Fast Cars And Tiki Bars




97 Mins



THEMES: MTV Porn, Asian Girls, Leather, Toys




STARS: Jezebelle Bone, Charmane, Nicole Sheridan, Kelsey Hart, Gina Ryder, Allysin Chaynes, TJ Hart, Bunny Luv, Isabella, Brad Armstrong, Jonathan Morgan, Randy Spears, Dillon Day, Voodoo, Herschel Savage


Some new directors try their hand at gonzo, others go the feature route while others turn to the MTV style smut. So far, Red Ezra has tried numbers two and three on that list and has done a good job at both. This one looks a little bit like a combination. There is certainly a theme and as the movie opens, we get a voice over talking about how some men long for the Polynesian way of life. Hey, girls in grass skirts work for me. What I noticed even before the big tiki is the fact that this Wicked movie lacks a big contract star, but has a nice looking cast of other chicks.

Voodoo and Nicole are having dinner in a restaurant with a big talking Tiki watching over them. After some amusing talk, she down and starts sucking his cock. In her Jackie Kennedy hat and wild looking dress, Nicole looks like a throwback, but sucks like a pure 21st century cockhound. Nicely shot oral action here, though the sound seems to be a bit off. When he pulls her onto the table, Nicole is searing some fishnet stockings that emphasize her long legs. They make it easy for him to eat, then later fuck her exposed pussy. Anyone who likes long legs is going to love watching Nicole get boned and then ride cock like she can’t get enough. She squat fucks with her ass then bends over, nearly begging him for more in the butt. Nicole is a major anal slut who really doesn’t get enough attention. Great spin around A2M facial here that gets replayed in slow motion from another angle. As long as we get one shot at full speed, it’s all good.

The next scene has Herschel Savage as a mechanic who has bright shiny fantasies about a leather clad Kelsey Hart. They are really trying to make her up so she looks like a pretty contract girl these days. Herschel finally comes out from under the hood and gets rubbed down by the checker and black clad Kelsey. She spends a lot of time staring into the camera, giving off about as much heat as a half dead Vivid Girl on valium. Kelsey needs to learn from the mistakes that Alexa made. When you earn fans for being an average looking girl who likes to fuck, don’t pretend to be a cover girl and lose all of your heart. Hey Herschel, if you’re going to fantasize, at least do it about a girl we all want to fuck OK?

Allysin Chaynes, (Complete with totally unnecessary boobs) is a bored housewife who finds solace in her fantasies. She pictures herself as a rich woman married to Jonathan Morgan. It’s a good thing Allyson won that XRCO Teen Dream award because with the new boobs, she’s just not the same little cutie we all loved. Not that she’s bad looking by any means, especially when she’s working a hard cock. I like the lingerie she’s got on as well, they accentuate her sexy ass. After a quick ride, the takes it from behind and looks into the camera with those big eyes. Yeah, that’s the girl we fell in love with. You have to dig a chick who takes a load on her face in her own fantasies.

A cool Polynesian party is a good place to let loose and that’s just what Randy Spears, Brad Armstrong, Gina Ryder and Charmane are prepared to do. They poor some tropical drinks and then the girls get down to some serious cock sucking. Nice eye contact from Gina, but Charmane is the one who really looks the part of the overheated island girl. Side by side, the girls move from sucking to fucking, really working out their thighs as they lap bounce on their respective dudes. Gina bends over, sticks her big ass out and lets it become the perfect anal target for Brad. After they both get boffed in the backdoor, the girls combine mouths for a very sexy double blowjob that is bound to make any guys bust a nut. Nice facials to finish out a well shot, eye candy scene.

Jezabelle finds sitting under the hair dryer to be very sexy. (We used to have one of those big sit down hair dryers in my house when I was a kid. None of the blue hairs who used to come by ever looked as good as Jez though.) She gets all head up and starts fingering her pussy. With the curlers in her hair and the sexy lingerie, this girl likes like a Petty Page style fantasy complete with tats and a big dildo to shove up her hot hole. This great action gives way to a three way veggie scene on the bed with Bunny and Isabelle. We get a lot of slow motion and fluffy veggie sex, so you know I’m up and off to grab a cold one while these girls make pretty love to each other. More nice toy action here at the end, but this is the one scene that has me a little bored.

TJ Heart has on her blue bikini and is rubbing some oil into her deeply tanned skin. She drifts into a fantasy where she is posing for Dillon Day as he takes pictures of her in and out of her suit. As soon as he is tired of shooting, Dillon leans back and lets the cock starved blonde do her best to devour him dick first. Liking her pussy just enough to finger it before fucking her, Dillon saves all of his energy for the deep pumping TJ seems to grave. Like Nicole, this chick is a leg lover’s dream and knows how to pump a cock with her slick lips. The best way to finish off a hot beach party is to fuck the nasty blonde chick right up her tight ass. (at least that was the way we always did it in LoCal) Those tight cheeks work a load from him in no time, giving TJ a glaze for her well fucked buns.

This is pretty much a nice looking MTV style movie, taking Red back to his roots a bit. He’s good at this kind of movie and still manages to slip some hot sex into the mix. I don’t know if the lack of a big star on the box will hurt this movie on the shelves, but the chicks he cast were good enough to make the sex pretty good. Nicole Sheridan is really moving up my chart because she always manages to blow the doors off in her scenes. Allysin Chaynes does a nice job, but I’m still recovering from her new look. I liked the four way fuck with Gina and Charmane as well. Nicely shot, well edited and often hot, this one is still more for couples than coaters.

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