Violation Of Kiki D’aire




77 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

JM Productions

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Toys




STARS: Kiki D’Aire, Justine Romee, Emerald, Kaylynn, Flick Shagwell, Dru Berrymore, Alana Evans


I can’t think of a more well known series of hard-core veggie flicks. (OK, Buttslammers is up there, but I think this one noses it out for the top slot. Jim Powers is great at finding a format he likes and then sticking with it. With his veggie stuff, he brings us a single scene to start out, with two twat hungry sluts working each other over, then he throws in a huge lesbian gang bang to fill the rest of the tape. The title character is always a victim of this gang bang, generally getting just what she deserves from an angry group of snatch crazed slit lickers.

For this movie, we play off the fireman fantasy. Kiki D’Aire is an arsonist who drops clues to the fire department, toying with them a bit. Maniacal laugher finished, we move to the home of fire fighter Alana Evans. After a long day, she comes home to super hot girlfriend Kaylynn. They undress quickly and Alana finds her stress just melting away. Isn’t this how every fireman wants to end the day? With a hottie like Kaylynn between her legs, you know that Alana is just going to explode. The cute brunette makes a meal out of her fleshy lips, fingering and sucking Alana’s twat like she’s got gold hidden up there. Moving her galpal onto the pool table, Alana finds Kaylynn’s button and starts licking it. Nothing freaky here, just two cute girls who really love pussy, getting it on for the cameras. Nicely shot action as well. If I’m going to watch veggie action, it’s at least nice to see chicks who are into it. After great toy action on Kaylynn, Alana bends way over and gets her share of the plastic cock as well. This is a long scene, but there is some great heat going on here.

Kiki doesn’t like all that lesbian action and tries to burn the place down. After putting out the fire, Alana tells her fellow fire fighters and they are set to get revenge on the homophobic arsonist. When they catch her in the act, it’s curtains for the busty little psycho. Alana’s got a huge strap on under her coat and makes Kiki suck it while the others hold her arms and mock her. Wanting more, they bury her face between Dru Berrymore’s asscheeks and make her lick some pretty blonde butt. They hose her down, the drag Kiki into the house.

The action is a little frazzled here, with the girls trying to stretch her mouth while Alana fucks her face. She does finally get down to licking some pussy, with Flick Shagwell straddling her face. They eventually decide to torture her holes a bit, with four fingers sliding into her pussy and the boys finishing the job. They jam two and even three toys into her holes, making Kiki pay for her crimes. As always, Powers has to turn some tool into a sex toy and this time it’s a cock end on the handle of a big axe. For the grand finale, they use a two pronged toy to fuck both of her holes. This gets her set for the massive strap on DP.

Hey, you know what to expect from this series. I think Kiki does a nice job of getting abused by the angry lesbians and the action is better in this one than in the last few. What I really liked in this one was the opening scene. Alana and Kaylynn do a great scene that had me watching from start to finish. As someone who doesn’t like most girl/girl scenes, I have to say that this one is great, period. Great opening scene, decent all-girl bang, this one should make rough veggie-sex lovers very happy.

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