Whack Attack 10




120 Mins.


Extreme Associates

THEMES: Anal Sex




STARS: Samantha Stylle, Flick Shagwell, Alana, Daniella Rush, Summer Storm, Nadia Foster


After spending most of the afternoon reviewing pretentious art porn, I really needed something that got right to the heart of the matter. As if on cue, I get a box from Extreme with the newest Tom Byron movie in it. Tom doesn’t pretend he’s making epic films with deep social meaning for snobby critics. He makes smut movies with deep gaping assholes for real people who want real porn. The formula is very simple. Pretty girl, video camera, sexy dance and strip and then bring on the dick. Nothing fancy, just exactly what the audience is looking for. In this volume, Tom has an Ex-Extreme girl Alana back for fun. He’s also got Samantha Stylle, Flick Shagwell and Daniella Rush along so this should be a much more interesting few hours than I had earlier.

Flick Shagwell is a very friendly girl from the UK who has already made quite an impression on me with her trim bod, sexy smile and do-anything attitude. She stretches out on the bed and giggles a lot when she talks to Tom. He naturally wants to see her ass and it’s looking quite fuckable today. Starting with the puckered poophole, Tom licks and fingers Flick into a quick frenzy. She has a good mouth on her, slipping much of his cock past her lips with ease. After a short blowjob, she moves her mouth down to lick that ass as well. When her pale butt is bouncing up and down on his cock, Tom is quick to hold her cheeks open giving the camera an easy shot of her soon to be stuffed sphincter. From the same tight angle, we get the anal, watching this hard-core British prick pleaser slide her asshole up and down on his cock like she’s scratching a serious itch. He lets her rest a bit, on her back with one leg high in the air for easy cock and camera access. The best footage comes in the modified RCA position with her feet on his thighs. (Crab? Bad name for a sexual position. Maybe Spider?) To cap things off Flick turns her head to the side, holds her mouth open and takes a big load all over her face. Great way to open a movie.

Nadia Foster is a decent looking girl with a pretty nice ass that moves invitingly as she dances her way through the pre-scene tease. Luciano can’t keep his hands off that ass or his fingers out of it. He pulls her on top of him for some 69, but moves her onto her knees for the real fun. Nadia takes deep strokes in her pussy and shows great energy. Hard sex just gets this chick off and that always makes for a better scene. His cock slips easily into her ass and the only thing that changes is the volume of her pleasure moans. Looch blasts her ass with everything he’s got, even slapping those soft cheeks and trying to get a gape from Nadia. She takes a good facial, even licking up the left over from the inside of his thigh.

Daniella Rush is the prettiest girl so far with a very nice body, perfect, real tits and beautiful eyes. She’s got Dillon Day to play with (Why did he shave his head?) and is ready to get down and dirty. She spreads her long legs and Dillon gives that shiny head right in there to lick her equally pruned pussy lips. Those great eyes I mentioned above come into play when she is down on her knees, looking up into the camera as his cock hits the back of her throat. After a nice, long blowjob, she hops into his lap and starts riding, bouncing her small, round cheeks in his lap. Since her ass is center stage anyway, she goes right after the booty, drilling the pretty Euro-babe from behind. She looks fantastic in RCE, with her juicy pussy just dying for a second cock. Staying professional, Tom doesn’t toss the camera down and fuck her, but chooses to sit back and film the action as she packs her colon with every hard drop of her hips. He rewards all that hard work by dropping a big load all over her face. So far, this one edges out Flick for top honors.

Summer Storm is a pretty good looking blonde with thick thighs and some body ink on her pale skin. (Names written anywhere on the body are just not a good thing.) No interview for this girl, she just gets right down to the cocksucking. From the looks of things, she’s pretty good with a dick in her mouth and Looch sure acts impressed. With another good blowjob down, it’s time for the close up of her buns as she rides cock. That ink is getting in the way a bit, even though they try to hide it with her clothes. Summer can’t compete with some of the other girls on sheer beauty or glutial perfection, but she’s a loud little fuck with tats and a nipple ring to thrill the crowd that loves to see girls like this get blasted in the back door. After a good hard ride, she slips off, sucks his cock straight out of her ass then bends over to let him finish her off. By the time Luciano is finished with this chick she won’t be able to sit down for a week. Of course, she may be tasting cum for that long after he shots it in her mouth and up her nose.

For the finale Tom has two of my very favorite girls, Alana Evans and Samantha Stylle ready for a hot double team. They are sprawled out playing with each other when Tom starts to interview them. Since Alana hasn’t had a dick in her ass for a while, Samantha starts out by tonguing that butt before they share Byron’s cock. These two ladies both know how to use their mouths to light up a scene so Tom just sits back for a round of dueling blowjobs. When Sammy starts licking Tom’s asshole, Alana slides on top for some 69 that includes her ass being stretched with intense finger play. To keep the anal stimulation going, Sammy licks Alana’s ass while the blonde rides Tom’s cock. That kind of team spirit earns her the first fuck in her own butt. Just getting it in the ass isn’t enough for the sexy girl, she needs to talk dirty and finally climax with the cock in her ass for it to really be a good time. Once Tom has let her cum, he puts Samantha flat on her belly and really enjoys stretching her hot colon. Alana is next and she takes to assfucking with all the enthusiasm that has made her a popular prick pleaser. Sammy stays in close so she can get a taste of that ass flavored cock from time to time. He has to be careful when he shoots his load so that these two cum hungry girls don’t get too jealous of each other. Nice facial with some hot cum swapping at the end. Save the best for last, team them up and keep them for yourself, yeah, sometimes it’s good to be the Icon.

After spending two hours watching a pretentious bit of art-porn that I know is going to win a shit-load of awards, this is just what I needed to restore my faith in pornography. It’s simple, without a plot that we have to pretend to follow. It’s well shot, without a lot of digital effects, strobe lights and annoying slow motion footage. Best of all, it’s sexually hot. That’s right a porn flick that is actually meant to be watched while spanking the monkey. (Or waxing the wife if you prefer.) With a great final three way between Byron, Alana and Samantha, this tape is worth watching just for the finale. Two other scenes are also worth nothing. Flick Shagwell is impressive again, making me want to sit down and interview this sexy little beast. Daniella Rush is great looking and turns in one of her better scenes. I like this movie a lot, especially the three scenes I mentioned, but I like it even more after sitting through the crap I just watched. Maybe Tom Byron can give James Avalon lessons on how to make movies

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