Extreme Teen 17



121 Mins.
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Young Girls
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Angel, Topanga, Flick Shagwell, Katie Morgan, Starla Fox,
Luciano was a very busy guy before departing from the Extreme Associates family. He was shooting several of his own lines, acting in their features and even took time out of his busy schedule to help the wayward teen sluts in this movie. What a guy. He gives so much back to the community. I mean, what would happen if the porn girl who can’t pass her drivers test didn’t have a chance to re-take her test orally? Thanks to the Extreme outreach programs, troubled teens (18 and over of course) have a place to go where they can learn to use the only real tools they have, their mouths, pussies and asses. So remember friends, the next time one someone passes you the donation bucket, give generously. I mind may be a terrible thing to waste, but a tight shaved coochie is a treasure to be shared by all.
We start out with Katie Morgan who looks like a poor man’s Kaitlyn Ashley. She fails her driver’s test so badly we just have to laugh. Katie plays the clueless teen perfectly and Luciano manages to be less than creepy when he takes her back to his office to ‘work something out.’ After the usual stick shift talk, he finally gets around to putting his cock in her mouth. He admires her natural tits and slips her top off. Sadly, there is a tat on one pretty tittie, but Katie looks good topless. Moving her up onto his desk, Looch slides his cock into her pussy. Katie has a soft little body but what looks like a very snug pleasure pouch. When he’s got her bent over, you can just see her asshole waiting to be violated. Instead of nailing her in the butt, Luciano lets her ride his cock then fires a load of cum on her face.
Topanga is pretty cute but that hair really needs to go. She’s outside smoking when she shouldn’t be and gets caught by the principal, Claudio. Forgetting that whole ‘the principal is your pal’ thing, he threatens to expel her. Naturally she offers to do anything he wants and what he wants most of all is feel her young lips around his old dick. Bad hair aside, this girl does a really nice job with a dick in her mouth and seems ready for a nice little career in porn. Her body is a little hippy perhaps and her tits have some sag which means someone will convince her to pump them up. Still, she has a nice looking pussy and a big smile as Claudio bands away on her slit. He bends her over his desk for the best footage of the movie, but tit lovers will probably like watching her ride cock. Claudio saves up a big load for her naughty face.
Starla Fox looks right out of the cornfields when Luciano picks her up at the bus stop. Naturally she is in town to become a star and he turns on his Hollywood producer charm. She’s pretty cute and plays up the innocent angle. He talks her into giving porn a try. It’s always nice when you can find a fresh off the bus cutie who is willing to suck a little cock right out of the gate. He tosses her baseball cap aside so we get a good view of her as she does her best to start sucking her way up the ladder of success. Her pussy is pure pond gold and Luciano breaks it in with long, slow strokes. Very nice reverse cowgirl here. This is another non-anal scene, but has a great facial to finish things up.
Flick Shagwell is all dressed up for the prom and looking wonderful. Of course, step dad Rod Fontana is watching and ready to raise the creepy factor of this video by a tenfold. He gives her a necklace then leads her to the bedroom. They talk about sex and naturally this leads to actually doing it. Once the creepy set up is over, we get to watch this dirty mouthed Brit with her lips stretched by his fat cock. Flick is a hot looking young girl who really attacks a cock with her mouth. Taking off her dress, the thing babe gets up and starts bucking her hips to get that cock into her slit. (We still need a name for reverse cowgirl with the girl’s feet flat on the guy’s thighs. Whatever we call it, it looks great, especially here. This is a very well shot sex scene, with high energy fucking and some nice shots of Flick’s ass. Again, no anal, but she does take it on the face and then sucks all of the cum from his cock. I hope her date doesn’t plan on kissing that mouth now.
Angel is strolling home, not realizing that Luciano is stalking her. He pulls a leg brace and a crutch out of his car and goes to her door. (OK, using the ped/pred handbook in porn is one thing, but stealing from the master? Hey Looch, you know Bundy was a necrophilia, not a pedophile.) She feels sorry for him and lets him in to use the phone. Once inside, he covers her mouth and gets a little rough with her. Yeah, yeah, get on with it please. If you like watching girls who look scared while a crazy stalker ‘molests’ them then you may find this a little more appealing than the rest of us. Angel is a cute girl who does a really nice with a mouth only blowjob. She has already saved the scene even though Luciano keeps up the tough guy shit. Her pussy is pretty nice looking as well, giving her an inviting body to go along with a nice looking face. This scene isn’t brutal or anything, in fact the sex is pretty gentle, with Looch taking shallow strokes into her trimmed twat. Damn, her ass looks so tight it might actually be virgin. Like the other scenes, this one is booty sex free, but does end with a nice load fired onto her sweet face. Lame set up, hot girl.
This movie starts out pretty good and only dips slightly at the end. Luciano puts some effort into the set ups. A few of them are creepy as hell, but mostly I really liked Katie’s scene and Flick looks great if you can get over the idea of a greasy step dad fucking his daughter’s daughter on prom night. Starla is a really fresh faced babe and I do want to see Angel in another scene. Good cast, mostly well shot sex and good action with just a touch of the P4P, pred scenarios make this a very solid effort. Of course now that Luciano is gone, who is going to teach these teens the lessons they need to learn.


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