California Sex Patrol


90 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Kim Chambers & Scott Styles
Jill Kelly Productions/Team Shag
THEMES: Couples Porn
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Kim Chambers, Sydnee Steele, Julie Meadows, Nakita Denise, Salena Del Rey, Scott Styles, Mickey G, Joey Ray
Upon returning to porn a few years back, Kim Chambers was determined to do things a little differently. Porn fans who remember her as a busty, curvaceous, do-anything girl were a little shocked to see Kim slimmed down, way toned up and landing roles in bigger, often more couples-oriented movies. She also had a new leading man with her, Scott Styles, who coupled with her on and off screen. From the beginning this couple had their eyes on more than just nailing each other on camera. Moving behind the lens was an early goal and it’s finally coming true. With the help of Jill Kelly Productions, the team of Chambers and Styles (They can wrestle for top billing, I usually go with alphabetical listings and besides Scott may be handsome, but Kim is better looking in my book.) Joining the happy couple on screen are some of porn’s biggest stars. Girls like Julie Meadows and Sydnee Steele who would both land big contracts shortly after filming this movie are joined by always hot Nakita Denise to anchor a very sexy cast. The plot they chose is pretty funny actually. A group of people are hired to patrol the beach behind a billionaire’s home. Their mission is simple, to stop people from having sex on the beach. That would seem to run contrary to the point of most porn movies except for one small thing. The team had to abstain from sex for the whole summer. We join them on their last night in the house and guess what? It’s time to fuck.
There are only five people in the house, so Joey Ray has (Yeah, HAS like it’s a chore) take on Kim and Nakita. While he works Kim’s pussy, Nakita finds her tits plenty big enough to keep her busy. The double blowjob is pretty tough. Nakita is a great cock sucker, but Kim is legendary for her deep throat and smoldering eye contact. Give them both credit for rising to the occasion together. The sex is nicely shot in this scene with Nakita spreading her legs wide to take Joey deep while Kim watches and occasionally lends a helping hand. Kim finally gets a taste and thoroughly enjoys letting Joey move back and forth between two waiting pussies. Nakita takes a long slow screw in the butt before the women share a load and a nasty cum covered tongue kiss.
Scott is having a hard time focusing on work, mainly because he’s partnered up with Julie Meadows. He keeps dreaming of fucking her and in that, we share a common bond. We flash back to the time right before they took the job and had one last bone for the road. She looks stunning in her heels and stockings, but Scott hardly notices because his face is buried between her long legs. I like the longer shots mixed in with the close ups as he licks her. Down to nearly no clothes at all, Julie turns around and returns the favor. Her hair hangs in her face a bit, but we still get enough eye contact to know that Scott is looking down into the beautiful face of one very skilled knob polisher. Her neatly shaven muffin swallows his cock as Scott holds her legs high in the air for us to enjoy. They throw in some slow motion for the transition to reverse cowgirl, but thankfully this isn’t THAT kind of couples-friendly smut. Again, the longer shots mixed in makes for nice variety. (If you have a woman who looks this good, you don’t have to focus just on her pussy.) Scott finishes the scene by shooting all over her boobs.
Kim also had a guy at the start of the job. Some dude she met at the gym, but who had to wait a full three months to get at that body. Mickey G has been saving it all summer, but is considerate enough to start with some pussy licking. This scene has a bit more of an artist look to it, but the focus is still mostly on the sex which is a very good thing. He fingers her hard and with some help, she cums pretty damn hard. She has a special blowjob in store for him, biting on his sack while he strokes off. Hey, something different is always interesting. Her legendary oral skills don’t get tested for long in this scene because she is dying to get up and ride that cock. As they fuck the shots drift a little into the flowery, soft-core realm which is too bad because these two performers have great energy going. When she takes it doggy, the shots are ore straight forward and this works for me. They finish with a passionate spoon and a great shot right in her mouth. Kim drains him dry, well worth the wait I would say.
The owner of the house, Sydnee Steele, comes home laughing about her no-sex joke. Apparently the staff didn’t think she was joking, but hey it made for a nice plot to this point. She comes home, goes straight to the bathroom and joins Kim for a nice bubble bath. For this scene, we start out with the slow motion and the pretty-porn factor is high. I don’t know if this appeals to a fetish crowd, by Syd leaves her stockings on in the water as she and Kim exchange loving licks and pokes at one another’s pretty holes. Kim works six fingers (3 from each hand) into Sydnee to get her off properly.
For the final fuck, Scott tries out a new candidate for next year’s squad. Salena Del Rey gets her ass up on the edge of the pool and lets Scott slide home. Syd comes out to join the fun so they can pass his cock back and forth. Lots of slow motion here, but I don’t mind too much since these aren’t the girls I was watching in the first place. I have to give Sydnee credit for a great looking two fisted blowjob that goes on for quite some time before she starts fucking. They move into the house where they can fuck without the water getting in the way. Nicely shot and more traditionally for couples, the final scene isn’t bad, but it’s not my favorite of the movie either.
This movie starts off really strong and tails off a bit near the end only because it sort of leans toward traditional couples stuff after the first half. I like the way the first half of the movie is couples friendly porn without being limp, lame crap that usually passes off as couples smut. Kim and Nakita do a great job in the opening scene, making me wish I had these two women around to help me celebrate the end of summer. Julie and Scott have a very hot scene that is highlighted by a great mix of tight and longer shots. Kim comes back for a little one on one that really shows off her sexual skills. After that, the scenes are still pretty, but they lack the kind of rain-coater intensity that I like in my sex scenes. They are good if you like the slow motion, more gentle stuff, but I was really impressed by the first three. This is a very good effort from Chambers and Styles, high quality, nicely shot and very well cast. Sexually, it’s for couples, but is a cut above the typical stuff. More of Julie and Kim in scenes like the first two would have made this one really special.

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