion of the jugs bouncing in his face. In doggy, she slides into her ass and just starts pumping away as hard as he can. Another good anal fuck ends with a load on her face. Sierra remains one of the most fun fucks in all of porn.
Finally we get another Dave favorite, Candy Apples. She is hurt that he hasn’t asked her to be in his new lines so Dave rectifies the situation as quickly as possible. They fine a mostly private location and get started. Candy is looking pretty good here, like she’s been working out and toning up. I still wish she didn?t have ink all over her boobs, but hey, she’s a hot fuck and that’s what matters. Finding a path, she gets down and starts delivering a very determined blowjob. Nice eye contact as she works her mouth all over his head and shaft. Not wasting any time, Dave bends her over and starts fucking her. If you like outdoor sex, this one is way out in the open, with Dave and Candy using the bushes for cover and really turning in a nice fuck before moving back to base camp. He is better able to eat her for a while and Candy can bounce harder on his dick. I just hope no one is going to be eating off that picnic table any time soon.
This looks like it could be a Sex Fun greatest hits video because Dave uses some of the best girls he’s ever shot to fill up the tape. Justine Romee and Shanna McCullough double up on a guy and show that experience does count for something. Laurel Canyon looks great and still knows how to make a cock stand up and dance. Candy Apples is hot and eager to please as always. Kellyfire is equally enthusiastic about her romp with the Sugardaddy. Sierra, as we expect, smiles and flirts her way through the scene like she’s having the time of her life. Sex Fun 7 is pretty well shot with a lot of enthusiasm. Fans of women with older men will get a kick out of this one. So will fans of chicks who are over twenty five. There are a few of them here and they show that they can fuck with the young ones just fine.

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